Baby I'm A Sinner/C1 Chapter 1
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Baby I'm A Sinner/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

“Wake the fuck up bitch!” someone yelled right beside my head, slapping me awake.

If there was one thing I couldn’t tolerate, it was being woken up earlier that I intended.

I blinked several times to get adjusted to the bright light in my room, before my eyes focused in on the guy up in my face.

“Leave me alone Jake.” I mumbled and rolled on my stomach, praying that he’d somehow go away if I couldn’t see him.

“Just because you can’t see me doesn’t mean I’m not here.”

“What are you doing here, who let you in?”

“Your mother. When is she going to realize that I’m not into vaginas?” he continued.

“Literally everything you say makes my ears bleed. Right now I’m asleep. Come back another time. I’m begging you.”

“It’s the LAST day of summer vacation! And you are NOT going to spend it sleeping in ’til noon!”

“It’s not even noon yet? And you dared to wake me up?”

“We’re going to McDonald’s.” I heard Emma’s voice from somewhere in the room.

“Oh you’re here too. Amazing.”

“If you don’t get your ass out of bed right now I’ll physically drag you out. I’m not about to miss McBreakfast.”

“That’s not what it’s called and-wait. It’s not even ten? Are you out of your mind?” I asked, finally turning on my back to face them.

Emma was sitting by my desk and Jake was currently looking down at me with a hand propped on his hip.

I groaned as loudly as I could to show them just how annoyed I was before getting out of bed with maximal efforts.

“Go to the bathroom, get dressed and lets fucking go before I lose my shit.” Jake warned and sat down on the bed.

I rolled my eyes and went to my closet to pick out some clothes for the day.

I didn’t really know what the two of them wanted to celebrate because, if you ask me, the fact that tomorrow is the first day of school is pretty depressing. There’s nothing to celebrate, but of course Jake took advantage of every opportunity to go to McDonald’s.

Which was kind of freaking me out because McDonald’s meant food and food meant calories and calories meant getting fat. Maybe I could get away with just a salad or something that I could throw up later.

I picked my out jean dungarees, a plain tee and the moon necklace, before I quickly walked out of the room to go to the bathroom.

I placed the clothes on the windowsill and then pulled the scale out from under the sink. When I got fully naked and locked the door, I stepped on it, holding my breath.


I sighed, relieved at the small weight loss, before I pushed the scale back where it came from and hopped in the shower.

Sixty kilos at my 1.63 meter height was quite shameful but in my defense the scale read 72 three months ago, so it was progress. I still had some cellulite on the back of my legs and two tiny purple stretchmarks on my hips.

After I came out of the shower and brushed my teeth, I dressed up and quickly applied some mascara. I knew Jake would flip shit if he missed the ‘McBreakfast’ because of me.

“Okay I’m ready to go.” I said as soon as I entered the room and threw my pyjamas on the unmade bed.

“Finally.” He groaned and sat up, leading the way out of my room. I rolled my eyes.

I got downstairs to see that everyone was already at the table, having a lovely family breakfast without me; as usual. And by ‘family breakfast’ I mean my mother was too occupied talking about her job, my dad had his nose buried in the iPad, my brother was texting God-knows-who and my cousin was laughing at everything my mother said. I rolled my eyes because all Jade ever did since she moved in after her parents died two years ago was suck up to my mother.

It was kind of like American Horror Story living with Jade- her room was right next to mine, which meant that sharing the balcony which she used it for smoking. Also, the fact that I had to share my bathroom with her wasn’t my cup of tea, mainly because she used up three quarters of the space. That and I’m not a fan of thongs and bras literally hanging from the doorknob or the mirror.

I was pretty sure that she became my mother’s favorite child (daughter, excuse me; my brother was her absolute favorite) because they were into the same things: boys, money and fashion.

My mother never really liked me; she didn’t like the fact that I was an average girl with average grades and typical teenage hobbies like sitting on my laptop in my room all day.

Was it so hard to understand that I’d rather spend my time on the Internet rather thanwith my judgmental family?

“Mom, we’re going out.”

She stopped talking to Jade and looked up at me, curious as to why was I interrupting her speaking.



I knew if I told her I was having breakfast at McDonald’s she’d go on about how that only made me fat and blah blah blah, so it was better just to keep in simple with her.

“Dad can you give me some money?” I directed my attention to him.

He told the person he was talking to on the phone to wait a second, before he dug through his pockets and pulled out a twenty-pound bill.

“This would be easier if you got a job.” He said and then returned to his phone conversation.

I wasn’t even eighteen for Christ’s sake and they want me to already make a life for my own? Why didn’t Chris or Jade have to work?

They were so unfair sometimes; it honestly made me want to punch them in the neck.

“I’ll be back at…sometime today.” I said because Jake had the habit of going to at least five different places whenever we went out.

And it was easy getting away from them, mainly because nobody heard. I didn’t know whether I should be offended or happy about it.

We took the bus from the station that was right around the corner. Literally the only good thing about school starting was that summer was over which meant that the bus wouldn’t be crowded with too many sweaty, smelly people. Then again, loud teenagers wearing twenty different types of perfume would take their place, so I really couldn’t decide which one I preferred.

The McDonald’s was ten minutes away by bus from my house, and Jake couldn’t have been more excited about finally getting some breakfast there.

We’d been friends since ninth grade, when we got paired together for a project in history. At first I had an obvious crush on him and even kissed him but he then came out to me right after so that was that.

