Baby I'm A Sinner/C13 Chapter 13
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Baby I'm A Sinner/C13 Chapter 13
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C13 Chapter 13

“So what was that rumor you said you heard about me?” he asked once we started walking up the stairs.

“What are you talking about?”

“You said that the rumor was true.”

“Oh yeah. I heard that you went to jail once.”

“That’s not true.”

“But you said-“

“I went to jail four times.”

“Whoa, what?”

He nodded. “Once for assaulting an officer while drunk, two times for underage drinking and once for vandalizing the school.”

“Oh God you got arrested for vandalizing the school before?”

“Yeah. Last year actually. Senior prank. Why do you think they got two security guards instead of just one?”

“This is crazy. You’re crazy.”

“What other rumors did you hear about me?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“I just want to hear the shit people talk about me.”

We started walking on the second flight of stairs, and soon enough, we stopped in front of a classroom.

“Hey, I used to have algebra here in the tenth grade.”

“Yeah, well, I suck at math so.”

“Anyway. I heard that you um, slept with a teacher-Ms. Lancaster actually. That’s why she got fired.”

“That’s true.”

My eyes widened I guarded the door while he walked over to the desk. He shook the graffiti can quickly before writing ‘YOU SUCK DICK’ over the blackboard, in block letters.

“Don’t you think the teacher will figure it out?”

“Nah, a lot of other people hate him.”

Once he was done with the graffiti, he kneeled down behind the desk and opened the drawer, before pulled out one of the liquid pink chalk packs from his pockets and started working on it. He asked me to walk over and give him some light from my phone.

“So how is that supposed to work?”

“The next person to open the drawer will have a gross pink liquid explode in his face. I got algebra first period tomorrow, so it should be fun.”

“How do you even know to assemble something like that?”

“It’s not that difficult. I looked it up on google anyway.”

“Of course. Hey-is it true you slept with twenty girls in our school?”

“No. I only slept with fourteen girls and three boys.”

“So seventeen people.”

“Well, if you count blowjobs and stuff like that then twenty-two.”

“And by blowjobs you mean you received them or gave them?”

“I don’t give blowjobs because I have a horrible gag reflex. Receiving them is a whole other story.”


“Why are you blushing?”

“I’m not blushing.”

“Yeah you are. You’ve never given a blowjob before.”

“I think we already established that.”

“We didn’t actually.”


“It’s cute though.”

“What? That I’m a loser who hasn’t done anything sexual?”

“It’s not really something to be ashamed of. Some girls want to wait until marriage.”

“Yeah well I don’t. I just need to find a fool who will do it with me and get it over with.”

“I could fuck you if you want.”

I choked on air. “What?”

He shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind. I’ve fucked virgins before.”

“You sound like a prostitute. And I don’t really like your jokes.”

“Why would you think it’s a joke?” he asked and stopped working on the strings he’d attached to the drawer and the pack containing the liquid. He looked up at me.

“Because it’s…I know-whatever. I don’t like talking about it.” I mumbled and self-consciously pulled my shirt downwards.

“You’re not fat.” He said out of the blue a few seconds later when he’d started working again.


“You’re not fat. If that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Yeah. Okay.” I said sarcastically, feeling my cheeks heat up.

He didn’t respond to that but I bit my lip and took his words as a compliment.

“Then what did you say to Liam that day I wore leggings in P.E.?”

“What? You still remember that?”

“I remember every single hurtful thing someone has ever said to me.”

“I told him that your legs look really good and I would mind having them wrapped around my head.”

“Wrapped around your head?” I asked confused, profoundly blushing already.

“Yeah. You know, as I go down on you?”



He probably says that to all the girls

“Okay, done.” He said a minute later before carefully closing the drawer and wiping his palms on his jeans.

“Great. Now can we go-“

“There’s one more locker on the first floor I need to take care of.”

“Oh God. Whose is it?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Okay then.”

I followed him down to the first floor, dimly lighting our way with the lantern App on my phone. He stopped in front of the locker he already knew the combination to and quickly started working on the trap.

“You really don’t care if you get in trouble, do you?”

He shook his head.

“I got the money to get out of it, so why should I care?”

“Well I do-if I get caught vandalizing the school then that’s it for me.”

“Calm down, we won’t get caught.”

I looked around to make sure he was right, before turning back to him.

“Almost done.” He said and once the string was attached to the door and the cap, he closed the locker carefully.

“So do I know the person you plan on pranking?”

“You do. He’s kind of an asshole so.”

“Oh. Okay. I guess-“

I froze when I heard footsteps approaching and saw one of the guards at the end of the hallway.

“Shit.” Noah muttered under his breath before he told me to run. So I did. I ran after him as fast as I could, with the guard right behind us, yelling at us to stop. Like that would work.

Noah did a couple of confusing turns (and it seemed like he knew the school really well), before he pulled me into a room that smelled like sweat-the boys’ locker room.

“Come with me.” He said and gripped into my wrist, pulling me after him as he quickly walked over to hide behind a set of lockers. We heard the guard coming in and setting light over everything in the room.

“We need to run again.” Noah informed me and before I even had time to catch my breath, he took off again. He was sure enjoying this more than needed.

The guard yelled again once he heard us run off behind him, out of the locker room and into the hallway. I followed Noah down the hallway before he turned left and pulled me in a tight space between two separate lockers at the end of the hall.

I had trouble evening my breaths and my heart was threatening to pound directly through my ribcage because of the sudden rush of adrenaline.

I was then aware of Noah pressing me against the wall so we could fit better in the space, and okay, our chests were pressed against each other.

“Shh.” He whispered, barely audible and his breath smelled like fucking cigarettes mixed with some kind of sweet energy drink. “Calm down.”

“I’m trying.” I whispered back and I heard the guard approaching. If he’d look to the right as he passed us, he’d definitely see us.

I closed my eyes when he was directly next to us, but to my surprise he continued walking, not even bothering to look to his right or left. What a stupid man.

I looked up at Noah, whose hands were both on either side of my head, and he was towering over me in sort of a protective stance that was really attractive to me for some reason.

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