Awakened With Super Power/C2 The Werewolves Attacked the Village
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Awakened With Super Power/C2 The Werewolves Attacked the Village
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C2 The Werewolves Attacked the Village

Even as he looked in the mirror, he could see an inexplicable sense of oppression in his eyes.

The cold sweat that had already dried up appeared once again, even forming water droplets on his forehead.

Yan Xiao quickly left the mirror's eye contact. If it was a second at night, he wouldn't even dare to think about it. You have to know that if it was a second at night, he wouldn't even dare to think about it. This look almost scared him.

"Could this be the Awakened One?" Yan Xiao covered his eyes with his hands. He was so anxious that he could not help but mutter to himself.

At this time, a knock on the door suddenly sounded. Bang, bang, bang. Yan Xiao, who had been distracted, suddenly trembled.

"Hey, kid, you're not dead, are you? If you don't respond, we're going to rush in."

After Yan Xiao heard the sound, he keenly sensed that it was Uncle Zhu's voice.

"I am fine. Wait for me." Yan Xiao replied perfunctorily. He needed to wash off the blood first. Otherwise, he would think he was killing someone when he was seen.

He found the exact location of the bathroom and quickly ran over.

Although he looked in a wide direction, his sight made him a little unaccustomed for a moment.

As a result, he walked into the shower room after a while with rough hands and thick feet.

Yan Xiao did not say anything. He quickly turned on the tap and wiped his face with his hands.

At the same time, Uncle Zhu, who was about to kick the door in, stopped when he heard Yan Xiao's response.

After all, he already knew that Yan Xiao was fine.

Furthermore, they were all from the countryside. They were all people who knew everything.

Their living conditions were all displayed on the surface.

If the door was broken, they would have to pay a fee for the door repair.

Because of this, if a fight broke out in the village, they would consciously leave the house.

"Zhu, do you feel the ground shaking?" Lee seemed to have noticed something.

"The ground shaking? How is that possible? How can there be an earthquake when everything is fine? I have never seen an earthquake before." Zhu said nothing. The village had been established for at least one or two years. It had been five or six years. There had never been an earthquake.

At this moment, the tremors on the ground became stronger and stronger.

"Oh no, there's an earthquake!"

"Run, there's an earthquake!"

"It's broken, my wife and child are still in the house."


The surrounding villagers ran back and forth in panic. Some of them even ran out of the house in a hurry.

The entire street was instantly crowded to the point that it was no longer human.

There were even people who were pushed down when they lost their balance.

"Don't block me."

"Damn it, you pushed me, you still want to run."

The two of you, stop arguing. The child is gone. "

" What did you say? "


As the tremors became more intense, some people who were running fell to the ground. The entire street was covered in a one-meter long crack.

Dozens of figures fell into the crack, unable to avoid it.


"Help! Help me!"


The other villagers were able to manage so much, so they quickly ran towards the village entrance.

The sound of footsteps could be heard everywhere. There were also some children crying in fear.

"Baby, wow, wow, wow."

For a moment, the scene of panic exploded into chaos.

"I can't take it anymore. If I don't run now, I won't be able to run anymore. Zhu, where are you going? " Lee pulled Zhu back with a terrified expression.

"Look, there's a child over there. I'm going to save him!" Zhu held the kitchen knife and angrily broke free from Lee's hand.

The crack stopped in front of a child.

After Zhu let out a sigh of relief.

At this time, something strange happened.

A black figure suddenly jumped out of the ground and ate the child in front of the crack.

At the same time, there was a miserable scream, "Ah!!!"

The sound was so loud that the villagers who were running could not help but turn back to look, but they did not stop. Instead, they quickened their pace.

Zhu, who had witnessed everything, could not tolerate it any longer.

Zhu's hand holding the kitchen knife trembled slightly. A furious roar filled with endless anger came out of his mouth, "Ah! You bastard! I'm going to kill you!!"

Zhu, who was holding the kitchen knife, ignored his own strength and ran towards the figure in front of him. He raised the kitchen knife with his right hand, and with a sudden slash, a shattering sound was heard.

Zhu's expression changed slightly. The kitchen knife in his hand was broken into pieces, and the figure in front of him was completely unharmed.

When the latter turned around, he saw the figure in front of him. A pair of scarlet eyes, long fangs stained with blood, and a pair of sharp wolf claws.

It was no doubt not a sign of its ferocity, the black fur was the symbol of its body.

Just by standing on the ground, it could make the surrounding air a little colder.

To be exact, it was a werewolf.

Because this wolf was actually standing.

At this time, a wolf claw that cut through the air came at him. Before Zhu could react, it directly slapped him out.

The strength was so great that he felt his body in front of him rubbing against the gravel road, creating a cloud of dust.

However, this was not the end. His strength was so great that even if he were to crash into the door of a nearby room, he would not be able to stop. He could only keep rolling along the road.

It did not stop until it hit the wall of the room. At the same time, there was the sound of bones breaking. "Crack."

He tried to stand up but found that his hands and feet were sore and weak. This time, he felt the pain of bones cracking on his back.

He endured the pain and his face turned red. The veins on his forehead were bulging. At this moment, he really wanted to die.

After a while, it was obvious that he had gotten better.

It was just that the burning sensation in his chest tortured him crazily, making him unable to help but lower his head slightly to take a look.

Even the frequency of his breathing had decreased, afraid that it would cause the injury on his back again.

When he looked over, there were a few scratches on his chest that continuously overflowed with blood. Those were shockingly left behind by the wolfman's wolf claws.

"Am I supposed to be tortured to death like this?" Zhu smiled sadly. His mind was filled with a bunch of pigs that had yet to be cut.

Outside the house, a wolf's howl resounded through the clouds.

Dozens of werewolves jumped out of the crack.

The villagers who had just come out of the village were pale.

"It's over, we can't run anymore."

"Who's going to save me? I don't want to die yet."


Yan Xiao hid in a corner and observed carefully for a while. Since the earthquake started, he had run out in a hurry.

At this moment, Yan Xiao's face, which had been dyed red by blood, was now exceptionally white. However, his eyes had not returned to their original state. However, he did not know how long he could last.

It was unknown whether it was because of his eyes or because the smell of blood had attracted their attention.

chief werewolf, who was the leader of the group, was looking in his direction. His sharp fangs were filled with sticky blood saliva.

Under the effect of his eyes, Yan Xiao looked at him in detail, which made him feel a little nauseous. "Urgh."

The other werewolves were also attracted by the sound.

When Yan Xiao raised his head, dozens of werewolves were staring at him.

Both of them just stared at each other.

The surrounding air was unusually quiet.

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