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White Cloud City, night as ink.

Bai Mannwei had just finished showering when the bedroom door was pushed open. She was slightly stunned as she stared at Mo Cangyun walking over with a gloomy expression.

The man's footsteps were large and blurred, and his body carried the cold that belonged solely to the night.

She had just said the word "you" when she grabbed the man's wrist and flung him onto the bed.

The soft bed sank under her body, and before she could regain her senses, the man had already returned, pressing down on her until she was unable to breathe.

She could feel that Mo Cangyun was angry, but what was he angry about?

The man's mind kept shaking Hu Sen's words.

"Madam, we went to the cemetery today."

His words stimulated his neurons. His heart felt like it was being torn apart. It was so painful that he wanted to dig it out.

"Mo Cangyun... it hurts..." When she finally couldn't hold it in any longer, she opened her mouth and sobbed softly.

However, her words were useless.

After that, Mo Cangyun went into the bathroom. Bai Mannwei did not move at all as she looked at the ceiling.

After a long time, she slowly propped herself up and picked up the robe that was thrown on the ground and put it on.

Mo Cangyun came out and saw that she was not asleep yet. He was slightly stunned and then returned to his usual indifference.

Bai Mannwei sat on the bed, her eyes empty and lost.

After a long time, her watery eyes regained focus. She tilted her head and looked at Mo Cangyun.

"Mo Cangyun."

Suddenly, she called him by his name. Her voice was hoarse.

Mo Cangyun looked at her red eyes. His dark eyes flashed.

Bai Mannwei lowered her eyes and looked at the quilt. Her white lips moved slightly and she said in a low voice, I know, you didn't want to marry me back then, you didn't like me, we didn't want to waste time on each other, why not..."

She hadn't finished speaking when she noticed the killing intent that suffused the man's body.

Mo Cangyun curled his lips and suddenly laughed mockingly. "The Bai Clan doesn't need me anymore after they've overcome the crisis, and they're impatient to leave?"

Bai Mannwei sensed the hostility and grabbed the quilt tightly, but she did not say a word.

Seeing that she did not speak, Mo Cangyun quickly walked forward and grabbed her chin. His eyes were cold and scary.

"What a good way to break the bridge after crossing the river!" Without waiting for her reply, Mo Cangyun laughed again. "I, Mo Cangyun, am such a good person to use?"

His hands were very strong, as if he wanted to crush Bai Mannwei's chin. The pain made her frown.

Bai Mannwei's face was full of pain as she said, "I didn't, let go of me..."

Mo Cangyun ignored her words. His chest was full of anger, and his handsome face was extremely cold. "Since I can bring the Bai family back to life, I can also turn them into ruins."

Bai Mannwei suddenly fought. She looked at him with eyes full of fear and disbelief.

Mo Cangyun's brows were covered with a layer of haze. He said coldly, "Want to divorce? Wait until I've had enough fun!"

Bai Mannwei's face was originally devoid of blood. This was because of his words. The final trace of blood also disappeared.

Mo Cangyun did not look at her anymore. He shook off her chin and quickly walked to the wardrobe. He took out a set of clothes from inside, untied the bathrobe, and put it on.

He did not even put on his coat. He quickly walked over and opened the door.

He was so angry that he suddenly stopped. He turned his head and looked at Bai Mannwei on the bed. His eyes were cold. "Bai Mannwei, you are a f * cking white eyed wolf that you are not familiar with!"

After he finished speaking, he slammed the door with a bang.

That loud sound gave Bai Mannwei a big fright and her heart trembled along with it.

Not long after, the sound of a car starting to move came from the bottom of the building. The lights of the car lit up in the gap between the curtains.

The car gradually got further and further away. Finally, it was quiet.

Bai Mannwei did not move at all. Her eyes gradually turned red.

She did not say that she wanted a divorce just now. It was so easy for her to marry him, so how could she possibly propose a divorce?

Even if he did not love her, as long as she could stay by his side, she would be happy.

What she wanted to say just now was that it was better to be like before. Even if you do not like me, don't hate me so much. Let's just get along peacefully, isn't that good?

However, thinking about it now, it was fortunate that Mo Cangyun interrupted her later words.

She was really whimsical. How much did Mo Cangyun hate her? She knew that how could she get along with her?

Everyone was envious of her marrying Mo Cangyun, but no one knew that the Bai Clan had encountered a crisis a year ago. If it wasn't for the relationship between the Mo family and the Mo family, she probably wouldn't have had the chance to marry him.

Mo Cangyun's words just now, "If you want a divorce, wait until I've had enough fun." It was even more painful than cutting her heart with a knife.

She liked him. She liked him for 15 years.

Just now, she really wanted to ask him what she was to him.

But when the words reached her mouth, she held them back.

She was afraid that the answer would exceed the limits of her tolerance.

After sitting for a long time, she gently moved her body. She took the phone and looked at it. It was already past three in the morning.

She did not have the energy to shower. She did not even change the bed sheets. She lay down and closed her eyes.


The next day, she woke up and moved her aching body. Without shoes, she walked to the wardrobe barefooted.

In front of the mirror, she took off her dressing gown to change.

In the mirror, her face was as white as paper, and her body was covered in black and purple.

However, she could not feel any pain because these injuries were not the most painful. It was her scarred heart.

After changing her clothes, she went into the bathroom to wash up. When she came out, she walked to the cabinet and pulled open the bottom drawer.

She took out a bottle of medicine from inside, opened the lid, and poured out a pill in her palm.

Without water, she swallowed it.

The bitterness of the medicine in her throat spread out, making her frown.

She put the bottle back on the spot and walked out of the room. When she reached the stairs, she saw Mo Cangyun coming out of the living room.

Instinctively, she looked at the European quartz watch on the wall. It was not even eight o'clock. It looked like he was going to work.

After a while, the sound of a car came from outside and gradually disappeared.

After standing at the stairwell for a while, she slowly went downstairs and entered the dining room.

Nanny Sun went to take out breakfast for her. "Madam, are you quarreling with Sir again?"

She silently shook her head and picked up the breakfast to eat.

After breakfast, she went back to her room to get her bag and went to her own coffee shop.

The waiter who was guarding the restaurant was called Dingxiang. She was one year younger than her and had a wavy hair with bangs. She looked sweet and cute. "Sister Wei, you're here."

Bai Mannwei smiled at her and entered the counter. She put the bag away.

The coffee shop was very cozy. The floor and walls were made of wood and there were graffiti on the walls. It had an artistic taste. This shop also had a rather poetic name, called "Time.

This was because the location was very good, so the business had always been good.

A customer came in and stood in front of the counter to order a bill. The lilac got busy and Bai Mannwei walked to the side.

She saw a magazine on the side without thinking and it was Mo Cangyun on the cover.

The man was dressed in a suit and shoes. His face was handsome and indifferent, and his black eyes seemed to contain deep wisdom and wisdom. His aura was elegant and noble.

No one knew that this man was her husband.

She took the magazine and gently supported the man's face with her fingers. She looked confused.

The customer ordered the bill and went to find a seat to sit down. When Tinkxiang turned around, she saw her staring at the man in the magazine in a daze. She leaned over and smiled. "Sister Wei," she said. Isn't he handsome?

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