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C20 I've Always Liked You

"No more." Bai Mannwei saw his impatience and shook her head. She hesitated for a moment and followed him out of the hotel.

Mo Cangyun and Xia Qiufaan had come to the manor a few times, so they knew where the dessert shop was.

Along the way, the two of them walked slowly.

When they were about to reach the dessert shop, Bai Mannwei hesitantly opened her mouth and said, "It's not fun for me to celebrate Lin's birthday alone. You guys can join us at night. There are so many people."

With Bi Ao around, Meng Yilin would definitely be very happy.

Mo Cangyun did not say anything.

She suddenly remembered that Mo Cangyun never wanted to see her. He definitely didn't want to celebrate Meng Yilin's birthday.

Now that she was accompanying her to the dessert shop, she was afraid that he would really come to buy cigarettes and bring her along the way.

This was because she saw that there was a small supermarket on one side of the dessert shop.

"If you guys are not free, then forget it."

As soon as she finished speaking, Mo Cangyun said, "We want to go back tomorrow, so we have nothing to do in the evening."

Bai Mannwei was stunned. When she understood the meaning of his words, her heart was filled with joy.

Her lips curved in a sweet arc. "The dessert shop is here. I will order the cake. You go and buy cigarettes."

Mo Cangyun nodded and watched Bai Mannwei enter the dessert shop. He walked a few steps to the side and stood by the door of the supermarket for about two minutes before entering the dessert shop.

Bai Mannwei was choosing the cake style when a man's low voice suddenly came from beside her ear, "Haven't you chosen yet?"

She turned around and saw Mo Cangyun. She said in surprise, "You are so fast?"

Mo Cangyun hummed and looked at the book in her hand. He pointed at a cake and said, "I think this is not bad."

She also liked this. She did not expect them to have the same look in their eyes.

She returned the book to the shop assistant. "I want this."

Bai Mannwei paid for the cake after she made the order. She told the shop assistant to send them to the hotel at 8 p.m. and told them the room number. She then went back to the hotel with Mo Cangyun.

On the way back, the two of them still had nothing to say.

After walking half the way, Mo Cangyun actually took the initiative to talk to her for the first time. "Meng Yilin's birthday, do you want to only eat the small cake and have no other activities?"

Bai Mannwei shook her head. "I also feel that it is a little simpler. Lin has always liked to be lively. This birthday must be the most meaningless one for her."

In previous years, Meng Yilin would invite some of her colleagues to her house for their birthdays. They would make hot pot together. Every year, it would be lively and lively.

But this year, the expenses in the manor were not cheap. Meng Yilin could not afford to invite her, so he did not call her. The two of them were the only ones who came for the same thing.

Mo Cangyun could hear the melancholy in her tone. After a moment of silence, he said, "There are only the few of us at the party, so it won't be lively. I think we should cook together at night. It won't be so quiet."

This was probably the longest sentence Mo Cangyun had told her since they got married.

Bai Mannwei did not expect him to take the initiative to mention that he wanted to celebrate Meng Yilin's birthday. After a moment of surprise, she smiled. "Okay."

Her smile was curved as if something had attracted Mo Cangyun's attention. He could not look away and was lost in his thoughts.

Bai Mannwei's brows drooped as she muttered softly, "With Bi Ao around, Lin will definitely be very happy."


Returning to the hotel, Bai Mannwei opened the door and turned to look at Mo Cangyun. "I'm going in."

Mo Cangyun nodded. "I'll ask the hotel staff to prepare everything. I'll call you when the time comes."

"Yes." She answered and pushed open the door.

Mo Cangyun did not even wear his coat when he went out, let alone the door card.

He was about to knock on the door when Xia Qiufaan opened it for him. Then he looked at him with a fake smile. "You came back? "Where are the cigarettes?"

"If you want to smoke, go buy them yourself." Mo Cangyun walked past him and entered the room.

Xia Qiufaan said, "Tch. "I knew you didn't buy it."

Bi Ao held Xia Qiufaan's notebook and did not know what he was doing. He looked up at Mo Cangyun and said, "You are finally back. What are we going to eat tonight?"

Mo Cangyun said concisely, "BBQ."

Xia Qiufaan and Bi Ao looked at each other and asked for BBQ. He must have made an appointment with Bai Mannwei.

Xia Qiufaan smiled and said, "You and Mannwei are going to be romantic. It's not good for us to be together."

Mo Cangyun looked at them and reminded them, "Today is Meng Yilin's birthday."

Xia Qiufaan patted his head. "Yes, yes, I almost forgot."

Bi Ao said softly, "You guys go. I have something to do, so I won't go."

"Don't. There are so many people. We will deal with the work tomorrow. It is not fair to not go to Lin Zi's birthday," Bi Ao said. Xia Qiufaan closed the notebook in his arms and put it aside.

"You guys can go. It's not bad to have one less." Bi Ao was not interested at all.

Mo Cangyun glanced at him. "Don't tell me you don't know Meng Yilin likes you."

Bi Ao already knew that Meng Yilin liked him.

Could it be that if she liked him, he would like her?

He said lightly, "So what?"

"You must go to her birthday today." Mo Cangyun's eyes were dyed black.

Bi Ao frowned. When did he become Meng Yilin's lobbyist?


Mo Cangyun poured himself a glass of water and took a sip. He said calmly, "I don't want Mannwei to be unhappy."

Bi Ao was speechless.

If you don't want your wife to be unhappy, you can make your brother unhappy?

He could tell that their brothers were loyal. As long as Bai Mannwei was around, they were all like floating clouds.

"Didn't you want to get along with Mannwei? Let Fengxing accompany you. Why drag me down with you?"

Mo Cangyun ignored his resentful gaze and turned to Xia Qiufaan. "This is your territory. Go and arrange it."

Xia Qiufaan made an OK gesture and patted Bi Ao's shoulder. He sighed and said earnestly, "You should sacrifice yourself to fulfill his wish. You have seen him for the past few years. It is not easy for him either."

Damn, was it easy for him?

Bi Ao did not hold back his sarcasm. "When Bai Mannwei chased after him, who told him to be so arrogant? He deserves it now!"

If he asked Mo Cangyun what he hated the most, he would answer without hesitation. What he hated the most was back then.

At that time, when Bai Mannwei was still in love with him, why was he so heartless?

Therefore, whenever he mentioned the things he did in the past, he would not say anything.


When Bai Mannwei returned to her room, Meng Yilin woke up and was about to call her to ask where she had gone.

Meng Yilin put down his phone again and lazily asked, "Where have you been?"

"I went out for a while. I'll go with Bi Ao and the others to cook. Do you want to go?"

Bai Mannwei wanted to hide from her and give her a surprise later, but she could not hold it in and told her in advance.

When Meng Yilin heard that, his eyes instantly lit up several times. He rushed over and grabbed Bai Mannwei's arm and shook it violently. "Really? You didn't lie to me?"

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