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Sara immediately activated my body’s defense system which isolated the chill from my vital components as she revved up the heat generators within me.

Although my internals were protected, I was still a frozen iceman from the outside.

The freeze lasted more than half an hour before the rain of ice stopped.

However, immediately after the freezing blizzard, multiple columns of flames dropped continuously on the shark monster, which burnt, and disintegrated its flesh, and boiled the sea waters around it which hurt him quite badly.

I took the opportunity from the unfreeze to dive deeper into the seas to escape from the battle which didn’t concern me.

Sharkman wasn’t the match for the Magi’s magic, so before more spells were launched against him, he cast spells of his own as he raised a huge area of the seas around him into the skies toward the airships.

The seawater splashed on the Magi which interrupted their spells while Sharkman took the opportunity from the brief interruption to escape through a watery portal again.

They say bad luck often strikes twice as I was swirled into Sharkman’s magic portal again and disappeared from the place.

The magic portal brought me away from the onslaught of the airship’s magic, but I was lost again in the seas.

Sharkman was nowhere to be seen or scanned so I guessed his portal magic didn’t send his victims to the same spot.

It was probably random portal magic that beamed the unfortunate target indiscriminately around the seas.

I returned to the surface of the seas again to look for Kay but still, there were no signs of him, but in the distance, I saw an island, so I swam there to try my luck.

When I reached the shore of the island, I found the island empty and barren, except for a short stone path that led to a rocky hill.

On top of the hill, there was a building that looked like a Temple that overlooked the entire Island, so I climbed up the hill to reach the Temple to seek refuge and find out if Kay found his way here.

While I was outside the Temple, I heard a commotion inside the temple, so I hid behind some stone carvings, as Sara scanned for their audio signals and heard their arguments.

“Master Mori, we cannot allow you to take the Eye of the Seas.

It is sacred to our temple”, one of the monks in the Temple told Mori.

“I did not come here to ask for permission”, Mori answered the monk as he ordered his men to attack the holy men.

A brief battle ensued between the arguing men as Mori’s men charged at the hapless monks with their weapons and killed all of them.

Then Mori left the Temple carrying a wooden shrine with the carving of an ugly eyeball inside which I guessed was the Eye of the Seas that he sought to rob from the temple monks.

Sara scanned for radiation on the Eyeball and found nothing, so I wondered whether such a carving was worth killing so many people for.

When Mori’s men left the island, I looked around the temple for signs of Kay but there were no signs of him in the temple which was fortunate, otherwise, he might have ended up like the corpses of monks strewn everywhere in the temple.

When I was about to leave the temple Sara found energy radiation on a large stone table or altar in the middle of the temple which probably used to house the wooden shrine taken away by Mori, and out of curiosity, I went to check the table.

There was an energy circuitry here that connected the stone table to the back of the temple that ended in a stone-carved pedestal shaped like a frog holding a lantern.

The energy circuitry setup appeared familiar to the magical pyramid in the desert, so it was possible that this was also some kind of security system which protected something.

I checked the lantern and found a knob of some kind on the pedestal which was probably a switch for something.

I hesitated for a moment because the last time I turned a magical switch on the apex of the pyramid, a Sand Elemental was released, so I might release some dangerous creatures when I turn the knob.

But the possibility of danger usually didn't overcome my curiosity and in the worst scenario I could always run, and besides adventures were usually accompanied by some risks.

So, I turned the knob on the pedestal, which connected a magical circuitry and instantly the stone table in the middle of the Temple moved to one side, which revealed an entrance to a basement below, but luckily for me, I did not release a monster this time.

I went down into the basement and as I climbed the stone stairs the basement lighted up with lamps installed around the chamber.

I found some sort of glass display cabinet that encased an object that looked like the wooden Eye of the Seas Mori took from the Temple. I suspected Mori and his gang must have obtained a fake, while the real thing was right in front of me.

I wondered what magical item was that precious when so much effort was taken to conceal it here.

Out of curiosity again I planned to study the item inside the glass case in greater detail.

As I hammered the glass suddenly the entrance to the basement closed itself as bolts were suddenly shot from hidden holes in the walls at me.

I was thrown off guard by the booby trap and some of the bolts pierced into me.

Luckily for me I was protected by dragon scale armor, so the bolts didn’t go deep and none of my vital parts were damaged, so I merely pulled out the bolts from my body as Sara repaired the wounds with my nano-bots.

I was trapped in the basement while I looked through every nook and corner, yet I couldn’t find the switch or knob which could open the entrance which was now protected by a magical forcefield.

Although I had plenty of supplies in my space locker to last me a while, I couldn’t stay locked in the basement forever.

Suddenly I heard loud footsteps moving frantically on the floor above.

Sara scanned for audio but inside the basement reception was poor, but she managed to make out some speech from the garble.

“Find the cursed Eye, you morons”. Mori, the bandit who robbed the monks discovered that he obtained a fake Eye of the Seas, so he returned.

Sara scanned the bandits who rummaged the temple above me and observed their activities.

Suddenly someone approached the frog-shaped pedestal lantern and tried to turn the knob that would open the entrance to the basement. Although I would be freed from my imprisonment here, it would open me to the possibility of combat with the large group of killers above.

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