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C3 I Won't Go Home at Night

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Uncle Zhou and entered the kitchen.

Mo Cangyun sat down in front of the dining table. Before he moved his chopsticks, Mo Cangyun asked Uncle Zhou for disposable gloves. After putting them on, he peeled half of the plate of oyster meat and pushed it in front of Bai Mannwei.

Bai Mannwei looked at the oyster meat and then looked up at him. Mo Cangyun took off the greasy gloves unhurriedly, took the handkerchief from Uncle Zhou and wiped his hands. He then took the chopsticks and started to eat.

From start to finish, the man did not even look at her.

Looking at the sea oyster meat, her heart was sour and swollen. Her feathers fluttered lightly.

She loved eating oysters, but she did not like to peel off shells. She only needed to eat with others. Even if she had this dish, she would not eat it, so not many people knew that she loved eating oysters.

When she was Mo Cangyun's little follower, she only needed to eat with him, and she would instigate Mo Cangyun to peel off oysters for her.

Although Mo Cangyun was always impatient at that time, he still ate the oysters and put the meat in her bowl.

She loved eating spicy food, but as long as it was personally peeled by Mo Cangyun, even if it was boiled in water, she would still be able to eat it with relish.

She did not dare to believe that Mo Cangyun still remembered this habit of hers.

In the blink of an eye, the Oyster Disk in front of her was still there. It should not be that her eyes were blurry or that she was dreaming.

Seeing that Mo Cangyun specially peeled the Oyster for Bai Mannwei, Mo's mother felt comforted in her heart. There was a faint smile on her face. But then she saw Bai Mannwei still did not move her chopsticks and kept looking at the plate. When she did not like to eat, she said, "Wei, if you don't like to eat, don't eat. Pick whatever you want to eat."

Thinking about the past, she felt a little sad.

Bai Mannwei suppressed the white fog under her eyes, "I like to eat."

After she finished speaking, she looked at the man beside her out of the corner of her eye. There was not much emotion on his handsome face, as if he did not hear her and continued to eat his food.

She fell silent. She looked away and ate the oyster meat into her mouth.

After eating, the two of them chatted with Mo's father and Mo's mother for a while. Mo's mother called Bai Mannwei upstairs and said that she had something for her.

After entering the room, Mo's mother pulled open the drawer and took out a jewelry box.

"This is what you dropped last time. I'm keeping it for you."

She took it suspiciously and opened it. Seeing that it was her bracelet that she had been looking for for for a long time, there was a trace of happiness on her face.

This bracelet was a Christmas present Mo Cangyun gave her when she was 16 years old.

However, this gift was not something that Mo Cangyun was willing to give. It was a gift that she was thick-skinned enough to ask for.

She thought that she had lost it by accident and had been sad for a few days. She did not expect it to end up here.

She smiled sweetly at Mo's mother, "Thank you, Mom."

Seeing her cherish it so much, Mo's mother guessed something. "Cangyun gave it to you, right?"

She nodded. She took the bracelet out of the box and put it on. It matched her delicate white wrist.

Mo's mother said, "I also know about the media report half a month ago. It must be a misunderstanding. I am not biased towards my own son. He is my son. I know his temper the best. Since I am married to you, I will not do anything that will make you feel bad."

Bai Mannwei was not willing to mention what happened half a month ago.

This was because just half a month ago, the media filmed Mo Cangyun and a woman getting a room in a hotel.

She kept telling herself that it was fake. It was the unscrupulous media who caught wind and shadows.

But that night, she had called Mo Cangyun. It was indeed a woman who answered the call.

Even after the phone was hung up, she was still thinking that it might be a female friend of his who answered the phone for him when he was not around.

That night, Mo Cangyun came home very late. It was almost midnight.

The next day, the media published the news. She had been waiting for Mo Cangyun's call, but she did not wait.

That night, Mo Cangyun did not return home.

He did not return for a few days.

For her pride, she did not ask a single word and acted as if nothing had happened.

Seeing that she did not speak, Mo's mother sighed, "You guys should have a child. Maybe your relationship can be eased."

"Mom, we are still young. We are not in a hurry to have a child."

Mo Cangyun took measures every time. She could tell that he did not want a child. If he forgot, or if it was like what happened last night, she would take her medicine the next day.

Mo Cangyun, who was by the door, reached out to open the door. When he heard Bai Mannwei's words, "Don't worry about children," his face turned cold and his fingers tightened. His expression was a little scary.

After standing by the door for a while, he put his hands in his pockets as if nothing had happened. He turned around and went downstairs.

Seeing him come down alone, Mo's father asked, "Didn't you say to go up and call Wei and your mother? Why don't I see them?"

"They are chatting." Mo Cangyun sat down and raised his glass.

After a while, Bai Mannwei and Mo's mother came down from the second floor. Bai Mannwei saw that Mo Cangyun's expression was not good and thought that Mo's father had said something to him. She did not feel at ease.

She walked over and was about to sit down when Mo Cangyun suddenly stood up and heard a clear sound.

"Dad, Mom, it's late. We're going back."

Mo's mother looked at Bai Mannwei, "Let's stay here tonight."

She wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to ease the relationship between the two.

Seeing Mo's mother looking at her and waiting for her reply, Bai Mannwei did not dare to make any rash decisions. She looked at Mo Cangyun and saw that he did not want to stay. She shook her head. "Mom, I will accompany you in a few days."

Mo's father understood Mo's mother's intention. It was just a matter of young people. It was better to rely on them to handle it themselves. So before Mo's mother opened her mouth again, she said, "Be careful on the road."

Uncle Zhou handed Bai Mannwei's bag. Before she could raise her hand, Mo Cangyun took it and carried it for her.

Bai Mannwei pursed her lips and held his arm as she walked out.

Once out of the living room, she let go of Mo Cangyun.

However, Mo Cangyun grabbed her hand that she wanted to take back and held it in his palm. He walked down the stairs as if nothing had happened.

Bai Mannwei stiffened and wanted to withdraw her hand, but he tightened his grip.

Bai Mannwei turned her head to look at Mo Cangyun suspiciously. She saw that there was no expression on the man's face.

She looked back and saw Uncle Zhou standing by the door of the living room, smiling as he greeted her.

She instantly understood and cooperated very well, moving closer to him, forming a kind of intimate state.

Mo Cangyun first went to the driver's seat and opened the door for her. He put a hand on the top of her hair and asked her to get in the car. Then, he closed the door and walked around to the other side.

He sat in the car and saw that Uncle Zhou was no longer standing by the living room door. His expression turned cold and he threw his bag on Bai Mannwei's thigh.

The chain hit Bai Mannwei's thigh, bringing a trace of pain.

Her expression did not change and she did not speak.

But her right hand kept pinching, but it was like this. The remaining warmth on her finger could not be held back no matter what, and gradually became cold.

The scene of helping her dig out the oysters just now seemed to be an illusion. Everything was just an illusion.

Every time they returned to the Mo family or Bai family, they were like a normal couple.

There was no arrogance or cold words.

There was only gentleness and elegance that she wanted to grasp firmly for the rest of her life.

Although she knew that the temporary gentleness was faked by him, every time, her heart would follow his gentle gaze, a loving action, and she could not help but quicken her jumping.

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