Baby I'm A Sinner/C3 Chapter 3
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Baby I'm A Sinner/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

Noah rolled his eyes and started walking around the desks to get to his seat. When he passed me he didn’t even look down at me, but the smell of nicotine on him was unmistakable.

“Now that y’all are finally here I’m gonna start with a basic revision and test your knowledge. But I don’t doubt that you know more than I do.”

He turned around and took out a large cucumber and a pudding out of his bag.

“I forgot to bring real toys this time so I had to steal from the teacher’s lounge.” Mr. James explained and everyone started laughing.

He then started explaining the basics of sex; what went where and who did what-like we didn’t know. When the lesson eventually came to an end he Mr. James started going by every desk to hand out condoms.

“Everyone take one, maybe even more. I don’t want to see any of you carrying around infants in nine months.”

“Do I have to get one if I’m a lesbian?” a girl asked.

“Yes y’all have to take one, end of discussion. Before everyone leaves I need a note from each one of you in the basket right here with a topic you’d like us to talk about next time. Class dismissed.”

I thought about it for a moment before I quickly scribbled down a topic and dropped it in the small basket on my way out of the class.

“How cool is our new Sex Ed teacher?” Carly laughed as we walked down the now crowded hallway.

“He’s my favorite one as of now.” Jake decided and opened his locker to get his Spanish stuff out.

“Okay so we’ll meet after school by the bleachers yeah?” Emma asked me and I nodded.

“Does it start at three pm sharp? Because I have to see about that magazine thing with Harry.”

“No, it’s at fifteen past three.” Jake clarified.

“Okay, see you then. And good luck.”

“Thanks bitch.”

I smiled and watched them walk away before I got my own chemistry stuff out of the locker, just as the bell rang.

The chemistry lab was on the first floor, which meant that I had to make a mad dash to class if I didn’t want to be late.

I started running but it didn’t take long until I bumped into someone right around the corner. I stumbled back, almost falling on my arse.

When I stared up at the person, my heart dropped to my stomach because, just my luck, it was Noah. Instead of it being a really cute movie scene moment, he was staring at me with an angry expression.

“Watch where the fuck you’re going.” He said, dusting himself off as if I had some kind of infection.

The fact that he was literally a seven or eight inches taller than me didn’t help me at all.

“Um, sorry.”

“Whatever. Get out of my way.”

I moved quickly to the side and he rolled his eyes as he walked past me. I stared at him walk away, and couldn’t help but show him the middle finger, even though he couldn’t really see me.

Besides the task of getting through my senior year alive I now had to avoid Noah Hudson at all costs, because he was a stuck up asshole and I didn’t want anything to do with him.


I met up with Harry after last period by the cafeteria so we could walk together to the meeting for the school magazine. I was a bit nervous because I’d never been a part of any club before, due to the fact that I had severe anxiety whenever I had to socialize with people that I didn’t know.

“Do you know Zack?” Harry asked as we walked together.

“Um, you could say that. I mean, I’m not like, good friends with him, but we get along.”

“So you think he’ll let us in the club?”


The club was on the second floor, right next to the library. Harry knocked on the door and opened it. I followed him inside, to see a blonde girl with glasses sitting at one of the desks with a Ben & Jerry’s tub in her hand. There was another blonde boy laughing at something Carly was saying. I didn’t know she was in the club too.

The three of them looked up at me and I awkwardly smiled, turning my head to look at Harry, urging him to say something; anything.

“Uh, hi? We’d like to um-join the club? If that’s possible.”

Carly smiled and the blonde girl stood up.

“I’m Amy.” She came over to us and shook our hands as we introduced ourselves.

“That over there is Max and that is Carly. Zack’s the chief editor but he’s got football try outs.”

After they explained how everything worked, Harry decided that he could do the photographs with Amy and I was assigned to make the weekly interviews. Which, by the way, completely freaked me out because that meant I had to socialize with people who meant something to this school.

“Does anyone read the magazine anyway?” Harry asked when we were about to leave.

