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C7 They're All the Same Person

The sound of her shoes hitting the ground hit her heart. When she could no longer hear Mo Cangyun's footsteps, Bai Mannwei looked up with a pale face.

Looking at the open door and the empty corridor, her expression was a little dazed.

She stood by the door for a long time and remembered that her expression must not be good, so she did not go downstairs.

She closed the door, walked over, and sat in front of the makeup mirror. She took out a book from the locked chest of drawers and flipped to the first page. She saw the dried leaves of the Phoenix Tree inside.

Those were the leaves of the Phoenix Tree in Italy.

She picked it up lightly. Mo Cangyun's name was written on the leaves with a pen.

Although three years had passed and the leaf had dried up and turned yellow, she could still read the words on it.

Those three words carried all the thoughts she had when she was in Italy.

This was because she had heard that when you missed someone and wrote his name on the leaves, the wind would bring your thoughts to him.

Thus, when she was in Italy, she wrote countless leaves like this in her hands.

The names on the leaf were all the same person.


Bai Mannwei did not want to experience what happened last night. She took a shower and laid down at nine o'clock, but she could not sleep for a while.

She forced herself to sleep, but the more she forced herself to do so, the more she could not sleep.

After an unknown amount of time, the door was pushed open and someone walked in.

She knew that Mo Cangyun had returned to his room.

Following closely behind. She heard the sound of chirping and the sound of leather belts. It did not take long before the sound of splashing water came from the bathroom.

When she heard the sound of the leather belt just now and recalled the scene last night, she instinctively froze.

Without Mo Cangyun's taste in the room, she slowly relaxed and vaguely let out a sigh of relief.

It was also at this moment that she let go of the hand that was grabbing the quilt that she felt a layer of sweat on her palm.

She couldn't help but laugh at herself. Since when was she so afraid of him?

When she heard the splashing sound of water, she was even more unable to sleep. Turning around, she saw that the man's clothes were left at the end of the bed. There was a phone and a glass of water on the cabinet.

She did not know what kind of habit Mo Cangyun had. Every night before he went to bed, he would put a glass of water on the cabinet.

After more than 10 minutes, she heard the sound of the bathroom door snapping. She quickly lay down and closed her eyes to sleep.

The man's steps were very light and almost no sound could be heard.

There was only a slight sound, as if he was wiping his hair.

After three minutes, She sensed that something was falling behind her. It was Mo Cangyun who had removed the quilt and laid down.

Bai Mannwei instinctively froze when she smelled the fragrance of the bath liquid on his body. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips.

Mo Cangyun thought that she was asleep and did everything lightly. When he reached out his hand to close the light, he saw Bai Mannwei's soft combat feather from the corner of his eye.

Knowing that she was pretending to be asleep, his expression suddenly turned cold.

Slap! He turned off the light and laid down as if nothing had happened. Then, he hugged Bai Mannwei in his arms.

Bai Mannwei never expected that he would hug her and instinctively wanted to resist. After her hands pressed against his chest, she sensed the cool air that spread out from the man's body and suddenly opened her eyes.

And it was at this instant that she met the man's pitch black and cold eyes.

Those bottomless eyes seemed to contain coldness that caused her to be unable to endure and shudder.

She stared blankly at Mo Cangyun, the man's hot body temperature under her palm.

"Mo..." She had just uttered one word when she turned Mo Cangyun around and pressed him to the bottom of her body.

When Mo Cangyun kissed her, she turned her head away and avoided his lips.

She was still very uncomfortable even after he kissed her last night. Especially that piece. It seemed to have hurt her.

Moreover, this dodge of hers caused Mo Cangyun to be annoyed. He held her face with both hands, and he wanted her to have nowhere to hide.

Tonight, he seemed to be very angry. His eyes were blood-red, as if he wanted to swallow her alive.

Seeing the man's gloomy and gloomy expression, Bai Mannwei's pupils carried a trace of fear, and she lightly fought.

Sensing her fear and contraction, Mo Cangyun didn't explode like he did last night, but he couldn't be considered gentle.

She begged for mercy in a low voice, but he wasn't moved by it. The pain hit her inch by inch on the humiliation he gave her, and it made her wish that she was dead, and her tears kept flowing in her eyes, yet she endured it.

She had been tense all this time. When the pain was truly unbearable, her fingernails left scratches on the man's shoulder.

She thought she could get through it, but when he rushed into the high ground, her face turned black and she disappeared into the darkness.

There was no sound from the person under her. Mo Cangyun looked down and saw Bai Mannwei faint and slowly get up from her body.

She stood by the bed. He stood by the bed and stared at her with a gloomy expression. He saw tears hanging from her eyelashes. There was a trace of pain in her thick black eyes in the end.

After a moment, he bent down and gently wiped the moisture from her eye sockets. He leaned close to her ear and muttered to himself.

"Mannwei, didn't you say that you liked me earlier and didn't fall in love for a moment? You wanted to grow old with me? But why..."

Speaking up to this point, he choked lightly and buried his head in Bai Mannwei's neck with a pained expression. He said hoarsely, "Why can't you keep your words? ... Consider it me begging you. Can you forget about him?"

No one would have thought that the usually proud him would put down his dignity in the middle of the night and say such lowly words.

For the past few years, he had never stopped regretting. He regretted that when Bai Mannwei liked him back then, he did not cherish it.

And now, in her heart, there was no place for him anymore. In her heart, there was another man.


For two consecutive nights, Bai Mannwei slept until nearly 11 o'clock the next day before she woke up.

She went downstairs and there was not a single person in the living room. There was a sound in the kitchen and it should be Nanny Sun who was cooking lunch.

Nanny Sun heard a sound in the living room and came out of the kitchen. When she saw her get up, she said to her, "Madam, the food will be ready very soon. Please wait for a while."

She nodded and her voice was soft and soft. She walked over to get a glass of water and sat down.

After a while, Nanny Sun finished cooking and brought it out to put on the table.

Bai Mannwei entered the restaurant and sat down. She did not immediately use her chopsticks and looked at the dishes in front of her. No one knew what she was thinking.

Nanny Sun thought it was. Food did not match her appetite. After asking her, she shook her head and whispered, "Did he say anything before he went to work today?"

Nanny Sun shook her head, "No."

Following her words, Bai Mannwei's fingers tightened and she did not give up and asked, "Are you sure?"

Nanny Sun saw her expression and thought about it. She was afraid that she would miss out on something. But after thinking about it, she did not notice anything strange before Mo Cangyun went to work.

"Sir only said one thing to me before he went to work." Without waiting for Bai Mannwei to ask, she paused and took the initiative to say, "He said that breakfast will be light in the future."

Bai Mannwei looked at the rice in the bowl and lost her appetite.

Seeing that she did not move her chopsticks for a long time, Nanny Sun carefully asked, "Madam, is there a problem?"

Bai Mannwei's expression was not good and she shook her head. "You can leave."

Nanny Sun looked at her and agreed to enter the kitchen.

Bai Mannwei lowered her eyelids and her face was pale. She quietly ate her meal and then returned to the Bai family.

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