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Without hesitation, I broke the tiles on the basement floor and yanked out a metal box that was engraved with hieroglyphs and calligraphy which I believed were magical spells of some kind and I quickly threw the metal box together with all its contents into my space locker.

As the bandit above turned the knob switch on the frog-shaped pedestal lantern, I brought out my Thunderbolt and pointed it toward the entrance.

A squeal was heard as the mechanism on the stone altar Table cranked as the knob on the pedestal was turned.

When I expected the altar table to move aside suddenly the cranking stopped and became silent.

Sara earlier observed the energy circuitry which ran through the chamber and found that the source of the magical energy came from under the tiles to the basement floor.

Sara believed the metal box was the battery or power generator that powered the security system in the temple basement.

By some program or measures, the crystalline stones found within the box chain reacted, and created the energy that flowed into the magical circuitry of the system, which powered the opening of the basement entrance and created the force field which trapped me inside.

If I killed the power source the security system would be deactivated which I did when I took away the metal box.

As the bandit turned the knob on the frog pedestal lantern there was some residual magic in the system which moved the stone altar table, but the energy was insufficient to open the entrance.

Luckily Mori and the bandit didn’t think much of the squeak from the altar table as they ransacked the temple.

After all, this was an old temple with a leaky roof which often released funny sounds caused by the wind that blew into the temple.

After searching for some time, the bandits gave up and left the temple. When I was certain the bandits had left, I brought out my Dragonslayer which wrenched the entrance door open.

Without a magical force field that protected it the lock gave up easily as I pushed the stone table entrance aside and returned to the floor above. But before I left, I smashed the glass case and took the Eye of the Seas with me.

If the hideous eye was worth killing so many monks for it must be important so I took it away.

Before I left the Island, I dug some holes outside the Temple to bury the dead monks killed by Mori’s men.

I didn’t know the names of the dead monks so all I did was place some wooden stakes over the graves as their tomb and hang some of their belongings over the crossed stake so whoever might come to discover their graves would recognize them.

Perhaps it was due to good fortune or more accurately good karma that while I moved the corpses, I found a magical map of the sea.

The magical map covered the entire seas in the region and with its guide, I could sail to the nearest mainland and return to civilization. So, I teleported out the last of Cartelle’s boats and rowed away from the Island and sailed toward a city called Kotonia.

I hoped Kay survived somehow and better yet if I could find him in Kotonia.

While rowing the boat in the vast seas, I had plenty of time to kill and out of boredom and curiosity, Sara inspected the Eye of the Seas I took from the Temple.

Initially, I hoped to return the Eye to the authorities and report the crime of Mori and his bandits when I returned to civilization, but Sara found some magical circuitry or wiring inside the Eye of the Seas, not unlike the circuitry she found in the Temple which piqued my interest.

If the circuitry in the Temple was powered by a magical battery, it was logical that the Eye of the Seas could be powered too by a battery.

So, I took out the metal box I found inside the basement of the Temple and tried to link it to the Eye of the Seas.

As the Eye of the Seas touched on the metal box, the box surprisingly lighted brightly as the crystals inside the chain reacted and directed the energy into the Eye.

Suddenly the metal box exploded and threw the crystals all over my boat. The Eye of the Seas probably overloaded the generator somehow or perhaps the magical voltage was incompatible.

With the metal box destroyed there were no magical batteries around but there was one within me although I wasn't sure they were compatible.

I waited a day more before my curiosity and spirit of research overcame me as I placed the Eye of the Seas on my chest while Sara allowed the Eye to sink into my body.

My nano-bots created wirings that connected it to my battery and surprisingly a power connection was successfully established.

Although a magical circuitry ran through the Eye, I didn't know what the Eye was for.

There were complex wiring pathways within the Eye, and it would require some testing to determine if something was workable from the item and I had to be extra careful if I didn’t want my battery to explode as the metal box did.

There were similarities between the Neutronium charges in my battery and the magic of this world and if it was true then theoretically, I could make use of the magical technology available here if I don’t end up killing myself by trying.

As I swam for days, I had time to reflect on life and fate. I had a good share of dangers and trials since I came to this world and I had seen the death of my colleagues and comrades, and I thought about Cartelle and the team and my missing friend Kay.

However, along the way I had discovered many new wonders and the technology in this world called magic which opened the possibility to breathtaking discoveries which I had never dreamt of as possible.

This world of Ouamua had given me a new meaning and new objectives in my life after I lost my old world and everything in it, and with it, new hope and as I swam to the unknown city, I eagerly awaited a new world ahead of me.

After weeks of sailing in the wide oceans, I finally glimpsed a large mainland or continent ahead, when suddenly a long and large tentacle-like arm grabbed my boat and pulled it under the sea, together with me with it.

I found the culprit was what appeared to be a Giant Octopus more than 10-meters in width with many long tentacles which were almost four times its width.

Sara scanned the creature and found rich magic inside its large head where possibly its brains resided but there was nothing that I could use to penetrate so deep into its head, so the best thing for me to do was to leave as quickly as possible.

However, my movements inside water were greatly impeded, and no matter how I swam the Octopus was still behind me.

The Octopus was intent on making me its meal and before I knew it, one of its tentacles wrapped and coiled around me and squeezed hard with the intention to crush my body.

The Octopus’ tentacles grappled strongly onto me, as I struggled to break free from it, but I wasn't the match of the creature in strength.

“Was it finally my end?”, I asked myself as I succumbed to the strangulation of the octopus.

New chapter is coming soon
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