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I planned to use Ballistae against the scorpions since it proved to be effective even against a Dragon.

However, in the previous battle with the Dragon, Kamini’s craftsman only managed to make iron pikes as Ballistae bolts, which although by the force of the Ballistae they could pierce into a Dragon, the bolts weren’t strong and durable enough to pierce deep.

So, in the end, the Dragon died not due to injury from the weapon, but more likely due to excessive bleeding from the wounds.

However, with the help of the Magus and magic, we could make stronger steel bolts and lances so immediately we started to prepare.

Cartelle was the key to my plan since his fire and wind helix magic melted iron into molten steel, which was turned into hundreds of steel bolts by the ironsmiths, and skilled carpenters were engaged to build me many Ballistae to fire the bolts.

When the weapons were ready, the fighters were trained to use them.

The Ballistae were placed in strategic but hidden positions in front of the town, facing the scorpions, and my strategy was to draw the scorpions into an ambush, so the critical task was to bait the scorpions to come in range, which was easier said than done.

I initially wanted to send out a mounted rider to pull the scorpions in but the fastest mount in town were humped camels, which were highly endurant, but was slower than the scorpions so they were not up to the task.

I wasn’t sure if I could run fast enough, but my body enhancements made me much tougher and quicker than the fighters around, so I had to take a gamble.

So, I ran toward the Wind Scorpion and shot my Dragonslayer into it which pierced into its body, after which I swiftly returned to town.

The lance did not hit any critical parts of the scorpion but merely made it very angry, so it shrieked a loud weird sound, which gathered its companion scorpions around that came out of its burrow and together they descended upon me.

In total there were about ten large scorpions including the Wind Scorpion, and I ran back to town as fast as I could, as I lured the scorpions into range. When all the scorpions were within range, the Ballistae fired steel bolts at the Scorpions which hit all of them and penetrated deep into their bodies.

Many large scorpions were killed instantly, while those who were lucky enough to survive ran, which left the Wind Scorpion behind and alone.

The Wind Scorpion was hit too by at least ten steel bolts, and it retreated away from the Ballistae’s firing range.

However, the Wind Scorpion did not leave Town, apparently still furious at our ambush, and sought revenge.

The Wind Scorpion shrieked and screamed in an eerie sound and made a call to the wind which grew a fierce sandstorm that shifted the desert sands into town and tore the roofs from buildings and carried away people, camels, and goods.

There was no way for us to stop the scorpion’s magic but there was still a chance to kill the scorpion, which would defeat its magic.

So, I rushed to the Wind Scorpion and quickly caught hold of my Dragonslayer, which I slung into its body earlier, and pulled the hooked lance out which caused it great pain and bleeding.

As the lance was pulled, the scorpion screamed in a mixture of anguish and hatred and called out a strong gush of magical wind which threw me more than 10-meters away.

The scorpion now dashed and leaped into the air toward me with its pincers opened ready to crush me, but before it could land on me, I pierced the Dragonslayer into where its Neutronium concentration was the most potent which I guessed was its critical organ.

My guess was proven correct as the Wind Scorpion fell to the ground and was killed.

Cartelle and the soldiers came to inspect the dead scorpion just as I carved out its heart to absorb its Neutronium with the usual rite of offerings, while Kay quickly ran around me in dance and chants, to complement the sacrament.

Cartelle and the soldiers looked on in puzzlement and amusement and they probably thought it must be a Barbarian thing, and I won’t bother to correct that perception, because it would camouflage my weird actions.

Now that the Scorpion threat was over, Cartelle teleported out the dead bodies of his companion Magus and fighters who died earlier fighting with the scorpions.

The bodies of the Magus and other fighter escorts were laid in the town hall, while Cartelle prepared a small funeral for them before he cremated their remains with his magic.

True to his words, the town leader gave me a hundred gold coins as a reward for saving the town although he kept all the magical bolts and the Ballistae, which could be worth more than his reward to me.

The leader probably gained more from the deal because those bolts were comparable to magical weapons which were expensive and with them, he wouldn’t need to fear another scorpion invasion.

I didn’t mind losing on the deal because it was for a good cause, to save the lives of the townspeople.

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