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Before I arrived at this world, I was Orion 6238 from Deepspace Station 28, a specialist researcher at INWAR, The International Neutronium Warp Fission Research, an international collaborative experiment that mined and studied a rare element called Neutronium X, with the purpose of utilizing the material for energy production and space travel research.

Neutronium X was a rare theoretical element found only in collapsed stars with an extreme density of 4×1017 kg/m3.

A hundred years ago, a large amount of Neutronium X was found on a very large comet, Comet X-9563 as it approached the Solar System and scientists found a way to utilize it in nuclear fission.

Further research found that Neutronium radiation could warp the fabrics of space and time, and INWAR was formed to develop a theoretical faster than light warp engine for space travel using it as fuel.

It must be more than coincidence that the event in the Star System occurred during the INWAR experiment which made it probable that the experiment near Jupiter created an unknown singularity, which appeared to me to have sucked everything into it, and it was more than likely the world that I knew wouldn't have survived such an event.

As the incident happened, I was inspecting and conducting mining on Comet X-9563, as the comet made a visit to the region of Heliosphere at the rims of the Star System and for unknown reasons, I ended up in this world.

In our century all of humanity were technologically enhanced both physically and intelligently and Sara was my Artificial Intelligence Assistant who coordinated all my actions and functions, including the use of all implanted equipment in me which could scan for heat and audio, infra-red, and radar and in particular the scanning for Neutronium radiation.

The oddity was that the Dragon who attacked me earlier had a high concentration of Neutronium within it.

It was rather peculiar that creatures could have such high concentrations of Neutronium in them and the more puzzling discovery was that those Neutroniums were organic in nature which meant in theory it could be cultivated.

Neutronium was such a valuable and rare fuel that this discovery alone was revolutionary.

The fuel was extremely effective when used in nuclear fission and it was termed the perfect fuel for the process and its use would have been widespread if not due to its rarity.

The discovery was quite fortunate for me because since I reached here, the fuel in my fission reactor was almost depleted, and there appeared to be no way for me to replenish the fuel.

With some modifications and reconstruction, I could use organic Neutronium found here to power my body’s reactor.

It was possible for my reactor to process Neutronium fuel because my reactor was designed to use the fuel as part of my research, although it was rarely used as such due to its rarity and with some modification, I could use the fuel to power my body's batteries.

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