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C18 To Confess to Him

Bai Mannwei put the medicine back into her bag and thought about Bai's mother's birthday. She pursed her lips and said in a clear voice, "My mom's birthday is Tuesday. She wants us to go home for dinner."

Mo Cangyun did not say anything.

He did not say anything. Her heart sank, and a dim light flashed through her eyes.

If he didn't go back normally, it didn't matter, but if she went back alone for her mother's birthday...

She didn't want her family to worry, so she braced herself and asked, "Are you free?"

Mo Cangyun opened his mouth indifferently. "Are you not going to hold a birthday party?"

She shook her head gently. "She doesn't like to be lively. We can just have a meal together."

Mo Cangyun glanced at her from the corner of his eye. "I will arrange the time for that afternoon."

"It's dinner." He meant to tell her that he didn't need an afternoon. He just needed to get off work when the time came. She didn't want him to spend the whole day with her in the Bai family.

Mo Cangyun's expression suddenly turned cold. He stared straight at her. The paper cup tightened his fingers and changed shape. Fortunately, she had already given him a few sips. Only half of the cup remained, and it didn't flow out.

Bai Mannwei's head drooped, so she did not see his sudden change in expression.

Hearing Bi Ao and Meng Yilin's conversation from outside, Mo Cangyun put down the cup and stood up. "I'm going back to my room."

Bai Mannwei also stood up. She nodded. "Yes."

Before Mo Cangyun walked to the door, Meng Yilin knocked on it. He walked to the door and opened it.

Seeing that it was him who opened the door, Meng Yilin was stunned. He said apologetically, "Senior Mo, I didn't know you were inside. I didn't disturb you, did I?"

Meng Yilin and Bai Mannwei were both from the Hua University. Mo Cangyun was four years older than them, so Meng Yilin kept calling him senior.

"No." Mo Cangyun opened his mouth and walked out of the room with his long legs. He walked towards Bi Ao who was opening the door diagonally.

Meng Yilin turned around and looked at him. His mouth was crooked. He entered the room and closed the door along the way.

"If I knew Senior Mo was here, I wouldn't have come back so soon. I'll give you guys more opportunities to be alone."

"It's fine." Bai Mannwei shook her head and then asked casually, "Why did Bi Ao look for you? Did he give you a birthday present?"

"No." Meng Yilin took off his camera and said, "I was waiting for him to make the call, but he didn't say anything after he made the call. We came up to him."

Bai Mannwei poured a glass of water and handed it to her. She asked in confusion, "Didn't he say he had something to say to you just now? Was it because there were too many people in the elevator that he did not find a chance?"

"There are only the two of us in the elevator." Meng Yilin shook his head. At the same time, she also found it strange. After pondering for a while, her eyes suddenly lit up. "Do you think he wanted to be alone with me, so he asked me to stay?"

Bai Mannwei was also very suspicious. "Maybe."

Other than this, there seemed to be no other reasonable explanation.

The two of them did not realize that Bi Ao was actually creating an opportunity for Mo Cangyun and Bai Mannwei to get along with each other.

Meng Yilin sat down with the cup in his hand and said happily, "I think it's most likely like this."

Bai Mannwei saw that she was in a good mood and urged, "You have been secretly in love with him for so many years. Otherwise, why don't you take advantage of your birthday and confess to him?"

Meng Yilin sighed in distress and said sadly, "If he doesn't like me, what if he rejects it all at once?"

Bai Mannwei knew the pain of having a crush on her and encouraged her, "If you don't try, how will you know? If you want to say it, say it."

"Come on, why don't you confess to Mo Cangyun?" Meng Yilin did not have the courage.

"Our situation is not normal. You do not know what Bi Ao means to you, but I know that he is so young that he does not like me." In the end, she lowered her voice.

Meng Yilin put down the cup and stood up. "That's enough," he said. Let's not talk about these unhappy things today. Let's go and soak in the hot spring."

Bai Mannwei nodded and the two of them walked out. Only then did she open the door. The door to the side also opened in an instant.

When their eyes met, Bai Mannwei was stunned.

Mo Cangyun glanced at her and closed the door. He even held the room card in his hand. "Are you going to soak in the hot spring?"

"Yes." She nodded.

Mo Cangyun stuffed the room card into his pocket and knocked on the door next door.

Bai Mannwei looked at him and walked behind him with Meng Yilin towards the elevator.


Xia Qiufaan opened the door and saw Mo Cangyun standing by the door. He was staring at the corridor on the left.

He stuck his head out and took a look. There was nothing.

He looked at Mo Cangyun again and asked in confusion, "What are you looking at?"

Mo Cangyun shut his eyes and turned to look at him. "Nothing. Didn't you say you were going to soak in the hot spring just now? Are you going or not?"

Xia Qiufaan pointed at his back with his thumb. "Go, but Bi Ao is making a phone call. We will go after he makes the call."

"I will wait for you in the hall at the bottom of the building." Mo Cangyun left after saying that.

He turned around and saw Bai Mannwei and Meng Yilin waiting for him in the elevator. He increased his pace.

Bai Mannwei and Meng Yilin entered the elevator and pressed the button. When the door of the elevator was about to close, Mo Cangyun came in.

Bai Mannwei and Meng Yilin were originally talking and laughing when they saw Mo Cangyun. He came in suddenly and paused.

Mo Cangyun did not look at her and stood by Meng Yilin's side. Then, he turned around and faced the elevator door.

Bai Mannwei stood by the elevator while Meng Yilin held her other arm. After Mo Cangyun entered the elevator, the conversation between the two stopped.

The man beside her was too strong. Meng Yilin felt uncomfortable. He pulled Bai Mannwei over and switched places with her.

This time, Bai Mannwei stood next to Mo Cangyun.

The incense on the man's body drifted into the tip of her nose from time to time. It reminded her of the first time she smelled smoke on Mo Cangyun's body.

In high school, her mathematics was very poor, so Bai's mother asked Mo Cangyun to give her supplementary lessons on Sunday.

At that time, when Old Master Mo was present, Mo Cangyun could not think of any reason to refuse, so Old Master Mo agreed on his behalf.

Old Master Mo was the chief, so he had a good way of educating people.

Mo Cangyun had suffered a lot in his hands when he was young.

Therefore, Mo Cangyun was most afraid of his grandfather. He would never dare to disobey his grandfather's words.

Just like that, Mo Cangyun was forced to become her tutor.

After a week, Mo Cangyun came to her house to tutor her. She smelled smoke on his clothes.

At that time, Mo Cangyun was only twenty years old, so she said in surprise, "Mo Cangyun, you actually smoke!"

Mo Cangyun looked at her calmly. "Which man doesn't smoke?"

Mo Cangyun had always been the perfect prince charming in her heart.

He was handsome, well-learned, and smart. He played football very well.

He was like the beloved of God, with no flaws in his body at all.

Thus, when she discovered his bad habit, she was unable to accept it at once.

Moreover, Mo Cangyun was only a sophomore at that time and had yet to enter society. Therefore, she was more accepting of her incompetence.

After a long time, she said hesitantly, "But you are not considered a man."

At that time, Mo Cangyun said in a very contemptuous tone, "Why am I not a man? I am an adult."

"Did Xia Qiufaan ruin you?" Before Mo Cangyun could say anything, she said to herself, "It must be. This Xia Qiufaan, look at me next time I see him. It would be strange if I didn't scold him properly."

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