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C12 I've Been Looking Forward to It

Thinking about how he was busy with Bai Mannwei today, he started to laugh at himself. He smiled tiredly and felt the pain in his chest becoming more and more unbearable.

His voice moved slightly and he said in a hoarse voice, "I know."

After Nanny Sun returned to her room, he sat in his seat for a while and waited for his expression to calm down. He got up and turned off the lights and walked towards the stairs.

When he arrived outside the bedroom, he reached out his hand to hold the door handle. However, when he thought of something, the hand that was twisting the door handle came to a stop.

After standing by the door for a moment, he withdrew his hand, turned sideways, and walked towards the study room.


Bai Mannwei came out of the bathroom and dried her hair. She wiped off the night frost and went to bed, waiting for Mo Cangyun to return to his room.

She wanted to ask him if he came home so early today because he knew that today was the anniversary of their wedding and wanted to spend it with her.

She also thought of the idea of drinking a cup of wine. She might have thought that she was delusional and thought that she would be insulted or humiliated by him.

However, she did not understand and her heart was not at ease. Thus, she decided that she would definitely ask.

Even if she got insulted by him again, she would still admit it.

She had done many shameless things in the past. What did it matter if she did it again?

However, she waited and waited. She did not see Mo Cangyun go back to his room. Her sleepiness gradually rose. She was afraid that she would forget as soon as she fell asleep. She took off the quilt and got off the bed. She went out of the room to look for Mo Cangyun.

Only the lights on the corridor on the second floor were on. The living room was pitch black, but she still stood in the corridor and looked down.

Borrowing the lights on the corridor, she saw that there was no one in the living room.

If it wasn't in the living room, then it should be in the study room.

She bit her lips and went to the study room to look for him.

The study room door was not closed tightly. There was a crack open. She saw Mo Cangyun standing in front of the window and dialing the phone.

She hesitated. If she went in at this time, she would disturb him. She would have to wait until he finished his call and then knock on the door.

And it was here that she heard the man inside suddenly shout into the phone, "Xu Yunyun..."

Hearing this name, Bai Mannwei froze and her face turned white inch by inch.

The man in the phone only called this name and did not speak for a long time. However, he maintained the posture of dialing and should be listening to the person over there.

Previously, she had repeatedly told herself that it was the media that caught the video. But now, when she heard him talking to that woman called Xu Yunyun on the phone, it was as if a knife had cut open her chest. The bloody pain made her tremble.

One minute, two minutes passed...

Mo Cangyun still did not speak. However, they were still on the phone.

Bai Mannwei held her hands. Normally, he did not have such patience with her.

She turned around and her nightgown drew a decisive arc as she staggered back to her bedroom.

Once she entered the bedroom, a drop of tears silently fell from her eyes and streaked across her pale and beautiful face.

Leaning against the door, she stood there for a long time. Then, she blankly walked over and laid down on the big bed. Her arms hugged her tightly. On this night that no one knew, she was as fragile as a glass doll.

After Bai Mannwei fled, Mo Cangyun seemed to have sensed something. He turned his head and took a look. But the outside was empty. There was nothing.

Thinking that it might be an illusion, He turned around and interrupted the woman who kept talking.

"I remember telling you not to call me. What happened to you has nothing to do with me. I don't have such a good heart to settle things for others. " Also, Mrs. Mo will only be Bai Mannwei in this life. No matter what you want to do, If you dare to disturb her, I will make you regret it for the rest of your life. "

Her cold tone carried a cold chill, and her handsome face was filled with impatience.

After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone without showing any mercy. He didn't give the woman there any chance to speak.

His stomach was still hurting. He held his phone and stood by the window for a while. After a while, he walked to the desk.

He threw the phone on the table and sat behind the desk. He looked at the half-edited email and impatiently pressed his eyebrows.


Bai Mannwei must not be able to sleep after such a thing happened. That was why she knew when Mo Cangyun went back to his room, but she pretended to sleep with her eyes closed.

She did not want to know what the result was when she heard Mo Cangyun and Xu Yunyun make a phone call.

Although she had always been "shameless" in Mo Cangyun's place, she did not need to put her face up to be insulted.

When she thought about how she had a sliver of hope just now and imagined that he would return so early to celebrate her anniversary, she found it all laughable.

In Mo Cangyun's place, she had always been nothing.

Even if she was Mrs. Mo at this time, In his heart, she was probably just an unimportant woman.

If it wasn't for Mo's father and Mo's mother's strong threat, he would not have married her. Even if he looked at her again, it would probably be contempt.

It was because she was too stupid. She was so stupid that she could actually think of a little bit of warmth from him.

In the future, she would definitely not have this kind of thought again.

The next day, when Mo Cangyun woke up, Bai Mannwei woke up, but she closed her eyes and did not move.

Wait. When the man finished washing and washing up, she slowly got up. She put on her slippers and went to the wardrobe. She took out some clothes from inside and put them on. She went to the bathroom to wash up.

When she brushed her teeth, she saw the wound on her forehead in the mirror. She recalled the scene of him applying medicine to her last night. Her hands gradually slowed down.

Last night, when he applied medicine to her, although it was only three minutes, that kind of peaceful relationship was what she had always yearned for now.

When she was young, she had thought that she would definitely marry Mo Cangyun when she grew up.

However, only by marrying him did she know that the two of them might as well be friends and treat him as the big brother next door.

Then they would be like before, getting along with each other.

It was not like now, where he would always mock her and treat her with contempt.

Although she thought so in her heart, she had never regretted marrying Mo Cangyun.

When she was 15 years old, she told Mo Cangyun that she liked him.

Old Master Mo was still alive at that time, and she didn't know where he found out about this. He thought highly of her, and he even told her to work hard. She would definitely become his granddaughter-in-law.

She did not care about his love. She even let go of the girl's restraint and chased him through her youth. She did not give up even when she was rejected.

But now, she no longer had the courage she had when she was young. She could only change her love for him from love to a crush.

After washing up, she came out of the bathroom, took out a silk scarf from the cabinet, put it on, took the bag from the seat, put the phone in, and carried it downstairs.

Mo Cangyun finished his breakfast and was about to go to work when he took the coat Nanny Sun handed him. He heard a sound from the stairs.

He looked up and saw Bai Mannwei coming down from the second floor. She was carrying a bag in her hand and looked like she was going out.

Bai Mannwei stayed in the room for a long time and thought that Mo Cangyun had already left before coming down. She did not expect that he was still here.

When her gaze met his, she immediately lowered her head and stood on the steps, hesitating whether she should go down later.

Seeing her expression, Mo Cangyun's pupils shrank. He pursed his lips and his gaze indifferently moved away from her. He pulled his coat and walked out of the living room.

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