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Awakened With Super Power/C7 The Xuanyuan Family
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C7 The Xuanyuan Family

Liyao stood up. She was dressed in a long dress, revealing her slender figure without a doubt. Even her every frown and smile revealed an irresistible temptation, "Let's go!"

Her words were filled with magic.

"Miss Liyao, put away your act. This thing is useless to me!" The old man's expression was calm as he maintained his indifferent tone.

At that moment, she finally understood why she had to come and receive it.

If it had been someone else, it would have been another result.

"I'm sorry. Ever since I woke up, I've been waving and not going. Even if I deliberately restrained myself, it's still like this!" Liyao bitterly lowered her head, like a girl who had been wronged.

However, her acting skills could be said to be full of flaws in the old man's eyes.

It was only because her mission was to pick someone up and not to kill. It was precisely because of this that she did not pay too much attention to it.

"Miss Liyao, if you don't leave, this old one will leave first."

"Let's go." Liyao laughed and walked to the old man's side in a dignified manner.

"I feel that I need to remind you that the Xuanyuan Family is not an ordinary family. Although this old one does not know how you managed to climb up to Second Master, if you cannot restrain yourself a little, you are merely a corpse!!"

The old man did not look Liyao in the eye and only lightly stated his point of view.

It was just that when these words fell into Liyao's ears, it was a warning.

A naked warning.

Liyao secretly clenched her fists, but on the surface, there was a gentle smile. "I don't know... how should I address you?

"This old one has no interest in fame and fortune. You can call me whatever you want!"

"If that's the case, why don't you call me - Taoist Protector?" Liyao asked with a smile on her face.

"Haha, although this old man does not care about fame and fortune, do you really think this old man can take advantage of it?"

The quiet surroundings were like the calm before the storm.

"Elder Mu, it's time to set off." At this moment, a middle-aged man wearing a business suit and white gloves with a trademark smile and white gloves walked in.

That smile was exactly the right one. Just by standing there, it gave off a kind of gentle feeling.

The surrounding oppressive environment also instantly broke down.

"Hmph." Elder Mu snorted coldly and walked out of the house.

"This little brother, I wonder if you...?" Liyao blinked her bright eyes, looking very seductive.

"My name is Xiao Bai. You can call me Steward Bai. Sure enough, every word and word of a beautiful young lady makes people want to stop!"

"What, Housekeeper Bai, are you moved?" Liyao stretched out her index finger and pressed it lightly on Xiao Bai's chest and shoulders. Even her body was almost touching Xiao Bai's clothes. If one looked closely, one would find that there was only a few centimeters of difference between the two.

"Miss Liyao, we should go!"

Towards Liyao's initiative to approach, Little White did not avoid it. The smile on his face did not change.

Even Liyao began to doubt her allure, especially after seeing the two of them.

Helplessly, he could only retreat.

"Let's go, Xiao Bai. I am more and more interested in you!" Liyao giggled and slowly walked out of the house with dignified steps.

Following closely behind was Little White's figure.

Outside the house was a Porsche painted with the famous Miami blue car paint. In fact, it was a high brightness sky blue color. It was equipped with Porsche's four rectangular lights and an exaggerated outline. It was particularly eye-catching.

Even the nearby residents looked at it enviously.

"At first glance, it looks like a rich family. But why did they come to this rundown neighborhood?"

"Do you know who lives here?"

"I remember a 17-18 year old girl living here."

"What did you say? Bah! Bah! Bah! Damn it! If I had known earlier, I would have let my son fight for it! This is such a huge loss!"


While the residents were discussing among themselves, Yao Hu's figure and Little White's figure appeared in front of everyone.

Especially Yao Hu, who was emitting a bewitching power. In just one exchange, the surrounding residents were all stunned on the spot. There was an indescribable expression on their faces. From time to time, they would let out a few chuckles.

A few drops of saliva unconsciously dripped onto the ground from the corner of his mouth.

Liyao did not think much of it. If even ordinary people could not seduce her, she would not be able to do so. Then she's really going to doubt life.

The passenger seat in the car was Elder Mu. There was only the back seat.

"Please fasten your seatbelt!" Little White elegantly opened the door to the back seat and placed his right hand on the roof of the car. His face was still wearing the same unchanging smile, as if it had been set. No matter what he experienced, it would not change.

Liyao nodded and sat in the back seat.

Xiao Bai closed the car door and walked to the driver's seat.

With the sound of a dull engine, the Porsche rushed forward in the next second.

After a while, it disappeared in front of the villagers.

However, the villagers' attention was focused on the car and the people.

However, they neglected the eye-catching license plate number.

"Magic A. XY 777."

If anyone from Shanghai saw the license plate number, their expressions would change.

The magic word in front represented the most prosperous city in the country - Devil City!

As for the license plate xY, it represented the family title - Xuan Yuan!

One must know that the Xuanyuan family was ranked first among the three great families in the country.

Their power could be said to be so great that it could directly reach the heavens. Even the Xuanyuan family's specialized passageway had been set up all over the country, and it could lead to all parts of the country.

The traffic lights, the speed limit, and other things would not occur in this passageway, and it would directly fly all the way to the end.

One had to know that this power was too much for even the remaining two great families.


At the gate of Lianyang County.

A magnificent wall appeared in front of them.

"Eh?" Yan Xiao asked in confusion.

"Why are you so curious? "This wall is specially built to prevent Mutated Beast from invading. Nowadays, big and small counties will also build such a wall." Tan Wenqing said with a smile.

"Is the situation really that bad?" Yan Xiao looked at Tan Wenqing and frowned.

Zhu also looked over curiously, looking forward to Tan Wenqing's answer.

"Yan Xiao didn't expect you to see through the wall just by looking at it. That's right. Just as you said, the Mutated Beast's movements have been increasing in recent years. Therefore, we can only reduce the size of the village and move it to the county town to avoid any harm."

"The reason why it can live a peaceful life is actually because of the endless amount of people behind it who are bleeding."

Tan Wenqing did not hide anything about this. As long as he prepared a case and confirmed the identity of the Awakened One, he would naturally know about this.

"But the Mutated Beast can drill into the ground. You guys seem to be building a wall. " Yan Xiao smiled bitterly.

"Who told you that Mutated Beasts can drill into the ground?" Tan Wenqing opened his eyes wide. This was simply a rumor. He had been a police officer for many years. During this period of time, he had encountered dozens or hundreds of Mutated Beasts. This was the first time he had heard that Mutated Beasts could drill into the ground.

But strangely, Yan Xiao and Zhu looked at each other and said something that shocked Tan Wenqing. "But the werewolves that attacked our village came out from the ground!"

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