Baby I'm A Sinner/C8 Chapter 8
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Baby I'm A Sinner/C8 Chapter 8
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C8 Chapter 8

Jake greeted me as soon as I entered the living room, completely drunk and sloppy, hands all over the place.


“Are you drunk?”

“Shhh.” He said and placed a finger over his nose, probably thinking it was his lips.

“They got Mary J.”


“Shhh!” he yelled and looked around.

Jesus Christ, he needs to lie down.

“Follow me.”

He led me to the middle of the living room, where two couches were put in a semi circle, a small coffee table in the middle. Jake sat down between Harry and Emma, who were in the process of taking drags from two different hookah hoses.

“Jake, this isn’t weed.” I told him and sat down in the small space between him and Harry. Carly was next to Emma and Sean with Kylie next to Harry. Lucas, Eleanor, Liam, Jade, Zack, Luke and Max were on the couch across from us, sharing another hookah.

“No?” he dumbly asked, taking the hose away from Emma.

“There’s Vodka in the water and weed mixed in the tobacco.” Sean explained.


Wow, they really had no limits.

“Too much for you huh?”

Everyone turned their heads to look at Noah, who was approaching. He had put his tee back on and his hair was styled into his previous fringe.

He sat down between Eleanor and Liam, right across from me. He then pulled a small metal box out of his back pocket.

“Now that is weed.” Jake slurred when Noah opened it and placed it on the table in the middle.

Noah took out the five small papers and Liam scooted forward to help him roll the joints.

“You ever tried one?” Harry asked me five minutes in, when almost everyone was giggling.

I shook my head. I hated the fact that I was the only one who seemed inexperienced.

“Want to?”

I shrugged and Harry smiled.

“You know what shotgunning is?”

“Yeah it’s exchange of smoke, right?”


My heart was beating out of my chest, not because I was about to have an almost-kiss with Harry; but because everyone was watching me and if I did something wrong they’ll laugh at me.

I hated it when people laughed at me.

He gripped into the back of my head and brought our faces close, until our lips almost touched. Then he blew the smoke and I inhaled it, before exhaling it after I pulled away from him. I was proud of myself for not choking or doing anything else embarrassing.

Jake whistled and I rolled my eyes because I wasn’t interested in Harry. I mean, I wouldn’t mind making out with him but nothing more than that. And Harry would never even be attracted to me so that was that.

“Not bad Carter.” Noah said.

“It’s Piper.”

“Same thing.” He laughed and leaned back into the couch.

Fuck you

Not literally

Because you might have aids from so much sex

“I’m gonna go um, refill my drink.” I said and stood up, grabbing a random cup from the floor. It was getting weird and everyone was watching me, probably thinking how the hell Harry would do such a thing with me.

I placed the cup on the counter and turned around, just as Luke entered the kitchen. He was wearing a leather jacket and I wondered how the hell he wasn’t sweating in that.

“You’re Dani, right?”

“Um…yeah?” I said, unsure as to why he was talking to me when he was Luke Black and I was Dani Piper.

“We have English together.”

I nodded, wanting nothing else but to get out of this small talk. I hated small talk.

“How’s the project going?”

Why are you interested

“Um…I haven’t even started.”

“Because of Noah?” he asked smirking.

“Yeah, actually.”

“He won’t do it unless you suck him off or something.” He said and then laughed.

What the fuck

Is everyone here retarded

“I don’t need you to try and get me laid mate.” Noah said as he entered the kitchen with a red cup in hand.

“I’m just making conversation.” Luke said and turned to look at him.

“She probably doesn’t want her first blowjob to choke her to death.”

“Because your dick is so big or what.” I mumbled.

“You ever given a blowjob before?” Luke bluntly asked and I blushed. I had a boyfriend back in eighth grade, Sam, but that wasn’t anything serious other than a few makeout sessions and maybe some under the shirt action.

“Look at her, she didn’t.” Noah said.

“Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.” Luke wisely said.

