Baby I'm A Sinner/C6 Chapter 6
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Baby I'm A Sinner/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6

“Can I go to a party tonight?” Jade asked at the breakfast table that Friday morning.

“Who’s party?”

“Noah Hudson’s nineteen birthday party.”

“Sure.” My mom said and turned her head to me. Oh God.

“Are you going too Danielle?”

“Uh, I don’t think so.”


Because I’m fat and ugly and everyone will find someone except of me so I’ll end up awkwardly sitting on the couch

“I don’t want to go.”

“Were you invited?”

“I was.” I said in an annoyed tone.

This bitch I swear

“Okay then. Mike can drive you there tonight, right?”

My dad nodded without even looking up from his iPad. He probably learned to nod automatically at everything my mom asked him.

First period on Friday was gym, or P.E., and I didn’t want nor need that class to be honest. It was just coach Adams making us sweat our lives out by giving us some useless exercises while he shouted at us.

“This is the worst thing ever.” Emma mumbled while we changed in the locker rooms.

I absolutely hated gym, and not only because it meant physical exercise. It meant seeing the girls flaunt their amazing bodies in shorts and tank tops, while I couldn’t bring myself to wear any of that, not until I reached my goal weight anyway.

I went with black leggings and a Los Angeles California tee because I had nothing else that I felt comfortable wearing to gym class.

“We’re doing class inside today because it’s raining. Which means that after everyone did the basic warm ups the boys would get to play basketball or something while the girls stared at the walls.

Coach Adams blew into his whistle as soon as the bell stopped ringing, to announce the start of first period. After everyone sang Noah a happy birthday, he started talking:


“I want all of you to give me three laps, then basic warm ups and who wants to can play basketball. And-what is it Hudson?”

“What if we don’t want to play basketball?”

“Then you can stay on the bench with the ladies. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?

“I would, actually.” He said and everyone laughed except of the coach and I.

“Start running everyone!”

After three laps we finally got into a big circle and Kylie started the warm ups. Which meant that every time she bent down boys whistled and Sean would protest at that.

“Why are we warming up if we’ll sit on the benches anyway?” Emma asked out loud and coach Adams crossed his arms over his chest.

“Just so I can hear you ask that question Smith.”

“Ha.” Liam childishly laughed and Emma looked at him.

“Oh get over it.” She shot at him and he made an ugly face.

I made eye contact with Noah, who smirked and drifted his eyes down to my legs. And even though I hated to admit it, his stare made me feel insecure. He must’ve been thinking how fat my legs were and how my tummy was visible through the shirt I was wearing.

I wanted to turn away from him, but he did it before I could do anything. He leaned over and whispered something into Liam’s ear, who looked me up and down, then nodded.

My stomach felt empty (because it was-I had a glass of orange juice for breakfast) at the thought of what he could’ve said to Liam. I hated him so much; it was unreal.

“Hudson, take that sweatshirt off there are twenty five degrees in here!”

“I’m fine coach.” Noah answered, wiping of his sweaty forehead.

“At least pull your sleeves up or you’ll get a heat stroke!”

“I’m fine.” Noah repeated and returned to the game.

The rest of first period was spent with the boys playing basketball and the girls looking at them.

“So we’re still on for tonight yeah? I’ll pick you up at eight.” Jake told me when the game was over. Coach Adams said that there were three more minutes left until we could go and change which was stupid, but anyway.

“I’m not coming to Noah’s party.”

“Why not? It’ll be fun. And I promise that if we both don’t find someone to hook up with, I’ll make out with you.”

“I don’t-“

“She doesn’t want her first kiss to be before marriage, does she?” Noah’s voice was heard and I screamed inside because I was about to lose it.

“Can you go away please.” I said annoyed.

“I can’t because you’re the only one here that didn’t wish me a happy birthday.”

I snorted. “Happy birthday then.”

He shook his head. “So you’re not coming at my party then?”


“Why not?”

“Because I don’t like you.”

“At least there will be more food for me.” He answered and I honestly wanted to cry because that actually hurt.

“You can go now! Class dismissed!” coach yelled and everyone groaned thankfully, before we started walking towards the changing rooms.

“Hey, um, Jake?” I asked once we walked out on the hallway. We were headed towards our lockers to get our French books.


“Pick me up at eight.”


“I’m going to the party too.” I announced to my mom as soon as she entered the door at half past five.

“Good for you.” She answered and let her keys fall in the small bowl by the door. “Your father can take you.”

