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C5 Why Should He Throw It away

The two of them had just quarreled. Bai Mannwei would definitely not call him, but that phone call just now was definitely related to Bai Mannwei.

This was because other than Bai Mannwei, there was no one else or anything else that could make Mo Cangyun angry.

Bi Ao understood. He nodded and did not say anything else.


Mo Cangyun drove to the place where Bai Chung was talking about. He saw Bai Mannwei standing by the road from afar. She rubbed her hands and looked around. After that, she wrapped her windbreaker tightly.

There was a plastic box next to her legs.

There was a streetlight beside her. The smoke-yellow lights stretched her shadow. The car that passed by flashed red lights and quickly swept past her.

Seeing her standing there alone, as if she had been abandoned, Mo Cangyun's anger subsided by half.

The car stopped by the road. The girl lowered her head and looked at something underground. She did not notice his presence.

He pressed the horn and made a piercing sound. Then he saw Bai Mannwei raise her head and look at his car. Her little face was first confused and then confused.

He lowered the glass window and saw that the expression on her face had changed to surprise. He frowned. "What are you standing there for?"

Bai Mannwei opened her mouth and said, "I am waiting for Chung."


He meant to tell her to get in the car. It was so obvious that he did not know.

"Get in the car!" The two simple words came out of Mo Cangyun's mouth.

Bai Mannwei stared at him in shock. He had just driven her out of the car a few hours ago. Now he had to ask her to get in the car again. She could not think of anything, so she stood there and did not move.

Mo Cangyun said impatiently and impatiently, "Are you going or not?"

She did not know when Bai Chung would arrive, but she could not bear the cold. She picked up the box on her lap and quickly walked over to open the door. Then, she sat in the car.

Mo Cangyun glanced at the box on her leg and swallowed the sparks in his stomach.

It was just a broken box. She couldn't let it go!

Seeing her treasure, his heart was burning. "Throw it out!"

Bai Mannwei was lost for a second and didn't know what he wanted her to throw out.

Mo Cangyun was very angry at her "disobedience." He got out of the car in anger and went to Bai Mannwei's place. He opened the door and grabbed her plastic box.

Bai Mannwei was shocked. "What are you doing?"

Mo Cangyun ignored her and quickly walked towards the green-skinned container not far away.

Bai Mannwei got out of the car in a hurry and chased after him. "Give it back to me!"

It was unknown what was in the box, but it was not heavy.

Before she could walk to the container, Mo Cangyun threw it away and the plastic container steadily fell into the container.

Bai Mannwei saw that he had lost his things and shouted at him angrily, "That's mine. Why did you throw it away?"

Mo Cangyun's handsome lines showed his hostility. "You are not ashamed of the things left behind by the dead."

Bai Mannwei instinctively refuted him. "I didn't ask you to carry them. You don't have to worry about them."

Mo Cangyun felt that his entire head was bloodshot. There was a mocking look in his eyes. He said, "But you are sitting in my car."

It was he who told her to get in the car, not she who insisted on getting in his car.

Bai Mannwei was silent. Without a sound, she walked forward and picked up the plastic box from the barrel.

The box was not sealed. Everything was poured into the bucket.

The container bucket was too deep. She could not reach it and could not pick it up. She could only put the container bucket down.

It was extremely dirty inside. There was also a pungent smell.

She frowned slightly, hesitated for a moment, and squatted down. She found the things Zheng Yuanchen left for her one by one and put them back into the plastic box.

Mo Cangyun stood two steps away. When he saw how much she cared about him, he did not care about picking them up. His eyes turned black inch by inch. His hands, which were hanging by his side, clenched into fists and made cracking sounds.

Bai Mannwei, who was rummaging through the garbage, did not see what had happened.

"I don't like the bad luck of dead people. Don't go home!"

After saying that, Mo Cangyun turned around and walked to the car. He sat in the car and slammed the door.

Bai Mannwei's hand froze when he said that. She turned into a statue and did not move for a long time.

She did not continue to rummage. Instead, she took out the boxes one by one and examined them carefully. They were all related to Zheng Yuanchen.

When Zheng's mother gave the boxes to her, she wanted to go back and take a closer look, but she did not see what was inside.

At this time, she saw this and thought about the warmth Zheng Yuanchen gave her back then.

Unfortunately, he was no longer there.

Suddenly, she missed that cheerful and handsome boy.

This longing had nothing to do with love.

Although she really wanted to keep the last thing she had with Zheng Yuanchen, Mo Cangyun was really angry.

That family had him, so she had to go back. Therefore, she could not bring these back.

She put the things in the plastic box and picked up the container.

Perhaps she had been squatting for too long and her legs were a little numb.

When she stood up, she didn't feel anything on her legs. She felt dizzy in front of her.

She stood for a while holding the container before she recovered.

She bent over and picked up the plastic box on the ground. She threw the box into the container and walked back to the car.


Mo Cangyun did not start the car immediately after he got into the car. Instead, he hit the plate of the car hard. He felt cold all over.

Did he think that he was dead because he cherished that man's belongings so much?

Through the front border windshield, he saw Bai Mannwei was still squatting in the garbage heap. Her back was to him and he could not see the color of her face.

After waiting for a long time and not seeing her get up, Bai Mannwei was so angry that she honked a few times. However, Bai Mannwei only turned her head to look and then turned her head back again. She did not know what she was doing.

Mo Cangyun did not want to care about her anymore. He started the car and prepared to leave.

However, he remembered that she did not bring any money and her phone did not have electricity. If he left, she would probably have to walk back.

Not to mention that the weather was so cold, In terms of being so late, it wouldn't be dangerous.

He turned off the engine again and pressed his brows in annoyance. He lit a cigarette and started smoking.

He smoked while looking at Bai Mannwei outside. After a full thirty minutes, she maintained the same posture and did not move at all. It did not seem like she was looking for something.

She squatted for a long time and he smoked for a long time. One cigarette after another.

Under the glass window, several cigarette butts were thrown out.

The half pack of cigarettes he carried with him was also empty.

Seeing that she was still there doing something, Mo Cangyun narrowed his eyes that were burning in anger.

If she really dared to bring the things home today, he would definitely sweep her out of the house!

After another 10 minutes or so, Bai Mannwei stood up and saw her throw the things into the container. She was slightly stunned and a trace of shock flashed through her eyes.

Wasn't she reluctant to part with her earlier? Now, she actually took the initiative to throw them away?


Bai Mannwei saw that Mo Cangyun had not left yet. She walked over and looked through the window that was lowered by the driver's seat. She opened the door uneasily and sat down.

After entering the car, she did not put on her seatbelt. Instead, she sat still and did not dare to look at the man.

Seeing that Mo Cangyun did not chase her out of the car, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She took out a wet paper from her bag and wiped her hands. Then, she pulled the seatbelt over.

Hesitating for a moment, she turned her head to look at the man and bit her lips. "Can you lend me your phone to make a call?"

Mo Cangyun's cold lips suddenly laughed. He wished he could strangle her. "Ask someone to pick up the trash for you?"

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