Did he just quote 5SOS

Noah snorted, looking me straight in the eye.

“So have you ever given a blowjob or not?”

I shook my head. Yes, I was a senior with no sexual experience, get the fuck over it.

“I can show you.” Noah continued seriously and Luke laughed as he walked out of the kitchen.

“I’m going now.”

“Aw princess did I upset you?” Noah pouted and I honestly wanted to bash his face in.

“You’re such an asshole.” I muttered and watched him as his eyes shamelessly drifted down to my cleavage.

Oh god

He’s staring at my boobs

“Eyes are up here.”

“This top is kind of tight.” He observed and my stomach fell.

“Leave me alone.”

I wanted to cry.

“I don’t mind it, I mean. Shows off your tits.”

I absolutely hated the word tits. It sounded so…weird. And kind of rude.

“You’re a pervert.”

Was it weird that I kind of felt good about myself because he liked my breasts?

“Dani?” Carly asked, stopping in the doorframe when she saw Noah and I. It might’ve seemed suspicious because he almost had me pushed up against the counter.


Noah turned his head to look at her too.

“Um, I came to tell you that Jake is literally about to have sex with the couch and Emma may or may not be snogging Liam’s face off.”

“Oh dear God.” I breathed and quickly stepped towards her.

“Emma and Liam?” Noah asked confused and then proceeded to follow me.

It was true; Jake was faced down on the couch making some weird sex noises and Emma was straddling Liam on the other couch as they made out.

Everyone appeared to have once again scrambled around the living room.

“How late is it?” I asked her and she checked her phone quickly.

“Half past midnight.”

“I think I should drive them home. Or at least Jake. Emma is um, occupied. Call a taxi, actually.”

“I’ll help you get Jake.” She smiled.

“C’mon bae, sit up straight.” I muttered to him as we tried to turn him around and get him up from the couch.

“But I’m gay.” He whined.

Noah sat down next to Liam and Emma on the couch (who were now biting each other’s necks), not even bothered by their PDA. He took out a cigarette from his pack and waved someone over.

Soon enough, the same girl who was sucking him off appeared and he patted the place next to him, like she was some kind of dog.

“Okay well um, thanks I guess.” I said to him awkwardly. He seemed seconds away from jumping her on the couch. Jesus.

“You can get home safe?” Carly checked as Jake leaned into me, putting an arm around my shoulder.

“Uh, yeah. I think I’ll take him to his house though. Oh, fuck.”


“I don’t have money on me.”

Noah groaned and looked through his pockets with the arm that wasn’t draped around the girls’ shoulder, getting out a fifty pound bill-probably the one I gave him.

“Here you go.”

“I can’t take-“

“You need it more than I do.”

I didn’t even thank him as I grabbed the money. I called a taxi as soon as I was outside and it wasn’t long until a car pulled up in front of me.

After I gave the driver Jake’s address, I let Jake lay down in the car. He opened the window and put his feet out.

“Oh God you’re not wearing shoes.” I said and he shushed me with his finger, giggling. He had a penis drawn on his leg with a sharpie.

Once we were finally in front of his house, I paid the driver and struggled to get him out of the taxi. It wasn’t that hard to get him into the house after I found his keys into the pocket of his jeans. I dropped him on his couch in the living room before I left the house, hoping no one would rob them until the morning because there was no way I could lock the door behind me.

It was a bit terrifying walking home alone in the darkness because I was afraid of getting raped but then I remembered that I was so fat no one would even think about that.

I’m a horrible person for even thinking that

Everyone can get raped, no matter how they’re dressed or how they look

People are just vile

Luckily, I got home safe and managed to go into my bedroom without anyone talking to me. My parents were already asleep and my brother was probably out too.

After I brushed my teeth and took off my makeup, I went back to my room to change into my pyjamas.


I forgot my jacket at Noah’s house

Great job

I would have to talk to him at school on Monday, which wasn’t something I was too excited about.

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