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The Dragon that attacked me was a frequent offender who visited the village every few months to capture villagers for food or pleasure, and soon the Dragon was due to return.

The Kamini villagers pleaded for my help to kill the Dragon since I was the God they summoned, although I had no idea what made them place such high hopes in me.

It was not because I was obliged to help the villagers to rid the Dragon, but I have reasons to have the Dragon on my own, which was to obtain the fuel in it.

The question that remained was how to kill a fire-breathing 30-meter large creature without any of my armaments.

Judged by the apparatus and utensils around the tents and camps, I concluded that the village wasn’t technologically advanced.

The villagers were industrious and orderly, and their leader was intelligent and capable, so it was remotely possible for me to instruct them to create something useful against the monstrous beast.

Sara analyzed the capabilities of the villagers and came out with the designs she thought they could produce.

The villagers cut trees and melted iron and I was quite amazed by their carpentry and smithing, which executed my designs and plans almost perfectly.

After a month of construction, we built several large Ballistae about 10 meters in width, together with hundreds of iron pikes to be used as Ballistae bolts, and I prepped the villagers how to operate the Ballistae.

The smithers also forged a 5-meter-long iron lance with a double hook protruding from the head that could be used to snag and pull, and in jest I named the lance Dragonslayer, to commemorate the Dragon we were about to kill.

I placed the Ballistae in hidden locations, all within range of the sacrificial platform, where the Dragon usually came to collect its due.

So, I stood on the usual sacrificial platform with my back on the pole in the middle and pretended to be the Dragon’s latest dessert, and when the Dragon swooped down to grapple me, I quickly grabbed the Dragonslayer beside the pole, and jumped toward the creature, and pierced its wings with the lance.

The Dragon tried to free itself as it flapped its wings and propelled into the air, but the double hooks on the lance latched onto its wings firmly, which pulled it down with iron chains attached to the end of the Dragonslayer and fixed to the ground.

The Dragon found itself ambushed and trapped and, in its fury, directed all its anger at me, as it opened its mouth to breathe a fiery napalm blast my way, but I jumped and dodged the fiery breath and grabbed hold of a second chained lance, which I pierced it into the Dragon’s other wing.

With both double hooked lances which chained and securely anchored the Dragon to the sacrificial platform.

The Ballistae hid around the sacrificial platform locked onto the beast’s position and fired bolts repeatedly at it until the beast resembled an angry porcupine with erected quills and fell into the platform motionless.

The Dragon was an intelligent creature, and we would never know if it would feint its death to draw us near for a revenge kill, so we did not approach the Dragon for a full day until we were certain it was dead. Hopefully, due to excessive bleeding.

When the Dragon was ascertained and certified as dead, we moved to the platform to recover the corpse, but we must be careful not to puncture organs that might contain flammable fuel, so we carefully carved open its belly until I located its heart.

Sara confirmed there was organic Neutronium inside the Dragon's heart, which was the only organ in the creature with sufficient concentration beneficial to me, so I dissected it and held it with both my hands to absorb the organic Neutronium.

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