“That won’t be necessary, Jake will pick me up.”

“Jake? Is there something going on here?”

“Mom. He is literally gay.”


I rolled my eyes and turned around, running up the stairs to start the preparations for the party. I showered and went to the closet to pick out the clothes.

As much as I wished to wear a skirt or a crop top I couldn’t because I didn’t want people to see me dressed in that and think that I was too fat to wear those.

I picked out a black low-cut tank top that showed some cleavage, black skinny jeans and black studded Vans. And yes, black was my favorite color. After that I walked over to the bathroom so I could put make up on.

It was five to eight when Jake sent me a text. I was in the process of fighting with my cat, who wouldn’t let go of the sleeve of my black jacket.

Jake: bitch we just left my house be ready in like NOW!!!!!

Dani: take a chill pill

I stuffed my phone in the pocket of my jacket and after I checked myself in the mirror one last time, I rushed downstairs.

“I’m leaving now! I don’t know when I’ll be back!”

“Come back with Jade!”

“OKAY! BYE!” I yelled and slammed the front door behind myself. It appeared that Jade and my dad had already left. Thank God.

Zack’s BMW pulled up in front of my house two minutes later, and I quickly climbed in the back.

“You can sit on my lap.” Harry offered and I shook my head.

How could I politely tell him that I didn’t want to break his thighs?

“It’s fine, I’ll just hold Emma.”

Emma smiled and lifted her ass up so I could slide under her. Carly was in the passenger seat talking to Zack and Jake kept interrupting them with his own irrelevant opinion.

“So what did you guys get Noah?” I asked. “I’m going to give him money.”

“Everyone’s giving him money even though he has already. It’s difficult to buy a present for someone who has everything already.” Zack said and that was the first time we ever had a proper conversation.

“His parents got him a Bentley, didn’t they?” Carly asked and Zack nodded.

“I thought he already had a car?” I said confused.

“A motorcycle.”


We got to Noah’s house ten minutes later and it wasn’t a complicated way from my house to his.

“Wow it’s huge.” I gasped when I saw Noah’s giant mansion.

“That’s what she said.” Jake replied and everyone laughed.

As soon as we got out of the car we could already hear the music coming from inside.

“Where are his parents?”

“They took his little brother to their penthouse in Liverpool.

“He has a brother? And a penthouse in Liverpool?” I asked.

“I didn’t lie when I said that there was money coming out of his ass.” Jake told me as we walked towards the door.

There were cars scattered all over the expanded driveway with to entrances and there was a fucking fountain in the middle. Jesus Christ.

Zack didn’t even bother to knock; he just pushed the door open and entered, with us following behind. The loud music hit me straight in the face and the floor was literally vibrating under my feet.

“Are we the last ones arriving?” I asked Jake as we walked down the hallway and entered the crowded living room. The double doors were wide open and people were everywhere; in the hallway, the living room, in the kitchen.

“We’re actually early.”

“Early? The house is full.”

“Everyone in junior and senior year was invited. And some freshmen are probably going to crash it anyway.”

“This is crazy.”

“And there’s a whole year filled with these parties coming.” He said and winked, before he put an arm around me.

Out of all the people I knew personally, Jade, Luke, Sean and Kylie were the only ones who had arrived. Of course I knew some other people, but just by name.

“Where’s Noah?” Jake asked the first person he saw (of course he was friends with everyone).

“Kitchen.” The girl answered and Jake thanked her, before he told me to follow him.

The kitchen was right across the hall and was pretty full when we got there. I wasn’t even surprised to see that it was two times bigger than my bedroom and was fully equipped.

I immediately spotted Noah. It hadn’t been hard, since he had the loudest laugh in the entire room and was also the tallest in the room. He was probably around 185cm. Which was unfortunate, since I wasn’t taller than 165.

“Happy birthday!” Jake screamed over the music once we got to Noah. He turned his head to look at us and smirked when his eyes fell on me.

He was wearing a white tee with something written on it, blue skinny jeans that weren’t even clinging to his thighs because they looked as if they came from a chicken. He was wearing Vans too and a snapback that was turned around. He had some band bracelets on his right wrist that didn’t really fit the outfit but oh well.

And I wasn’t going to ever admit it, but he looked really good. I had a weakness for boys who dressed like that.

“Thanks. I see you decided to come after all.”

I didn’t answer because if I did, I was afraid that I’d say something really rude.

“So you’re not talking to me then?”

“I’m not wasting my time talking to you.”

“You just did.”

Wow u so smart


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