Awakened With Super Power/C4 The Power of the Eye (last Part)
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Awakened With Super Power/C4 The Power of the Eye (last Part)
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C4 The Power of the Eye (last Part)

Just as chief werewolf was about to make his move.

A rapid, concentrated siren came from outside the village.

From the sound, one could tell that there were at least ten police cars.

"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

chief werewolf sneered. After interacting with humans for a long time, he already knew who could be bullied and who could only hide.

At this moment, the police car had just stopped. Dozens of police officers in police uniforms rushed down from the police car. They were pointing AK-47 assault rifles at the werewolves.

A police car with a height of 180 centimeters walked out from the former's police car. There was a long scar on his rough face. He was in his prime, but he was not affected by the scar. His eyes were still shining.

"Yo, Officer Tan, you guys really don't have a good memory. Can you fight us with just these things?" chief werewolf recognized this figure with just a glance.

Even so, he did not dodge. He just faced the police directly and ignored the assault rifle in front of him.

"Whether or not you can or not is not up to you. Grise, if you don't hide well in the Forest of Dark Beasts, you actually dare to invade the village." Tan Wentian snorted coldly. Even his police uniform moved without a sound. In an instant, his eyes turned sharp.

"Hehe, who told you humans to have such alluring flesh? I didn't bring a few wolf cubs out to hunt for food." chief werewolf licked his lips. On the surface of his calm face, he was trying to hide his coldness.

He even specially showed the blood under his fangs.

Even Yan Xiao could not hide his shock. These were dozens of assault rifles. If he gave the order, he could shoot hundreds or even thousands of bullets in three seconds.

He could not help but imagine, after the evolution of these Mutated Beasts, were they really powerful enough to ignore firearms and weapons?

As for the villagers behind them, they had already hidden behind the police cars and kept praying, hoping that the police could stop these blood-eating monsters.

Tan Wentian laughed softly, and his furrowed brows relaxed. "How can we know without trying? Fire!"

At Tan Wenqing's command, dozens of officers armed with AK-47 assault rifles fired at the same time.

Bullets shot out of the muzzle one after another.

chief werewolf curled his lips and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He planned to take the guns head-on from the front door.

There was a faint spiritual light surrounding his body.

In the next second, he was dumbfounded.

Every bullet gave it a sense of pain. At this moment, it realized that something was wrong. Its expression changed drastically. "No, this is not an ordinary gun!!"

Even it could feel the pain. That wolf cub.

chief werewolf turned around and looked. The ten wolf cubs that he brought out privately were already on the ground wailing.

Dark green blood flowed out crazily from where the muzzle of the gun pierced through.

"Human, do you really think I'm easy to bully?!" chief werewolf's originally red eyes were now even more bewitching. How could he not be furious when ten wolf cubs were lost in front of him?

Even the wolf claws were ten centimeters thick.

At this moment, chief werewolf had already entered a state of fury.

A Spiritual Energy pressure instantly erupted, causing the surrounding air to ripple unconsciously.

Even the bullets of firearms were as weak as toys in front of it.

Its momentum was so great that even the sky changed color. The originally clear sky was instantly covered in dark clouds.

The black hair was dyed red. A strange voice came out of chief werewolf's mouth.

"I want you to pay with your blood!"

Even the policeman with the assault rifle shook his hands.

Tan Wenqing frowned. Even though he was facing the furious chief werewolf, there was no fear on his face.

"Human, I'm going to make you feel despair. Hahahaha!"

chief werewolf's legs stopped. The ground he stepped on instantly turned into a huge pit. The Spiritual Energy on his body was circulating crazily.

Every time it circulated, the surrounding air became increasingly oppressive!

At this time!

After the medicinal Spiritual Energy circulated a few times, chief werewolf suddenly leaped!

The terrifying might of the wolf claw even cut through the air!

The wind and clouds in the world circulated, and a voice that contained fury sounded.

"Evil creature, you really dare to be so impudent!!"

The majestic sound of medicinal Spiritual Energys was like the ringing of a bell, striking chief werewolf's head.

The latter had just entered a state of fury when his defense was instantly broken. He spat out a mouthful of old blood that was actually three meters tall. One could imagine just how terrifying this strike was.

Even those who were standing on the ground had their hearts stop, but they quickly recovered.

At this time, a beam of light pierced through the dark clouds.

When everyone looked up, it was a long white robe with long hair and a flute in his right hand.

It was as if an immortal had descended to the mortal world, causing the villagers on the stage to fall to their knees.

"It's an immortal master!!"

"I didn't expect to see an immortal master in my lifetime!!"

"If it wasn't for Immortal Master, we would be finished!!"


Tan Wenqing cupped his fists and greeted the figure on the ground, "Welcome, Your Excellency Sun and Moon of the Seven Kills Palace."

