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C2 The Grandest Wedding

She tossed the magazine to the side, hummed softly, took the yesterday's bill out of the drawer, and began to calculate it with a calculator.

Ding Xiang put the magazine away lovingly. "Sister Wei, why didn't you open a cafe at that time? This way, I might have a 1% chance to see my brother."

Bai Mannwei's eyebrows curved up and her smile was sweet. "You still have 1% chance to see him now."

Ding Xiang sighed and said, "No man loves young ladies like us."

She did not look up. Her voice was soft and gentle. "I mean, one day he might pass by the cafe, and you would be able to catch a glimpse of him."

Tinkle pursed her lips. "What's the difference between that and winning the lottery?"

Bai Mannwei slept very late last night and did not look well today. Before she went out, she specially put on makeup. Her face was bright and her skin was extremely white under the white ivory dress. She wore an orange-red trench coat on the outside.

She smiled faintly. "So what if I see him? He is already married."

The wedding a year ago was the grandest wedding in Baiyun City. No one did not know about Mo Cangyun's wedding.

She also showed her face in front of others on that day.

After a long time, everyone gradually forgot about her. Therefore, no one knew that she was Mo Cangyun's wife.

"Does it have anything to do with her?" "In my heart, he's just my prince charming. I don't want to date him, so I don't care if he's married or not. It's just that I really want to know what kind of person Mo Cangyun's wife is. "

Bai Mannwei froze. "Why do you know this?"

"Didn't you read the newspaper half a month ago? Prince Charming Mo has a woman outside. I just want to know what his wife looks like. Is she too ugly? He doesn't like it." Ding Xiang was still unhappy. "She caused my brother to bear the name of being lecherous. That woman is really detestable."

Bai Mannwei's face immediately turned pale. Her fingers gently curled up, carrying a touch of coldness.

Seeing that her expression was very bad, Ding Yan asked, "Sister Wei, are you not feeling well?"

At this moment, the phone in her bag rang. She opened her bag and took out her phone to take a look. It was Mo Cangyun's mother calling.

She walked a few steps to the side and answered the call. "Mom."

Mo's mother's easy-going voice came from the other end. "Come back for dinner with Cangyun tonight."

She said gently, "Okay."

After hanging up the phone, she prepared to call Mo Cangyun and tell him in advance.

When she looked through his number, she saw that it was only 11: 00. She thought it was better to drop it and call again during lunch to avoid disturbing him.

She put her phone back into her bag and ordered a bill for Tinkxiang's computer while Tinkxiang went to clean up the table after the guest left.

She ordered fast food for lunch with Tinku. There was another waiter who was eating in the restaurant.

After lunch, she took her phone to the bathroom and dialed Mo Cangyun's number.

The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up. She opened her mouth and said softly, "Mom called me this morning. She wants us to go back for dinner tonight. Should I wait for you at home, or should I go over first?"

After she finished speaking, Mo Cangyun hung up the phone without saying a word.

She took the phone off her ear and looked at the name on the screen. Her eyes dimmed.

She recalled that when Ding Yan mentioned Mo Cangyun just now, her eyes were filled with sparks. She seemed to have seen her young self.

At that time, she was like Ding Yan, and she treated Mo Cangyun like a prince charming and chased him through the pure years.

When she was young, the three words "Mo Cangyun" were her dreams.

Now, however, it was still her dream. It was just that it was getting further and further away.

After staying in the bathroom for a while, she adjusted her emotions, squeezed out a smile at the mirror, and walked out.

Mo Cangyun did not give her a reply. At three o'clock, she left the coffee shop and drove home.

Entering the living room, Nanny Sun walked forward and took the bag. She followed her to the sofa. "Madam, what do you want for dinner?"

She shook her head and looked at the time. "I want to go back there with him."

Nanny Sun knew that it was Mo Cangyun's father and mother's residence.

Bai Mannwei watched television while waiting. She did not see Mo Cangyun come back at 6 o'clock. She thought that it would not be good for her elders to wait for them, so she was a little anxious.

Nanny Sun asked, "Madam, did you tell Sir that you are going back to Mo family?"

She nodded and said in a low voice.

Nanny Sun changed a cup of hot water for her. "Maybe he forgot. Why don't you call him again?"

She called him in the afternoon. Without any warning, he hung up his phone. It seemed that he didn't want to answer her call.

She shook her head. "Let's wait a little longer."

After more than 10 minutes, the sound of a car came from outside.

Nanny Sun went out to take a look and came back happily. She said to her, "Madam, Sir is back."

She said gently, took the bag, put it on her arm, and changed out of the living room.

Mo Cangyun's car was parked outside. He was in the car and had no intention of getting off.

The window was lowered, and he picked up the cart with one hand. The beige shirt did not have a single fold on it, and it was elegant and pricey.

Looking at the indifferent expression of the man in the cart, she went down the steps and opened the back door. She bent down and was about to sit in when the man in front suddenly spoke. His cold tone was devoid of warmth.

"You want my parents to see you and ask them to teach me a lesson again?"

She stopped moving and stood up quietly. She closed the door and went around the back of the car to sit in the passenger seat.

She put her handbag on her lap, pulled her seat belt, and knocked on it. She glanced at the man's side face.

The man's face was cold. His jaw was tight. She pursed her lips and looked outside the window. She tried her best to ignore his presence.

The two of them did not speak along the way and arrived at the Mo family without a sound.

After getting out of the car, Bai Mannwei walked around the front of the car and came in front of Mo Cangyun. She hesitantly held his arm and looked at his expression. Seeing that he was not angry, she felt a little relieved.

Mo Cangyun led her to the stairs and into the living room. Butler Uncle Zhou welcomed her and took Bai Mannwei's handbag with a loving smile.

"Young Master, Young Madam."

Mo's father and Mo's mother sat in their seats. The two of them walked over and called each other, "Dad, Mom.

It was already seven o'clock. It was already past dinner time and they had waited for so long. Mo's father and Mo's mother naturally didn't have a good expression.

Mo's mother looked at them. "You came back so late?"

Bai Mannwei did not know how to reply and did not say anything.

Mo Cangyun raised his arm and opened the top button of his shirt, revealing the delicate shoulder bone. It was more casual.

He said lightly, "The car broke down halfway."

Bai Mannwei could smell the perfume on his body when she was close to him. When she heard his words, she could not help but raise the corner of her lips with a hint of mockery.

When Mo Cangyun noticed her looking over, she immediately stopped and put on a calm smile.

Hearing his words, Mo's father and Mo's mother's expressions eased up. Mo's father said, "You should call back, so that I can get Uncle Zhou to send a car to pick you up."

Mo Cangyun frowned imperceptibly. Just now, he had clearly caught the sneer on the woman's face. Thinking that she had probably misunderstood, he pursed his lips. "On the way back from the company to pick up Wei."

This could also be considered an indirect explanation to her.

But seeing that Bai Mannwei did not react, he felt that it was really unnecessary. At the same time, he felt that his actions were very laughable.

Mo's father understood. "Alright, let's eat."

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