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C4 Sooner or Later They'll Get a Divorce

Mo Cangyun started the car and drove out of the Mo family's villa.

After entering the city and passing three traffic lights, Bai Mannwei's phone suddenly rang. She took out the phone from her bag and picked it up. "Auntie Wang."

Wang Lin's voice came, "Wei, when are you free to come over? When I was cleaning up Zheng Yuanchen's room, I found something related to you. Come over and take it."

"Okay, I will go over now."

Just as he hung up the phone, Mo Cangyun suddenly stepped on the brakes.

Lun Tai made a sharp sound on the ground and stopped beside the road.

She tilted her head to look at him. She saw that his face was cold and dark. His eyebrows were covered with frost. Without even looking at him, he suddenly roared, "Scram!"

Bai Mannwei was a little dazed, not knowing why he suddenly used his temper all of a sudden.

She blinked her eyes and stared blankly at him.

Seeing that she was sitting still, Mo Cangyun finally turned his head to look at her. His handsome face did not have a trace of warmth and his tone was harsh.

"Are you deaf?"

She finally had a reaction. She stuffed her phone into her bag, grabbed the handle, and got out of the car.

Her feet were only on the ground, and she hadn't even closed the door yet. Mo Cangyun did not want to see her for a moment, so he started the car.

She turned around and wanted to remind him that the door was not closed, but she remembered that he was not blind. After shouting Mo Cangyun's name, she closed her mouth again.

The black car drove for less than five meters and stopped at the side of the road. Mo Cangyun got out of the car, walked around to this side, slammed the door, and returned to the car.

This time, he did not stop and sped away.

She held her bag and stood by the side of the road. When she saw that Mo Cangyun's car was nowhere to be seen, she blinked her eyes in pain. She stopped a car and reported the Zheng family's address.

She went to the Zheng family to get her things. After talking to her father for a while, she left.

Coming out of the Zheng family, It was already past 9 o'clock. She gave all the cash to her father, Zheng's mother. She didn't have a single cent on her. Her phone was out of battery.

She sighed. She could not call the car, so she could only walk back.

It would take thirty minutes to drive from the Zheng family to Zhongshan Park without any traffic jams.

On the other hand, it would take at least two hours to walk.

This was the rhythm of breaking a leg!

She held the plastic box in her hands and walked along the sidewalk. When she passed by a shop, she hesitated for a moment and walked in.

She put the plastic box at the cashier counter and smiled sweetly. She said to the woman guarding the shop, "Big Sister, I've lost my wallet. Can I borrow your phone to make a call?"

The woman guarding the shop gave her the phone when she saw that she looked quite docile and did not look like a swindler.

She took the phone and inserted the number into it. After typing a few numbers, her fingers paused.

Looking at the numbers on the screen, her expression was a little obscure.

She almost instinctively entered Mo Cangyun's phone number.

When Mo Cangyun bought the first phone, he had already started using this number.

How long did it take him to keep this number in her mind?

Even if she did not think about it, she could still remember it at any time.

If it had taken root in her mind, she wouldn't be able to forget it even if she wanted to.

After coming out of the Mo family, he fiercely drove her out of the car. Even if he called him, he might not come to pick her up.

She wanted to call her best friend Meng Yilin and ask her to pick her up.

However, she could not remember what the last four of Meng Yilin's cell phone numbers were.

She silently thought, Today is Friday, Chung should be home.

She bit her lower lip and called the Bai family.

The call was answered by Uncle Zhou. She asked Uncle Zhou to call Bai Chung.

"Chung, I'm on the Egret Continent Road now. I forgot to bring my wallet when I went out. My phone is out of battery. I can't go home. Can you come and pick me up?"

Bai Chung agreed very quickly. Then, he asked her specific address and hung up the phone.

Bai Mannwei returned the phone to the woman guarding the shop and said, "Thank you. She carried the box out of the store and waited by the road.

It was late autumn and the cold at night was a little cold. She tightened her coat and stood in an obvious position to wait. She did not want Bai Chung to come and not find her.

After Mo Cangyun and Bai Mannwei separated, he didn't want to go home, so he went to a high-class club under Xia Qiufaan's name.

Bi Ao was also there, and the two of them were playing billiard.

Seeing him, Xia Qiufaan raised his eyebrows in surprise. He smiled and said, "Didn't you say you wanted to bring your wife back to Mo's Residence for dinner?"

He did not say anything. He sat down and lit a cigarette. He smoked without saying a word. His expression was cold.

Seeing his expression was dark and cold, Xia Qiufaan and Bi Ao understood what he meant. These two were quarreling again.

Xia Qiufaan sighed and said, "Why are you asking for trouble? Women should be held in your hands. If the two of you continue like this, you will get divorced sooner or later."

The word 'divorce' provoked Mo Cangyun. He remembered what Bai Mannwei wanted to say to him last night but interrupted him. Anger suddenly surged in his heart. "No one will treat you as a mute if you don't speak!"

Xia Qiufaan roared at him in a daze and looked at him at the same time as Bi Ao.

They had known Mo Cangyun for a long time, but this was the first time they had heard him swear.

Xia Qiufaan rubbed his chin and looked at him. "Your face is full of anger. Could it be that Wei mentioned divorce to you?"

Mo Cangyun suddenly raised his eyes and looked at him coldly like a blade.

Xia Qiufaan was shocked. He smiled bitterly. "Take it that I didn't ask."

He and Bi Ao looked at each other. Both of them had an understanding look in their eyes. They continued to play billiard.

Mo Cangyun finished the cigarette in a few mouthfuls. He took another cigarette from the cigarette box. After Xia Qiufaan and Bi Ao finished a moment, he got up and took off his suit jacket. He walked forward with his long legs and rolled up his sleeves. "I'll do it."

Xia Qiufaan was still showing off when he saw Bi Ao hand the billiard pole to him.

This guy was heartless when he was in a bad mood. He was going to torture him again.

When he was being abused by Mo Cangyun, Xia Qiufaan threw the billiard club away. "I'm not playing anymore. Let's rest for a while."

Mo Cangyun looked at Bi Ao and said, "Come here."

Bi Ao knew that he would be tortured too. He had to go on stage.

Xia Qiufaan patted him on the shoulder and said, "Good luck."

Just as Bi Ao held the billiard pole in his hand, Mo Cangyun's phone rang. Mo Cangyun took it out and took a look. When he saw that it was the phone of the Bai family's old residence, a trace of confusion flashed across his face.

It was already late. Why did the Bai family call him so late?

He picked up the call and placed it beside his ear. Before he could speak, he heard Bai Chung's voice from there. "Big brother-in-law, my sister is at store 5 at Egret Continent intersection. She didn't bring any money with her and her phone isn't switched off. Pick her up."

She really went to the Zheng family!

Mo Cangyun's expression was even uglier than before. The veins on the back of his hand that was holding the phone popped up, but the sound of his voice was rather amiable. "Alright, got it."

Xia Qiufaan and Bi Ao looked at each other when they saw the dark color of the ground.

After hanging up the phone, Mo Cangyun put his phone back into his pocket, dropped the billiard pole, and walked to the resting area. He picked up his coat from his seat, put it on, and walked out in anger.

Xia Qiufaan and Bi Ao did not dare to call him. After he left, Bi Ao asked Xia Qiufaan, "Is that call from Bai Mannwei?"

Xia Qiufaan shook his head and analyzed, "I don't think so. Bai Mannwei is no longer the girl who keeps pestering him."

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