"Alright. I just happened to pass by this place, so I did a favor in passing." The latter stopped Tan Wenqing from bowing and smiled.

chief werewolf held his chest and laughed. "Hahaha, I never thought that a small leader of the wolf clan would need someone from the Seven Kills Palace to help me."

His words attracted everyone's attention.

The surrounding crowd also looked over.

"Hahahaha, if you guys end up like this, then you're too naive. Humans are all caused by you. Then, even if I die, I won't let you off easily!!" chief werewolf's expression gradually turned ferocious.

As soon as chief werewolf's voice faded, he turned into a black shadow and rushed towards Yan Xiao. At the same time, there was a strange cry. His movements were so fast that he was only a second away from Yan Xiao. "Hehe.

Just as Yan Xiao was about to dodge, he found that his eyes had already returned to normal.

This caused him to be unable to dodge even if he wanted to.

Sun and Moon realized that something was wrong. A sharp Spiritual Energy knife shot out from the shaft in their right hand.

At the critical moment, the sharp knife formed from spirit energy directly scattered the black shadow.

Only then did Yan Xiao narrowly dodge it.

"Thank you for your help, master." His expression relaxed, and he quickly cupped his fists in thanks.

Sun and Moon didn't pay too much attention to this. They just laughed lightly, and then stood up and disappeared in front of everyone.

Before they left, a voice transmission drifted through the sky.

"You two Awakened Ones, remember to go to the police station with Officer Tan to file a report."

Seeing that the matter had come to an end, They gathered the surrounding villagers.

"Alright, this village can no longer be inhabited. Follow the police officers to pack up and move to Lianyang County."

"As you can see, it's not peaceful outside, but there are some things that can't be discussed in detail. Please forgive me."

"After you have packed your luggage, sign a confidentiality agreement. As for the place to stay, you don't have to worry about it. We have already arranged it!"

At this moment, a woman ran up and grabbed Tan Wenqing's police uniform. Two lines of tears flowed out of her eyes, followed by a heart-wrenching wail. "Why didn't you come earlier? Why didn't you come earlier? My... My child was swallowed alive!!!"

The two policemen beside her hurriedly tried to pull the woman away.

"Let go of your hand!"

"Otherwise, I...!!"

Before the policeman could finish his sentence, Tan Wenqing waved his hand to stop him.

"If hitting me can make you feel better, you can hit me!"

Tan Wenqing clenched his fists tightly, his face filled with anger.

However, he was not angry because of the woman in front of him. Instead, he was complaining about why he could not come earlier.

Why couldn't he save those fresh lives earlier?

Especially when he heard the word 'live swallow', his heart felt as if it had been pierced by a needle.

The woman's fists hit Tan Wenqing's chest crazily. There was a sound of shaking, "Bang, bang, bang.

The two policemen beside her could not stand it anymore. They pulled the woman away.

"That's enough. Do you know Captain Tan?"

Tan Wenqing cursed. "Shut up, Lau Yun!"

"If you don't let me tell you, I will. Even if I remember it, I will admit it!"

"Do you know how many villages Captain Tan ran to today? Let me tell you, ten villages, a whole ten villages, have never stopped!"

"He didn't even eat. From last night when he received the order until now, Captain Tan didn't even sleep well. He prepared a series of preparatory work and emergency emergencies!!"

"That's why. Isn't it just to save a few more people? But you guys still...!"

Lau Yun shouted with all his might in every sentence.

As a result, his face turned bright red.

How could Lau Yun not know the pain in the villagers' hearts? He had seen the pain of losing a son, the pain of losing a wife, and so on countless times in the morning, but they all placed the blame on Captain Tan. He could not bear it any longer, so he decided to report the truth.

As soon as he finished speaking.

The surrounding villagers also lowered their heads in regret.

That's right.

The world was so big and there were so many people.

How could everyone be taken into consideration?

The woman was also frightened by Lau Yun's words. However, she, who had suffered the pain of losing her son, did not hit Tan Wenqing. Instead, she ran to a corner and sobbed quietly.

Tan Wenqing sighed softly. He looked at the villagers in front of him. Some were depressed, some were in pain, and some were holding a trace of relief. It was also a familiar scene.

His stained clothes, his blood-stained hands, his messy hair, and even his tattered clothes.

Every time he went to the village, he would either be a pile of corpses, or there were only a few survivors who were spared. But this time, it would be a bit comforting to see how many more survivors there were.

Of course, there were also two medicinal Awakened Ones that contributed to this.

When talking about medicinal Awakened Ones, Tan Wenqing only came back to his senses and looked at the two figures beside him.

"Oh, right, the two medicinal Awakened Ones are you guys, right?"

Zhu and Yan Xiao both stood up and replied in unison.


"Sure, let me introduce myself first. My name is Tan Wenqing, and I am the captain of the police department of Lianyang County. You can call me Captain Tan, but I don't know..."

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