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C17 I Have Something to Say to You

This was because of her confession. Mo Cangyun was getting more and more annoyed with her. The relationship between the two of them wasn't as good as before. When they met, Mo Cangyun's face was almost as cold as ice.

After waiting for a while, the dishes were finally served. Mo Cangyun finally finished his cigarette. He returned to his seat and sat down.

They were all hungry. Everyone started to eat.

The meal was very harmonious and lively.

After the meal, Xia Qiufaan asked Bai Mannwei, "What are you guys going to do later?"

Bai Mannwei held the cup in her hand and replied, "Make a hot spring."

Her main purpose of coming here with Meng Yilin was to make a hot spring.

Xia Qiufaan turned to look at Mo Cangyun and Bi Ao. "Shall we also make a hot spring later?"

"Sure." Bi Ao nodded. He had nothing to do.

After sitting for a while, they walked out of the room. Meng Yilin wanted to pay the bill, but Xia Qiufaan pulled her clothes and walked out.

Meng Yilin shouted, "What are you doing?" Meng Yilin asked. I haven't paid the bill yet."

Xia Qiufaan did not stop. "How can I really ask you to buy it? You have to call me a vampire behind my back."

"But..." Meng Yilin was almost dragging him away. Her clothes were so tight that she could not breathe.

Xia Qiufaan's peach blossom eyes lit up. "Someone will buy it."

Bai Mannwei noticed that Mo Cangyun did not chase after her. She turned around to look and saw him walking towards the place where the bill was paid.

She slowed down her pace and slowly followed Meng Yilin and the other two out of the restaurant, waiting for Mo Cangyun outside.

Three minutes later, Mo Cangyun came out of the restaurant.

Fang had just turned on the warm wind in the private room. When he came out, he was still not used to it. Bai Mannwei felt a little cold. She pulled up her coat and looked at them. "Lin and I have returned to the hotel."

Xia Qiufaan's hand was in his pants pocket. As long as he was not warm, he would wear a suit like he usually did at work. "We are staying in the same hotel as you."

Bai Mannwei was surprised. Why were they all so coincidental today?

Xia Qiufaan smiled. "Don't you know that there is only one hotel in the manor?"

This was the first time they had come back.

They went back to the hotel together and met the hotel manager in the lobby. Xia Qiufaan and the hotel manager went to talk, and the others went to the elevator room.

Wait. When they reached the elevator, Bi Ao's phone rang. He leaned against the wall and picked up the phone.

The elevator slowly descended and opened on the first floor. When all the passengers came out, Mo Cangyun walked in first. Bai Mannwei followed behind him.

Meng Yilin also wanted to go in. He took a step forward and grabbed Bi Ao's arm. Bi Ao took the handphone away from his ear and said to her, "Wait, I have something to say to you."

Meng Yilin looked at Bai Mannwei who had entered the elevator. "Mannwei, you go up first."

Bai Mannwei also heard Bi Ao's words. She nodded at Meng Yilin and pressed the floor button.

Thinking that Mo Cangyun should be staying in the presidential suite, she pressed the top button for him.

After the elevator doors closed, both of them remained silent. In the cramped space, the atmosphere was both awkward and depressed.

No one came in until they reached the sixth floor of the elevator.

The elevator door opened. She did not look at Mo Cangyun and said, "I'm going back to my room." She hurried out of the elevator.

Mo Cangyun looked at her panicked steps. His dark eyes darkened, and his jaw tightened.

When she came out of the room, Bai Mannwei opened the chain of her bag. When she touched the room card, she accidentally dropped the headphones.

When she bent over to pick it up, she saw the black leather shoes on her back. She turned around and saw Mo Cangyun standing behind her.

She was slightly stunned and asked in confusion, "Why are you here?"

Mo Cangyun leaned against the wall and took out a cigarette and bit it into his mouth. He held the lighter in his hand. Just when Bai Mannwei ignored him, he said lightly, "I live on this floor. The room is stuck at Bi Ao's place."

They played cards in Bi Ao's room today. When they entered Bi Ao's room, he threw the room card on the table. He did not bring it when he went out.

Bai Mannwei blinked. Wasn't he staying in the presidential suite?

She looked at the room beside Mo Cangyun. That meant he was living with her?

It was such a coincidence.

Bai Mannwei did not know what to say. She turned around and opened the door with her room card.

After unlocking the door handle, she hesitated for a moment. She turned to Mo Cangyun and asked, "Do you want to come in and wait?"

Mo Cangyun was lowering his head to light a cigarette. When he heard her words, he loosened his thumb on the lighter, and the sparks went out. He raised his head and stared at her, his expression hard to explain in his dark eyes.

Bai Mannwei gave him a look that made him feel uncomfortable. She thought that he disliked her meddling in other people's business. She bit her lower lip and walked in.

When she closed the door behind her, she found something blocking her way. She turned around and saw that it was Mo Cangyun.

Her brain suddenly short-circuited. She asked in a daze, "Is there anything else?"

Mo Cangyun's eyes darkened. He gently pushed the door open and walked around her into the room.

Bai Mannwei slowly came back to her senses. She had just invited him in to wait.

She closed the door and slowly walked over. She asked, "Do you want some water?"

Mo Cangyun gave a neither warm nor cold "En." He glanced at the things on the bed and knew that it was her bed standing in front of him. He sat down beside the big bed.

Bai Mannwei poured out the cold water from the kettle and picked up a new pot. She heated it with electricity and did not know what to do. She turned on the TV and randomly set up a TV station.

Mo Cangyun sat on her bed and she sat on Meng Yilin's bed.

The two of them were alone in the room and did not talk. The atmosphere was very awkward.

Bai Mannwei stared at the television, but she did not look at anything. No matter how hard she tried, she could not concentrate. She did not dare to look at Mo Cangyun.

After boiling the water, she searched everywhere but could not find any tea leaves.

She suddenly thought that this was a common room. It was not like the presidential suite. Everything was complete.

She turned to Mo Cangyun and said, "No tea leaves. Can water be used?"

Mo Cangyun lowered his head and looked at his phone. When he heard her words, he did not look up. He just said, "Yes.

She poured two cups of water and gave one to Mo Cangyun. "Be careful not to burn your hands."

Mo Cangyun took the water and accidentally touched hers. Sensing the coldness of her fingers, he frowned slightly. He picked up the remote control panel that was thrown at the end of the bed and turned on the warm wind.

Bai Mannwei took the cup of water and held it in her hand. When the water was almost warm, she put the cup on the table, took the bag, and took out a box of medicine. She squeezed out two pills and poured them into her mouth. She drank some water and swallowed them.

Mo Cangyun tilted his head and saw that she was taking medicine. His delicate eyebrows twisted. "What medicine did you take?"

Bai Mannwei was stunned. She blinked at him. She used to be the one hearing things, but he actually took the initiative to talk to her.

After meeting Mo Cangyun's questioning gaze, she was sure that it was not her ears that had problems, but he was really talking to her.

"My stomach has been a little uncomfortable these past few days." She picked up the medicine box and raised it to him.

Mo Cangyun took a look. It was indeed stomach medicine. No wonder she ate so little when she was eating just now.

His expression was slightly restrained. He turned his gaze to the television and did not say anything.

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