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C16 You're Worse than an Outsider

After that, Bai Mannwei greeted Bi Ao, who responded with a smile.

She glanced at Mo Cangyun and hesitated whether she should go and greet him.

She thought about it and decided not to.

If she didn't want to touch the dust on her nose, she might as well go over and greet him. He wanted Xia Qiufaan and the others to see a joke.


Before Mo Cangyun went out in the morning, he specially asked Nanny Sun when Bai Mannwei woke up in the morning.

They came to the manor early in the morning and the three men played cards in the room for a while. He estimated that it was about time and suggested walking around.

Xia Qiufaan did not come back to his senses at that time. This was because he had lost money. He was a little restless. He scratched his hair and shouted, "What are you turning around for? You are not like those little girls. You have to go out and have some fun during the cold weather. Come, come, come, play a few more rounds."

Bi Ao rose to his feet and put on his coat. He glanced at Xia Qiufaan. "Have you forgotten what he is doing here?"

Xia Qiufaan patted his head and said, "I almost forgot."

If he had stayed in the hotel, he would not have met Bai Mannwei and Meng Yilin.

The three of them left the hotel and wandered around the manor.

When they arrived at the pavilion, Xia Qiufaan said, "Let's wait here. This is the only way back to the hotel. They will definitely pass by here."

Mo Cangyun did not say anything. He leaned against the pillar and started smoking. Out of the corner of his eye, he looked at the road that led to the pavilion.

Three minutes later, he saw Bai Mannwei and Meng Yilin walking towards the pavilion.

The two of them looked very excited. When they were about to reach the pavilion, Meng Yilin ran in front of them with a camera. She picked up the phone.

When he saw Bai Mannwei come to the entrance of the pavilion, he hesitated when he found himself.

Although it was just a moment, his eyes were still dark.

When she would turn around and leave in the future, she entered the pavilion.

After greeting Xia Qiufaan and Bi Ao, he thought she would also come over to greet him. Just as he was about to pinch the cigarette in his hand, he saw her standing there and talking about the sky with Xia Qiufaan and the others.

His ears were filled with her soft and clear voice. He could not help but think of the delicate Mo Cangyun she used to run after him.

When she was young, she was very obedient. She listened to her father and mother and called him brother or Brother Cangyun. When she grew up, she called him by his name.

Bai Mannwei was facing him from the side. He turned his head and saw her fair little face. The tip of her nose was red from the cold. Her black hair was draped over her shoulders like satin. It was very beautiful.

Xia Qiufaan said something that made her and Meng Yilin laugh. Her smile was curved.

She could smile sweetly at others, but she was always careful when it came to herself. Mo Cangyun felt as if there was a thorn in his heart.

He fiercely inhaled the cigarette in his hand. The smoke choked into his heart and he violently coughed.

His cough interrupted the few people who were speaking.

Bai Mannwei turned to look at him and restrained her smile. Her caring words escaped her mouth. "Don't stand at the mouth of the wind. You will catch a cold."

She talked and laughed to Xia Qiufaan and the others. When she talked to him, her smile disappeared.

Mo Cangyun's heart hurt. He ignored her and finished the cigarette in his hand.

Being ignored and being the face of so many people made Bai Mannwei feel a little embarrassed.

Meng Yilin helped her out. "Mannwei, I'm a little hungry. Let's go eat."

Bai Mannwei nodded and was about to say something to Xia Qiufaan when Xia Qiufaan said, "Just nice. We haven't eaten yet. Let's go together."

Bai Mannwei was stunned and looked at Mo Cangyun out of the corner of her eye. He probably didn't want to be with her.

She didn't want to reject Xia Qiufaan, so she waited for Mo Cangyun to say something.

But he acted as if he did not hear her and did not look at them.

While she was hesitating, she heard Xia Qiufaan say to Meng Yilin, "Didn't you say that if I help you book a room, you will treat me to a meal? Let's do it today."

Meng Yilin knew that Bai Mannwei would feel uncomfortable with Mo Cangyun's presence, but she did say that. He looked at Bai Mannwei in embarrassment.

Bai Mannwei knew her intention and did not want to make things difficult for her.

Moreover, with Bi Ao around, Meng Yilin must also be looking forward to being with them.

She nodded and agreed. "Then let's go together."

Her voice had just faded. Mo Cangyun pinched the cigarette in his hand and walked out of the pavilion.

When he passed by her, he carried a trace of wind along with the smell of smoke from his body and floated into the tip of her nose.

"Let's go." Xia Qiufaan followed her.

Meng Yilin held Bai Mannwei's arm and walked behind them.

They went to a restaurant. Xia Qiufaan did not reveal his identity. He ordered a private room like a regular customer.

After ordering the dishes, Meng Yilin went to the bathroom. Bi Ao and Xia Qiufaan went to smoke. Only she and Mo Cangyun were left in the private room.

There was an empty space between them, and her and Meng Yilin's bags were on the chairs.

They were obviously the closest to each other, but sitting like this, they felt like they were not even close to outsiders.

She held the cup and bit her lips. She wanted to find a topic to talk to him so that she wouldn't be too embarrassed.

Thinking about it, she did not know what to say to him. In the end, she thought of the phone call she received from Bai's mother earlier.

She was about to tell him about it when Mo Cangyun's phone suddenly rang.

Mo Cangyun took out his phone from his pocket and glanced at the screen. He answered the phone and left the room. He did not even pay attention to her.


After Mo Cangyun picked up the phone, he recalled that Bai Mannwei seemed to have something to say to him just now.

Just as he was about to enter the private room, Xia Qiufaan and Bi Ao, who had finished smoking, returned.

Seeing him standing by the door of the private room, Xia Qiufaan raised an eyebrow. "Why did you come out as well? Ask her to stay inside alone?"

Mo Cangyun waved the phone in his hand. "Come out and answer the phone."

Xia Qiufaan nodded. "Do you want Bi Ao and I to stay outside for a while longer and give you some time to be alone?"

Recalling the scene of Bai Mannwei drinking water unnaturally just now, Mo Cangyun said, "No need." He put the phone in his pocket and entered the private room.

Since he said there was no need, Xia Qiufaan and Bi Ao chased after him.

Seeing Xia Qiufaan and the others return, Bai Mannwei did not tell him about returning to Bai family for dinner on Tuesday. She brought up the teapot and gave them a new cup of hot tea.

It was probably because there were more customers and the dishes were served slowly.

After Mo Cangyun drank half a cup of hot tea, the dishes were not ready yet, so he went to the window to smoke.

Meng Yilin also came back. Bai Mannwei was chatting with them, but out of the corner of her eye, she looked at the man at the window.

The room was heated. After the temperature rose, he took off his coat and put on a black sweater.

If she had been like Meng Yilin back then, she would have put her feelings for Bi Ao at ease. Then could she and Mo Cangyun be like Meng Yilin and Bi Ao, sitting together and talking, and getting along with each other freely?

Unfortunately, at that time, she did not understand the restraint. Her confession became a common occurrence, and she did not give up even after she rejected him. She still followed his footsteps, but in the end, she did not move him.

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