Awakened With Super Power/C3 Esper Ability of the Eye (part I)
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Awakened With Super Power/C3 Esper Ability of the Eye (part I)
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C3 Esper Ability of the Eye (part I)

Some of the clever villagers stole away from the werewolves while they weren't paying attention.

Little did they know that this action attracted the attention of the werewolves hiding in the woods.

"That was close. I was smart enough to run out." A villager was panting heavily while hiding behind him.

"Wang, you really know how to run. You didn't know to wait for us."

"Yes, we are from the countryside. Is this really good?"

"Pooh, pooh, pooh. We are still from the countryside. It is true that we are alive. I'm not like those people. I'm just a fool," Wang said coldly.

As soon as Wang finished speaking, drops of water fell on his head.

"How disgusting. It was so easy to escape, but it turned out to be so unlucky." Wang reached out his hand and touched his head. However, the sticky feeling made him feel disgusted.

Seeing that there was no response, Wang looked up and saw two villagers pointing at him in shock, "What's wrong? Why aren't you talking?"

"You... Behind you!"

Just as Wang was about to turn around to look, a large amount of saliva moistened his head. In the next second, sharp fangs pierced through his neck. A tragic cry sounded, "Ah ~"

Wang's hands suddenly grabbed onto the wolf's head.

However, his strength was nothing compared to that of a werewolf.

The werewolves only raised their heads, and their blood dyed the two villagers red.

A wolf howl suddenly rang out, "Awoo ~"

The sound waves were like the wind, frantically stirring up the clothes of the two villagers.

"Save... save... life!!"

The werewolves flew over and cut their bodies with their sharp claws. Every time they cut their bodies, they were extremely careful. While they were in pain, they didn't kill them. It was as if they were enjoying themselves.

"Ah! Ah!"

"Aaaaah! You beast! If you have the guts, kill me!!!"

The werewolf revealed a cunning smile as he placed his wolf claw on the left hand of the villager.

"You beast, I won't let you go even if I die!!" The villager could not bear to torture him. With a cracking sound, he directly bit his tongue and killed himself on the spot.

Blood flowed out of the villagers' mouths.

The other villager's expression was greatly shocked. He didn't have the courage to commit suicide.

The werewolf smiled and turned back to look at him.


Even the villagers who were surrounded could hear the heart-wrenching screams clearly.

The villagers who were standing behind the wall felt their hands and feet go limp as they sat on the ground.

Meanwhile, some of the village girls who were hugging their children held their mouths tightly with tears in their eyes. They were afraid that this cry would attract the attention of those blood-eating monsters.

After a long time, chief werewolf spoke like a human.

"Human, as long as you pretend that nothing happened, I can guarantee that I will let you leave."

These sudden words stunned Yan Xiao.

"You can talk?"

"Tsk, human, you think too highly of you." chief werewolf snorted.

As for why he let Yan Xiao go, it was mainly because he saw a strange threat in Yan Xiao's eyes.

After evolution, its intelligence was no less than a human's. Letting a human go was no big deal to it.

The werewolf's withdrawal also ignited the hope of the villagers.

"If you guys leave, I'll pretend that this didn't happen." Yan Xiao looked at the leader of the vagabonds, his eyes full of determination.

He did not like the villagers, though.

But it was a village after all, and his conscience would not allow him to let them die.

"Human, you should know that you don't have the ability to collect debts and pay them back. For me to let you go is already my bottom line." chief werewolf revealed a fierce look. He never thought that he would let Yan Xiao go. In the end, he actually wanted them to go back and forth.

This made the proud chief werewolf feel that his prestige had been damaged. If he didn't take back a kilometer, how could he maintain his image in the wolf pack?

The leader in front of him was furious, and the wolf beside him immediately grimaced.

A few wolves appeared. A few wolves howled, "Awoo! Awoo!" It was as if they were warning Yan Xiao.

Yan Xiao knew that he had already retreated, so he could only place his hopes on these eyes.

If he succeeded, he would live. Otherwise, the grave grass would be three meters tall in a few years.

Yan Xiao frowned. His tightly knitted eyes saw through the fluctuations of a Spiritual Energy.

"This human actually made me feel a little uneasy." chief werewolf muttered to himself in surprise.

The two werewolves beside him were provoked like this.

Without saying a word, they stood up abruptly and howled with their wolf claws that carried the strong wind.

They surrounded Yan Xiao from both sides.

His momentum was so fast, but in his eyes, it was as if he was moving slowly. That was right, he was moving slowly.

He only swung his body left and right before he dodged the wolf claw cleverly.

"How is that possible?" chief werewolf exclaimed. Although his two subordinates were not strong, they were quite skilled in speed.

The two wolves that could not take down the old wolf howled. The Spiritual Energy gathered on the wolf claw.

In the next second, a few claws formed by the Spiritual Energy suddenly rushed over.

And these claw blades were actually three meters tall.

Looking at the ground that was split open by the claw marks, He did not think that his small body could withstand these claws.

The claw blade hadn't arrived yet, but it brought along a cold wind that could make his clothes dance. Even the clothes on his body began to have cracks of varying sizes.

Looking at the incoming claw blade, Yan Xiao felt a wave of powerlessness.

"Damn it. If only I had a way to attack. Am I going to die like this?"

At this critical moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

"Earth Wall."

As soon as the voice faded, a three meter tall wall suddenly protruded in front of Yan Xiao.

The claw hit the wall, stirring up a cloud of dust. The figure standing on the wall had a serious look in his eyes.

His wall was two meters thick, but these claws penetrated one meter.

After the dust settled, everyone saw the figure clearly.

And it was an extremely familiar figure - Zhu.

That's right. It was Zhu, who was on his last breath after being slapped.

"What?!! ! That's the boss of the pig shop at the village entrance!"

"Zhu, you have superpowers!!"

"I didn't expect that Yan Xiao and Zhu would be hiding in the dark!"

"Has the world changed? There are superpowers!"


Zhu himself did not expect that when he thought of the pig that he had yet to slaughter at home, his body had undergone a mutation. Even his injuries had returned to normal, and he had even obtained the ability to control the soil.

"How is it? Are you alright, Yan Xiao?" Zhu chuckled. At this moment, he finally understood why Yan Xiao would cry out in pain.

"Zhu, you're too late. If you don't come, I'm going to get my lunch box." Yan Xiao smiled calmly and raised his middle finger with his left hand.

"You knew it from the beginning?" Zhu blinked. He was puzzled by Yan Xiao's words. He had already thought of his words, but it didn't seem to be of any use.

"My eyes can see very far!" Yan Xiao pointed at his eyes and chuckled.

"Are you done chatting? Do you really think I don't exist?" chief werewolf was furious when he was ignored by the two humans. He stepped on the ground with his left foot and the ground shook.

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