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C19 Do Him a Favor

When she was separated from her, she saw Chung Feng Jiang. As soon as she saw him, she scolded him. Xia Qiufaan's face was filled with confusion.

After a long time, Xia Qiufaan asked her what had happened that day.

She told him the truth.

Xia Qiufaan laughed in anger. "I feel sad for Mo Cangyun to have a silly girl like you. Why don't you think about it? Is Mo Cangyun a bad person for me?"

She thought about it and agreed. If Mo Cangyun was not interested in something, he would not look at it even if you put the knife on his neck.

But if he was interested in something, it would be a few times faster than what a normal person could learn.

That time, she scolded Xia Qiufaan badly, so when she apologized to Xia Qiufaan, Xia Qiufaan did not forgive her easily. Instead, he asked her to do him a favor.

In the end, she pulled Xia Qiufaan to block the peach blossoms.


"Mannwei!" Meng Yilin's voice came from the side of her ear, almost breaking her ears.

Bai Mannwei regained her senses and stared at her in confusion. In the blink of an eye.

Meng Yilin asked her, "What are you thinking about? I called you a few times but there was no response."

"Nothing." She looked around her. Mo Cangyun was no longer around. She and Meng Yilin were the only ones left in the elevator.

"Don't look. He left a long time ago." Meng Yilin pulled her out of the elevator. "You won't be lost in thought every time you stay with him, will you?"

The two of them stood together just now, but they didn't say a word. She was worried for both of them.

She was very curious. How did the two of them get along normally?

Bai Mannwei held her lips and revealed a faint arc. "Just now, I only thought of some things from before."

Meng Yilin asked, "You and him?"

She nodded. She looked up and saw Mo Cangyun in the resting area.

Mo Cangyun sat on the leather seat and pressed the lighter in his right hand. The flame burned and burned as if it was waiting for someone.

Meng Yilin also saw him. The two slowed down. Meng Yilin asked doubtfully, "He won't wait for you, will he?"

"I don't think so." As soon as she finished speaking, Mo Cangyun seemed to have sensed something. He looked up at them.

Bai Mannwei acted as if she was guilty. She immediately lowered her head and held Meng Yilin's arm as she walked towards the door of the hotel.

Meng Yilin said softly, "Why do I feel like every time you see him, you are like a mouse seeing a cat."

Bai Mannwei was silent. After they left the hotel, the two of them went to the hot spring.

Meng Yilin turned his head without thinking. He saw Mo Cangyun and the other two people behind him. She said to Bai Mannwei, "Fortunately, you did not think you were being sentimental just now."

She suddenly said this. Bai Mannwei's face was full of confusion. "What do you mean?"

Meng Yilin reminded her, "Look behind you."

Bai Mannwei turned her head in confusion. She saw Mo Cangyun, Xia Qiufaan, and Bi Ao.

She understood what Meng Yilin meant.

Mo Cangyun must have been waiting for Xia Qiufaan and Bi Ao in the hotel lobby.

Just as Meng Yilin had said, it was fortunate that she did not think too highly of herself just now.


After bathing in the hot spring, Bai Mannwei and Meng Yilin returned to the hotel.

It was so comfortable. Meng Yilin lay on the bed and did not want to move. It did not take long for him to fall asleep.

Bai Mannwei covered her with a quilt and took the room card and money out of the room.

Xia Qiufaan came out of the room and saw Bai Mannwei. He glanced at her in confusion and then came to Mo Cangyun's door and knocked on it.

Bi Ao opened the door for him. He walked in and saw Mo Cangyun making tea.

"I just saw Mannwei. She seemed to be going out alone."

Mo Cangyun did not say anything. He handed the cup to Bi Ao unhurriedly and then looked at Xia Qiufaan. "Do you want a cup?"

Xia Qiufaan stared at his unmoved face. He was a little suspicious that he was not listening to him.

"Did you hear what I said?"

Mo Cangyun put down his cup. "I'm going to buy a pack of cigarettes."

After he finished speaking, he lifted his foot and walked out.

Xia Qiufaan said, "Hey." He looked at Bi Ao, who was sitting there. "It turns out that the emperor is not in a hurry. He is in a hurry to kill a eunuch."

Bi Ao laughed. He was really anxious about his intelligence. Did he not understand?

"If he did not hear you, why would he buy cigarettes?"

Xia Qiufaan suddenly realized something.

If he wanted to go and take a look, he could go. He had to find an excuse. They wouldn't laugh at him.


When the elevator reached the fourth floor, it stopped for five or six minutes.

The reason was that the couple waiting outside for the elevator had an argument.

The woman was so angry that she wanted to go into the elevator. The man pulled her away, and the two of them stood at the elevator entrance and started arguing.

The woman just happened to be standing at the sensor, so the door of the elevator could not be closed. It stopped on the fourth floor.

Bai Mannwei was the only person in the elevator. She waited for a long time but did not see the two of them take care of the matter. She was really impatient from waiting and reminded them, "Are you guys going in or not?"

The two noisy people also realized that they could stop the elevator from going down. The woman walked out.

Bai Mannwei pressed the shutter button and the door to the elevator slowly closed and continued to go down.

Coming out of the elevator, she bumped into Mo Cangyun in the hall.

She was still thinking if she should go forward and greet him. She saw Mo Cangyun walking towards her.

She looked back. There was no one behind her. There was no one on one side. Then he must have come for her.

Realizing this, her heart suddenly jumped three times faster, and her fingers that were in her pocket could not help but tighten.

Mo Cangyun walked in front of her. His eyes fell on her fair face and asked, "Who is it?"

She did not know what he had just done. His breath was a little unstable, as if he had just done some intense exercise.

Bai Mannwei replied gently. "Lin is asleep. Today is her birthday. I want to see if there is a dessert shop in the manor and order a cake for her."

Mo Cangyun walked up the stairs. He was afraid that he would not be able to catch up to Bai Mannwei and was almost running away. That was why he was breathing heavily.

"I know where the dessert shop is. I'll take you there." Afraid that she would reject him, he paused and continued, "I'll buy a pack of cigarettes along the way."

Bai Mannwei silently thought in her heart, there shouldn't be any cigarettes in the dessert shop, right?

It was rare for him to take the initiative to be intimate with her, so she naturally would not reject him.

She smiled and nodded, "Okay."

Mo Cangyun looked at her and said, "Let's go." Then, he walked towards the door of the hotel.

Bai Mannwei hurried to catch up and suddenly grabbed his sleeve.

Mo Cangyun stopped and turned to look at her in confusion.

Bai Mannwei was a little flustered when she saw the man's dark and deep eyes. She quickly let go of Mo Cangyun's clothes and said softly, "Aren't you going to go back to your room and put on a coat?"

Mo Cangyun did not wear a coat when he went out. He only wore a black sweater. He said, "No need."

It was so cold outside. It would be very easy for him to get sick if he went out like this.

Therefore, Bai Mannwei stood still.

Mo Cangyun frowned slightly. "Any more questions?"

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