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C10 I'll Apply Some Medicine on You

Mo Cangyun let go of her and saw that her wrist had turned red. She felt a little sad, but it was very glaring.

He looked away and said coldly, "Won't you hit me again? Didn't you use to be quite thick-skinned in the past? What backbone do you need at an important moment! "

Bai Mannwei's face was even paler than before. Her hands that were hanging by her side gently curled up.

Previously, she was indeed quite thick-skinned. She was so thick that she had chased Mo Cangyun for more than 10 years.

When he clearly rejected her and said that he would not like her, she even chased after him without caring about her own safety and entered the Hua University.

She even fought for him. Although both sides suffered heavy losses, she didn't gain any advantage and almost broke her image.

Seeing that she suddenly stopped talking, "I am talking to you! "What are you talking about?"

Bai Mannwei suddenly came back to her senses. She raised her eyes and looked into his eyes.

Looking at his handsome face, her heart felt bitter. Without saying anything, she turned around and climbed up the stairs.

Mo Cangyun pinched the space between his eyebrows and stood on the stairs for a moment. Then, he went down the stairs and walked to the cabinet. He found the medical kit from inside and carried it upstairs.

He pushed open the bedroom door. Bai Mannwei was not in the room. He put down the medical kit and went into the bathroom. He saw her standing in front of the mirror tearing the Band-Aid. She should be looking at her injury.

"I'll apply the medicine for you."

Seeing his expression ease, Bai Mannwei was afraid that she would anger him again. Her lips moved a little and she swallowed the rejection words at the side of her mouth.

She quietly followed Mo Cangyun out of the bathroom.

Mo Cangyun walked over and opened the medical kit. He took out antivenom water and turned around to see her staring at him with a confused expression. He frowned and said indifferently, "Sit down."

Bai Mannwei sat down gently by the bed. She lifted her bangs with one hand and tore the Band-Aid with the other.

"Let me do it." Mo Cangyun's words were concise and emotionless.

Bai Mannwei let go of Mo Cangyun's hand and raised her head.

Mo Cangyun placed the antidote on the table. Jie Gu's finger clearly landed on her acupuncture point in her brain.

When he saw the small scar on the right side of her acupuncture point, which was very light in color, a dark light flashed past the bottom of his eyes. After that, it gradually became deeper and deeper. There was even a trace of indescribable emotion.

This small scar the size of a fingernail was caused when she was 18 years old. After the final exam, she ran to the Hua University to look for him.

At that time, he was playing football. He did not have his phone with him. She did not call him, so she called Xia Qiufaan.

Later, Xia Qiufaan told him that Bai Mannwei heard him playing football and begged him to take her to school to watch him play football.

Bai Mannwei did not eat at that time and was very hungry. Xia Qiufaan went to buy snacks for her and left her alone on the field.

Before he finished playing football, he heard her. There was a commotion there, as if someone was fighting.

He never liked to join in the fun, so he didn't care.

A team member ran to take a look and came back to tell everyone, "The IT department's beauty is fighting with a girl from another school. Mo Cangyun, you are the culprit."

Another person smiled and said, "Mo Cao is very famous. Even the girls from other schools are attracted to him. They are jealous and jealous."

The IT department girl liked Mo Cangyun and had handed him a love letter in front of everyone, so they all knew about it.

Mo Cangyun did not trust their words, nor did he guess that the girl from the other school was Bai Mannwei.

Seeing that everyone was no longer in the mood to fight, he prepared to return to his dormitory.

A classmate ran over to him and said, "Mo Cangyun, the girl who fought with the IT department was brought by Xia Qiufaan. I don't know where he is now. Go and take a look. The fight between the two girls is very fierce. Their faces are scratched."

Xia Qiufaan was his brother who had played a game. When he heard that it was Xia Qiufaan's man, he could not ignore it. He threw the football to the others and walked towards the crowd.

The two girls fought because of him, so when he walked over, the big guy gave way to him.

When he saw that it was Bai Mannwei who was fighting with the IT department, he was stunned.

Other than chasing and beating him fiercely, Bai Mannwei was usually a gentle and obedient girl. She did not look like a person who would fight.

If he did not see it with his own eyes, he would not believe it.

At that time, when Bai Mannwei saw him, she pouted and said, "Mo Cangyun, she hit me."


Seeing that he did not move for half a day, Bai Mannwei asked, "Are you very hurt?"

Mo Cangyun heard her voice and suddenly came back to his senses. In the blink of an eye, his movements were very light and he slowly tore off the band-aid.

Seeing a piece of skin the size of a thumb, his delicate eyebrows knitted together. He took the antivirus water and wiped it for her.

Bai Mannwei sat down, so when he applied the medicine, he had to bend down. In order to cooperate with him, Bai Mannwei raised her head and her gaze fell on his throat. Next up was his handsome face.

He wore a white shirt and his tie was torn off the moment he came home. The collar of the shirt was unbuttoned, revealing the delicate shoulder bones. A small section of the sleeves rolled up, revealing a firm arm.

Looking at the man's face, her heart began to race, and her ears turned slightly red.

She was a little entranced. She had been watching for a long time. Mo Cangyun felt something and suddenly looked down an inch.

She was so scared that she quickly looked away. She looked at the button of his shirt. Her beating heart showed her panic.

Mo Cangyun only looked at her and continued to apply medicine on her.

His expression was very focused. His ink-black eyelashes would occasionally blink.

The light from the lamp shone on his body from top to bottom, making his facial features look more and more perfect. It was breathtaking.

Seeing that he did not look at her from the corner of her eye, Bai Mannwei suppressed the panic in her heart and slowly dispersed the burning sensation on her face.

She was very afraid of letting him feel her heart matter. In the past one year, she had been very careful and had almost exposed herself just now.

After applying the medicine, Mo Cangyun stood up straight. "Be careful when taking a shower. Don't touch the water."

Bai Mannwei drooped her head. "Yes, I know."

Mo Cangyun threw the cotton stick into the trash basket, put the anti-poison water and medicine into the medical kit, and rushed out of the room.

Bai Mannwei walked to the makeup mirror and sat down. She lifted her bangs and looked at her injuries.

She had just applied the medicine and did not apply any Band-Aid. She could clearly see the injuries. It was just a layer of skin.

Unconsciously, when she saw the extremely faint scar mark, she thought of the first fight in her life.

That year, when the college entrance exam ended, she went to Mo Cangyun's school and made a few phone calls outside the school. Mo Cangyun did not pick up, so she had to call Xia Qiufaan.

On the phone, Xia Qiufaan heard her say that she was at the gate of the Hua University. He thought she was joking. When he came out and saw that she was really there, he asked in surprise, "Why are you here?"

"I'm here to find Mo Cangyun. Where is he?"

"He's playing football."

Her eyes lit up. "Take me in. I want to see him play football."

It was said that the boy was very handsome when playing football. She had never seen Mo Cangyun play football before.

Xia Qiufaan knew Bai Mannwei liked Mo Cangyun, but Mo Cangyun did not like her, so he did not dare to make a decision. "I need to ask Cangyun."

In the end, Xia Qiufaan could not get through her request and could only bring her to school.

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