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C6 Be Careful with Your Words and Actions

Bai Mannwei frowned slightly. Since she had lost that thing in front of him, she would not carry him back to pick it up.

Looking at the man's angry and gloomy face, she pursed her lips and said, "I don't want it. I am calling Chung to ask him not to come and pick me up."

Hearing her words, Mo Cangyun took his phone from his pocket and threw it to her. He started the car.

Bai Mannwei looked at the time. It was past 11 o'clock.

She did not remember Bai Chung's phone number. She only remembered the seat number of Bai family.

She called the landline and asked Uncle Zhou, but it was already so late. The servants must have gone to sleep.

She began to worry. She wanted to give it a try. She opened Mo Cangyun's phone book and searched. She did not expect that she actually found Bai Chung's phone number.

She gently curled her lips and pointed at her abdomen.

On Sunday, Bai Chung had always been a night owl. Hence, the phone only rang for a few seconds before it was connected.

Her voice was soft. "Chung, you don't have to come and pick me up."

As she had expected, Bai Chung was not asleep yet. His voice was still very energetic, and he was half-asleep when he was not asleep.

"Is it big brother-in-law who went to pick you up?"

She was slightly stunned. Instinctively, she asked, "How did you know?"

Could it be that he was already on his way?

She turned her head and looked behind the car, but she could not see the shop from earlier.

Bai Chung was very pleased with himself. "I was the one who called brother-in-law."

No wonder he was so straightforward.

Bai Mannwei was so angry that she did not want to talk to him anymore. She took off her phone and hung up.

She put the phone in Mo Cangyun's storage box and looked at the man.

Since he was here to pick her up, when she asked him for his phone just now, Why didn't he tell her that Bai Chung had asked him to come?

Seeing his cold expression, she suddenly remembered that he probably didn't really want to talk to her.

Thinking of this, the color in her eyes darkened once again.


Back to Zhongshan Park.

The car stopped in the courtyard. Bai Mannwei unbuckled her seatbelt and was about to get off when Mo Cangyun, who had a cold expression all the way, suddenly spoke.

"Remember, you are Mrs. Mo. Do not do things like picking up trash in the future! You have no face and no skin! I still have more!"

His cold voice exploded beside Bai Mannwei's ear, startling Bai Mannwei so much that she trembled. She instinctively turned her head to look at Mo Cangyun.

Facing Mo Cangyun's coldness, she instinctively wanted to defend herself, but when her lips moved, she felt that there was no point in saying more. She said, "Then please don't touch my things in the future."

If he had not thrown away her things, she would not have run over and rummaged through the trash.

Mo Cangyun was originally angry, but when he heard her say this, he became even angrier.

His eyes were cold, as if he could spit fire at any time. His voice was even colder, "Is it not allowed to touch your things? Or are you not allowed to touch the items that the person left for you?"

Bai Mannwei remained silent and pursed her lips. "Since he left it for me, it is my item."

"Very good!"

Mo Cangyun suddenly smiled. He looked even more serious than before. "Since it is so precious, why did you throw it away?"

She was both reluctant and aggrieved. She grabbed her bag and got out of the car. She slammed the door shut and hurried into the living room.

Nanny Sun heard the noise in the yard and was about to go out to welcome them when Bai Mannwei rushed in. The two words "Madam" reached her throat and before she could say it, Bai Mannwei went upstairs with a pale face.

She blankly looked at Bai Mannwei's panicked figure and was still confused. What was wrong? She saw Mo Cangyun come in from outside again.

She called out to him, "Sir." She took Mo Cangyun's clothes and was about to hang them up for him.

She shook off her clothes and smelled something. She lowered her head and smelled it.

After confirming that Mo Cangyun's clothes smelled like perfume, she had a strange look on her face.

Bai Mannwei never used any perfume. Except when it was necessary, she did not even put on makeup.

It was not because she was lazy, but because she had a good foundation and did not put on makeup. It was like a lotus flower that came out of water. Her skin was white and moist, and her facial features were delicate and handsome.

Mo Cangyun could not help but see her sniffing her clothes. He asked, "Smells what?"

Nanny Sun hesitated for a moment. She said boldly, "Sir, why does this dress smell like perfume?"

Mo Cangyun raised his arm and smelled the shirt on his body. It was a little, although the smell was very faint.

He frowned. Where did this perfume come from?

After thinking for a long time, he remembered that the CEO elevator was broken when he got off work today. He took the ordinary elevator used by the employees.

At that time, there happened to be a few female assistants in the elevator. The perfume on their bodies was thick and heavy. It must have been from that time.

After he regained his composure, he said gently, "Take it and wash it."

Nanny Sun replied and wanted to say, "Sir, I saw that Madam's complexion was not good. Did she smell it too?"

If she misunderstood, then he would be happy. Unfortunately, that woman would never be able to.

Not to mention smelling perfume on his clothes, half a month ago, the news of him and other women entering the hotel was reported by the media and she was unmoved.

Seeing Mo Cangyun's expression turn cold, Nanny Sun did not dare to do anything else. She took his suit and wanted to wash it. After walking two steps, she heard Mo Cangyun say again, "Wait."

Nanny Sun stopped and turned to look at him.

Mo Cangyun lifted his finger and unbuttoned his shirt one by one. He took off his shirt and threw it to Nanny Sun, "Take them and wash them."

"Yes." Nanny Sun took them and went to the washroom.

Mo Cangyun went upstairs naked and prepared to go back to his room and get some clothes to put on.

Bai Mannwei went back to her room and closed the door along the way. She leaned against the door and tightly gripped her bag.

The tears that she had been holding back fell down and hit the back of her hand, bringing with it a trace of heat.

She calmed down for a while and adjusted her mood. She threw the bag onto the bed and took a picture in front of the mirror. Nothing was wrong. She took out her phone from the bag and was about to go downstairs.

She opened the door and saw Mo Cangyun standing by the door naked with one hand raised. He looked like he was going to open the door.

She blinked in confusion. Where was his clothes?

Thinking of Nanny Sun saying that her expression was not good, Mo Cangyun could not help but look at her a few more times.

Seeing that the woman's expression was normal, his thick feathered eyelashes gently restrained and covered the emotions in his eyes. Then, he pushed open the door that she had opened halfway and quickly walked in.

Opening the cabinet, he took out a shirt from inside and put it on. When he turned around, he saw that Bai Mannwei was still standing by the door. Her expression was slightly dazed as she stared at him.

He frowned slightly and tapped on the buttons of his shirt one by one. Then he turned around and walked towards her.

Bai Mannwei saw him push forward step by step, afraid that she would not be able to control her emotions, so she lowered her eyes and looked at her toes.

A pair of shiny black shoes entered her sight and stood in front of her.

She thought Mo Cangyun had something to say to her. She took a deep breath and raised her head to look at him.

Their eyes met. In her clear black pupils, there was a man's handsome and domineering face.

She waited for a moment but did not see Mo Cangyun open his mouth. His lips moved, ready to say something to him. Who would have thought that the man would suddenly open his mouth. "Get out of the way!"

She was stunned and then came back to her senses. He stood in front of her and did not move. He did not want to talk to her, but she blocked his way.

Realizing this, it was as if she had been slapped on the face, with a hint of spiciness.

Her face was burning hot. She lowered her head, not daring to look at Mo Cangyun's cold expression. She took two steps back.

The man's cold voice suddenly came into her ears, carrying a hint of cold warning.

"It's with my parents. Please be careful with your words!"

Under her half-lowered gaze, she saw the man hurriedly walk out of the room. His body seemed to be carrying wind, causing the hair on her temples to float up.

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