We befriended Emma in sophomore year, when she transferred from Wolverhampton because she got expelled from her previous school for getting in a pretty nasty fight with someone.

And because it senior year was starting tomorrow, I couldn’t really change my friends even though they woke me up at an ungodly time on my last day of vacation.

If the roles were flipped and I had woken up Jake, he would’ve thrown a fit and not spoken to me for a week. And yes, I speak from experience

There was a line already when we got to McDonald’s but after five minutes of waiting and dealing Jake's whining, we finally got to order. I managed to get away with with coffee and a muffin.

We took our place outside; because our favorite activity besides gossiping while eating was making up fake stories about the people we saw walking by on the street. It was funny and kind of mean but with a gay guy and a bad bitch as best friends I guess that’s just part of the everyday routine.

“So I hear there are four new teachers coming tomorrow.” Jake started before taking a large bite out of his double cheeseburger.

“Where’d you hear that?” Emma asked, shooting me a confused look.

“Okay so this bitch Kylie told Emily who told her best friend Ashley who told Josh who told me last night when we were fucking.”

“You got laid?” Emma and I asked at once, almost spitting our food out.

“Yes, but that’s not important!”

Of course it wasn’t for him, but I was literally the only virgin in my group of friends and also probably in senior year.

“Which Josh? The one with the braces or the one on the football team?”

“He doesn’t go to our school. But that isn’t the bloody point! Kylie said that they’re all super hot, and that only one of them is married.”

I rolled my eyes at that. Kylie Edwards had been head cheerleader ever since sophomore year, and definitely lived up to the cheerleader stereotypes with her blonde hair and bitchy attitude. Her sister Carly was more palatable. She wasn’t on the squad, was a bit quieter and, unlike her sister, didn’t think the sun shone out of her ass. Jade was really good friends with her but I barely ever talked to her, usually just hello’s and goodbye’s whenever she’d come over.

“So what are they teaching?”

“Well they’re supposed to teach the juniors and seniors, since the last four teachers retired.”

“I’m going to miss Mrs. Green.” I said and Jake looked at me like I had three heads.

“Are you fucking kidding me? She was so rude and I almost failed in history because of her!”

“Yeah, well, she liked me so.” I shrugged my shoulders.

Jake rolled his eyes and continued filling us in. “Anyway, so they’re supposed to replace history, English, French and Sex Ed.”

I had no idea which classes I would have with the two of them, but I really hoped Sexual Education was one of them because it was always funny for some reason.

“Hey did he also tell you if we’d get new kids?” Emma asked.

“We won’t get ‘new kids’, but Noah Hudson got held back in English. I frowned. “Didn’t he go to summer school?”

“Of course not, he’s too cool for that.” Emma said and sipped on her drink.

I shook my head, annoyed. Noah Hudson had been the captain of the football team for two years now, and apparently he’ll make it three years. His parents were filthy rich and he drove a Bentley; that was all I knew about him.

“What do his parents do?” I asked.

“His mother’s a surgeon and his dad’s CEO of an insurance company. He’s literally swimming in money, it’s kind of annoying.”

“Yeah but I heard that he absolutely hates it. Like, his parents are never home and he got raised by maids so that’s why he’s such an asshole.” Emma added and Jake nodded, confirming her words.

“I’ve never spoken to him in my life and I never plan to.” I told them, finishing my muffin and crumpling the paper up in a small ball.

“Bitch if he as much as threw a look in your direction you’d be soaked.”

Emma laughed and I couldn’t help but laugh along with her.

“So I’ve made my fucket list for this year.” Jake changed the subject and I snorted. The ‘fucket list’ as he called it, was a list that had the top three guys he’d like to fuck by the end of the year.

“Let’s see it then.” Emma said and pulled the paper away from him. “Luke Black, Noah Hudson? They’re not even gay, Jake.”

“Pardon me, I saw Noah snog Liam last year at a party.”

“Liam’s not gay either, I can assure you,” she said and we both looked at her weirdly.

I usually didn’t go to the big parties the ‘cool kids’ would throw, mainly because I wasn’t invited. Jake however did, because his brother Zack was both Noah’s best friend and on the football team. They didn’t get along that well, they were kind of like Jade and I; a love/hate relationship.

“Either way, I’ll at least suck-“ Jake started.

“Okay, don’t, we’re eating.” Emma gagged and looked back on the small list. “One of the new gay teachers? How do you know any of them swing that way?”

“Are you kidding? I bet you fifty pounds one of them is gay. A hundred percent. Probably the married one.”

I shook my head and finished my drink, sighing.

“I’m just not emotionally and physically ready for school.”

“It’s senior year! Today we’re younger than we’re ever gonna be!” Jake said excitedly.

I huffed, although I agreed with him. This was my senior year and even though all I needed to do was make it out alive, I had to have some fun before I was officially and adult and my life would be flooded with responsibilities.

We went to the park for two more hours after we finished breakfast and I ended up being home by one, since I had an appointment with Jade at the hair salon. I was going to get my hair dyed light brown instead of my natural almost black color.

Jade was also a senior whereas my brother had just finished high school and was going to study law at Manchester University.

That evening after Jade and I came back from the salon I spent about three hours on Tumblr, avoiding responsibilities. Eventually showered and got in to bed, knowing I wouldn’t be able to get up the next morning.

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