“Of course. It’s not like those cliché movies where people don’t read the magazine.” Amy laughed. “Don’t you guys want to hang out here for a bit?”

“Um, I actually promised a friend of ours we’d go and see him trying out for the football team. Tomorrow though.” I answered and Amy nodded.

Harry and I left the room with smiles on our faces.

“You’re coming with me to watch the tryouts right?” I asked and he nodded, smiling and showing off his dimples. We walked to the pitch while talking about the new teachers and I decided that I really liked Harry as a friend because he was funny (in his own way).

His phone beeped at some point and he told me that he had something to take care of, but he’ll meet me in the bleachers.

When I got to the football pitch I already spotted Emma sitting in the first row, waving me over.

“Finally!” she exclaimed. “They’re starting soon.”

I sat down and placed my backpack at my feet. I could see coach Adams walking out of the locker rooms, followed by the team and the boys who were planning on trying out. The cheerleaders didn’t come out though, since their try outs were taking place in the gym.

“EVERYBODY LINE UP!” coach Adams yelled and blew into his whistle. The boys dressed in normal gym clothes lined up in front of the coach (Jake included), and the ones dressed in proper football equipment stood beside him.

I recognized Noah, Liam, Zack and the Black brothers dressed in their football kit and there were two other boys I only new by their faces.

“Aren’t there supposed to be more players?” I asked Emma.

“The back ups didn’t come. They’re only starting the training tomorrow.”

“Do you think Jake will make the team?”

“He better be, so he’ll get us in the cool parties this year. I’ll literally cut off his balls if he doesn’t.”

I laughed and she shot me a serious look.

“Hey, I’m just remembering something. What did Mr. James mean when he said that Noah was the reason he got the job? Didn’t Ms. Lancaster quit?”

“She did quit, but not because she wanted to. Jake said that principal Brooks caught them fucking in detention on the last day of school so he made her quit. So it wouldn’t get on the news probably.” She answered.

Oh my God. I’d never thought Ms. Lancaster would do such a thing. I mean, she was attractive but she was a teacher, for God’s sake.

When the coach blew into his whistle my train of thought was interrupted. He started calling everyone’s name to check who was present.


There was no answer for Lucas Tatcher, which made the coach go crazy.

“WHERE THE FUCK IS TATCHER?” he yelled and turned to Noah, repeating the question to him.

“I don’t know Sir-“


“I’m here coach, sorry! Got a bit…caught up with stuff.”

“It shouldn’t happen again or you can kiss the co-captain title goodbye.”

“Oh my God.” Emma whispered and I turned my head to look at her, confused.


“Lucas has a semi! He was definitely fooling around with his girlfriend before this.” she snickered and I looked back at Lucas, to see that he indeed have a semi tent in his football shorts. His neck was red and he seemed to be breathing heavily even though they hadn’t even started yet.

“This is gold.” Emma laughed.

“What is?”

We turned our heads to see Harry coming towards us with a big smile on his face. He sat down next to me and let his bag fall at his feet.

“Lucas fooled around before coming to tryouts.”

“What?” Harry asked, eyes widening.

“Her girlfriend must’ve sucked him off or something, look at his pants.”

“Oh.” Harry said and looked towards the pitch.

The tryouts seemed pretty easy from where we were standing but they were apparently much more difficult that they seemed because by the end of them, everyone was heavily panting and cursing.

“Results will be up tomorrow ladies, you did a decent job today.” Coach muttered and blew his whistle to announce the end of it.

Jake jogged towards us, hair sticking to his forehead and literally drenched in sweat.

“How was I?” he asked.

“You stink.” I told him.

“You were okay, decent.” Emma replied and he rolled his eyes.

“You mean flawless. And by the way, did you guys see the way Lucas’ ass bounced in those shorts?”

Harry’s cheeks turned read and Emma nodded, before opening up the subject of Lucas Tatcher’s backside.

I thought that Harry having a crush on Lucas was pretty cute, even though I’d never thought he was attracted to boys. Maybe he wasn’t and I was just imagining everything.


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