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C8 A Car Accident

Seeing her daughter return, Bai's mother pulled her along to ask questions. When she asked about Mo Cangyun's scandal half a month ago, Bai Mannwei's few sentences became blurry.

This was because she did not know if there was that exact thing.

In a few days it would be Bai's mother's birthday and Bai's mother had already made two modified cheongsams. Seeing Bai Mannwei come back, she wanted her to go with her to get it. During the test, there was also someone who gave her an opinion.

Bai Mannwei followed her to the clothing store. When she came back, she felt a little tired and went back to her room.

She originally wanted to take a nap but did not want to go to sleep. This sleep went straight to dinner time.

Seeing the time on her phone, she sat up immediately and washed her face before leaving the room.

She heard Bai's father's voice coming from the bottom of the building. She looked down from the corridor. Bai Chung had come back from school.

She went down the stairs. Bai Chung called to her with a smile, "Sister."

She nodded and called Bai's father, who was sitting in the seat, "Dad." Then she looked at Bai Chung in confusion. "Today is not Sunday. Why did you come back from school?"

Bai Chung was a sophomore this year. He usually stayed in school. He only came home on Sunday.

"Mom called me and told me that you were back. She asked me to come home for dinner." Bai Chung looked behind her and saw she was alone. He asked, "Where's brother-in-law?"

She pursed her lips and said quietly, "He's working today."

"Oh." Bai Chung's face showed a trace of disappointment when he heard Mo Cangyun did not come.

Bai Chung usually liked Mo Cangyun the most. To be exact, he admired Mo Cangyun.

In the living room. Bai's mother did not appear in the living room. "Where's Mom?"

Bai Chung raised his chin in the direction of the kitchen and said in a quiet voice, "You came back today. Mom cooked for you personally and is making you delicious food!"

"I'm not staying to eat." As she spoke, she picked up the handbag on the seat.

Today was her wedding anniversary with Mo Cangyun. She had to go back quickly.

Bai Chung held the tablet and ate an apple while playing the game. When he heard her words, he looked up at her. "Mom cooked herself. You left just like that, wasting her time."

Bai's father also said, "How long has it been before you came back? You can leave after you eat."

Bai Mannwei hesitated. If she left just like that, it would be a waste of her mother's time.

Seeing her hesitate for half a day to even eat, Bai Chung teased, "You and brother-in-law are only separated for a few hours. As for that, give him a call and ask him to come here to eat too."

Bai Mannwei gently shook her head, "He may not have gotten off work yet, so let's just forget about it."

When he left in the morning, he did not leave any words for Nanny Sun. He thought that he did not remember what day it was today.

Even if she rushed back now, he might not be at home. Facing that cold home, her heart would be even colder.

Perhaps even if he remembered, he would still be contemptuous of spending his wedding anniversary with her.

Forget it. Why would he lie to himself?

She thought about it and went into the kitchen to help Bai's mother.


Universe Group.

At 8: 30 in the morning, Hu Sen entered the CEO's office and reported to Mo Cangyun about the day's schedule.

When he mentioned that there was a drinking party in the evening, Mo Cangyun opened his mouth and said, "No matter what kind of social meeting you have in the evening, get rid of it."

Hu Sen answered and closed the schedule in his hand, preparing to leave.

Mo Cangyun suddenly opened his mouth again and said, "Wait."

Hu Sen looked at him, waiting for his next words.

There was a warm breeze in the office. Mo Cangyun only wore a shirt. Other than formal occasions, he did not like to wear a tie. He buttoned his shirt to the top, and his whole body looked strict and stable.

"Set a place in the western restaurant. The time is set for 6 p.m."

Hu Sen was confused at first, but then he remembered that today was the anniversary of President Mo's wife's wedding.

No wonder President Mo wanted to get rid of such a crucial drinking session.

"Okay, I'll get it done soon."

Before 3 p.m., Mo Cangyun left the company and went to the jewelry store.

The shopping guide gave him the pendant he had ordered a week ago. "President Mo, what you want."

He picked it up and ignored the smitten looks on the shop assistant's face. He left calmly.

When he passed by the flower supermarket, he parked the car beside the road and went in to pick a bouquet of roses Bai Mannwei liked.

When he got back to the car, he put the flowers on the driver's seat and looked at his watch. It was 4: 26 and he had plenty of time. He could just go back and pick her up.

He buckled his seatbelt, started the engine, and drove onto the pavement.

Thirty minutes later, he returned home. When he got out of the car, he put the flowers in the back row and put away the gifts. He prepared to eat while he was eating. Give Bai Mannwei a surprise.

Seeing him return, Nanny Sun went up to welcome him. She was surprised that he came back so early today.

It was rare for Mo Cangyun to be so easy-going. He seemed to be in a good mood. "Where is she?"

Nanny Sun replied, "Madam has gone out. She is not back yet."

Mo Cangyun frowned when he heard her. His voice also became a bit low. "When?"

Nanny Sun saw that his expression suddenly changed. She lowered her head and honestly said, "After lunch, I will go out."

Fang Cai was in a very good mood. He immediately became cold.

After not seeing him move for a long time, Nanny Sun quietly glanced at him and hesitantly said, "Do you need me to call Madam?"

Mo Cangyun did not say anything. He walked to the sofa and took out his phone to call Bai Mannwei.

However, he did not call her.

He called twice in a row and it was the same. His handsome face was full of dark clouds.

Seeing his increasingly gloomy expression, Nanny Sun made tea for him and stood aside silently, not daring to say a word.

Mo Cangyun suddenly asked, "Do you know where she went?"

Listening to his cold tone, Nanny Sun cautiously said, "Before Madam went out, she did not say."

After dinner, Bai Chung went back to his room to revise. Bai Mannwei accompanied her father and mother to watch television for a while.

Seeing that it was almost time, she prepared to go back. She took the phone on the table and found that it was switched off at some point.

She asked the servant to get Bai's mother's charging device and then charged the phone. It would take some time before it could be turned on and she sat there for a while.

After about five minutes, she dialed it and turned it on. Her phone was charged with 15% electricity.

She saw that there were a few missed calls. They were from Mo Cangyun.

When she saw the time, she stood up abruptly and attracted Bai's father and Bai's mother to look at her suspiciously.

Bai's mother asked her, "Mannwei, what's wrong?"

She did not have time to explain to them. She took the bag at the side, stuffed the phone into it, and hurriedly walked out. "Dad, Mom, I'll go back first."

She was in such a hurry that she even forgot to take the key chain.

Leaving the living room, she came to the car. Bai Mannwei randomly rummaged through the key chain in the bag. When she remembered that the key was still on the table, she turned around to take it.

Uncle Zhou gave her the key chain. "Miss, your key chain."

She grabbed it hurriedly and unlocked the car. She opened the door and sat in the car. She drove back.

She drove faster because she was worried. She accidentally ran into the red light and crashed into the car that was about to cross.

Her head hit the plate of the car. She felt dizzy and dizzy. She laid on the plate for a while and then looked up. She felt something hot flowing down the corner of her eye. She reached out and touched it. It was blood.

She covered the wound on her head and got out of the car to check on the man.

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