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C14 You Look Really Good

Nanny Sun replied and went to pour him a glass of water. After handing it to him, she walked to the cupboard and pulled open the chest of drawers. She took out the pendant that had fallen out of his suit pocket in the morning and returned it to him.

"Sir, this fell out of your clothes when I was washing my clothes in the morning."

Mo Cangyun stopped drinking and looked at the item in her hand. He raised his hand to take it. "Did she see it?"

Recalling Bai Mannwei's instructions, Nanny Sun hesitated for a moment and shook her head. "I didn't see it."

He put the things down and leaned back to close his eyes. "You can go down."

After Bai Mannwei took a shower, she blew her hair dry and licked her dry lips. She left the room and went downstairs to drink water.

The lights in the living room were on and Nanny Sun was nowhere to be seen.

She did not see Mo Cangyun at first. When she walked over to get the cup, she saw Mo Cangyun leaning back in his seat and resting with his eyes closed.

The light from the ceiling shone on his face from top to bottom. It made his facial features look more and more stunning. It was less domineering than usual. The curves were gentle.

In Italy, she had seen different handsome men. There were blond, blue-eyed Scandinavian men with deep lines, English men with muscles in East Asia, but only Mo Cangyun wanted her to feel amazed.

She could not get tired of seeing his face.

Before the Bai family abandoned politics and went to business, they lived in the same house with Chief Mo.

Mo Cangyun's father and mother were busy with their careers. They threw Mo Cangyun to Chief Mo, who was also Mo Cangyun's grandfather. Hence, she recognized Mo Cangyun when they were young.

Back then, the Bai family and Chief Mo were neighbors. She was only four years away from Mo Cangyun, so she could have fun together.

Since she could remember, she had been chasing after Mo Cangyun.

No matter what he did, she would follow him.

Mo Cangyun, on the other hand, had received his grandfather's advice. Even if he thought she was a follower, he had to bring her along.

When he was young, Mo Cangyun was like other children, rebellious.

Bringing her along was very inconvenient, so he felt that she was a burden.

She also knew that he was unwilling, so she was especially obedient and never caused trouble for him.

Among the people she knew, Mo Cangyun was the most good-looking, so she had always regarded Mo Cangyun as a prince charming.

Although Mo Cangyun didn't like her back then, he treated her like a little sister next door. He didn't end up like this.

Every girl wanted to marry a Prince Charming, and she was no exception.

She liked Mo Cangyun. She had been in love with him for ten years, and she had a crush on him for five years.

Everyone else had a crush on him first, and then a crush on him.

However, she was the opposite. She had a crush on him first before she fell in love with him.

She traced his lines with her eyes. From his delicate features, to his strong nose, and then to his thin and sexy lips.

When he woke up, she didn't dare to stare at him like that.

This was because she had said before that she would no longer love him, but she still could not control her own heart.

From then on, she openly liked him and became a secret crush.

But even so, the relationship between them did not change much.

When he saw her, he was still impatient.

Just as she was entranced, Mo Cangyun's feather fluttered. Before she could walk away, he opened his eyes.

Facing his dark eyes, it was as if she had done something wrong. She was instantly flustered and helpless.

She forced herself to calm down, not daring to look into his eyes. She said softly, "I came down to drink water. I saw you sleeping on the seat and wanted to wake you up. You will catch a cold if you sleep here. If you are sleepy, go back to your room to sleep."

Mo Cangyun looked at her indifferently. He stood up, picked up the cup on the table, and walked around her to the water heater.

Bai Mannwei turned her head to look at him, who was bent over to receive the water. She saw that he did not want to look at her anymore and did not want to annoy him. She did not even drink water and walked silently towards the stairs.

Mo Cangyun took a glass of water and turned around to see her disappearing at the stairs on the second floor. Suddenly, that year appeared in his mind. She was peeping at him. When he found out, she did not feel the slightest bit sorry and even gave him a charming smile.

"Mo Cangyun, you are so pretty."

Just now, he had seen all of her panic.

Why didn't he cherish her back then?

Even now, he could no longer see her smile at him.

He stood in front of the water heater for a long time. He put down his cup and walked over. He took the pendant box from his seat and slowly went upstairs.

Returning to the study room, he pulled open the drawer of his desk, placed the things in his hand, and closed the drawer.

This was the fifth gift that he had not given out.

The second month after his marriage was her birthday. He had bought a gift for her, but when he found out that she had gone to the cemetery that day, he threw the gift into the moat.

Later on, during the Christmas auction, he bought a paper clip. That day, she went to the nightclub with Meng Yilin and was drunk. When she brought it back, she was unconscious. Naturally, he did not give the paper clip.

During the New Year, he paid a high price to make a pair of bracelets and prepared to give them to her as a New Year present.

But she had prepared gifts for everyone. Even Nanny Sun had them, but he did not have them.

He threw the bracelets out of the window in a single breath. Then, he regretted it again. It took him a long time to find the bracelets in the flowerbed.

In the end, the expensive bracelet was also locked in the chest of drawers.

There was another time. It was not a festival. It was a handbag that he had seen the model carry on the cover of a fashion magazine. He bought it for her.

After work, he made a call home. Nanny Sun said she went to the coffee shop.

He went to the coffee shop to pick her up. Through the window, he saw her talking and laughing to Xia Qiufaan. He felt it was piercing.

Her smile originally belonged to him, but he had not seen her smile to him like this for a long time.

He saw her smile at Xia Qiufaan without fear, and every time she smiled at him, she was only cautious and silent.

A surge of jealousy welled up in his heart. He stepped on the accelerator and left the coffee shop.

In the end, the handbag was not sent out. He threw it in the middle of the road.

The fifth gift was the one that had locked him in the chest of drawers.


Before his birthday, Meng Yilin checked the calendar in advance. Seeing that it was Sunday, he happily made an appointment with Bai Mannwei. The two of them wanted to go to the Flying Dawn Manor to soak in the hot spring. They also took a few days off on Sunday.

The Flying Dawn Manor was the property of the Xia family. They were afraid that there would be too many people on Sunday, so Meng Yilin called Xia Qiufaan in advance to ask him to reserve a room for them.

He would at least give Xia Qiufaan a 20% discount if he came to Xia Qiufaan's place to save money. Why didn't he take this shortcut?

Unfortunately, when Meng Yilin called Xia Qiufaan, Mo Cangyun was there too. Apart from him, there was also Bi Ao.

A few of them were playing billiards, while Mo Cangyun and Xia Qiufaan were playing. Bi Ao met an acquaintance who was talking.

Seeing that Xia Qiufaan was about to lose, Meng Yilin called. Xia Qiufaan ignored it and continued to look at where he could score.

Mo Cangyun felt that his constantly ringing phone was a bit noisy. He reminded him, "Pick up the phone."

Xia Qiufaan was a little annoyed. Who would not look at the phone and call at this time?

He took out his phone from his pocket and was about to scold it. However, when he saw that it was Meng Yilin calling, he suppressed his temper. He opened his mouth and spoke in a tone that didn't seem to be disturbed. There was even a hint of amusement in his tone. "Lin Zi, did you miss your brother?"

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