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C10 Frenemies

At home, Christian was in the living room and having a group study with Antonia.

"Oh well now that we are glad we are having a good study, my friend Chantal can't even help me about this, she told me that she wasn't good at math at all..." Antonia said

"Finally I'm here to help you, but you know what... I feel like I'm so happy right now because of what happened recently..." Christian said and her eyes widens.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean like you know it was another day that I get happy with my friends in math club, don't you think that obvious you need to ask me about what do you mean by that? That was the reason why I'm just happy about it..."

"Oh I saw you are, I think you're happy because you just did something and I mean you know there is something why you are so happy like that..."

He shook his head to ignore it. "Oh nothing, probably maybe I was admiring about my friend there and who is very close to me, she was Julia, I should tell you she's a nerd but she was good at anything, you see she was always so smart but very kind to me..."

"That was nice, I hope I also have a nerd friend like you have because Chantal wasn't like that after all because if I had a friend like that and I can always ask her about the answer in any subject, I guess she knows everything about it..."

"Oh well for you Antonia, we need to start our group study now..."

They are started to finish their group study, while he was almost finished reading their books and everything.

"You know luckily you're my only guy friend really and others are not really friendly and man thinks to themselves that they flirting girls or I just maybe can't find another one..." Antonia speaks up that made Christian unexpectly shock.

"I know it does, but I want to tell you that I really get lucky to have friends in math club and don't you really want to join in math club?"

"No maybe I'm joining in other clubs like drama, Chantal was joining there too, at least you know now already and I want you to keep an update for that..."

"Oh that would be a good idea also I want to tell you It was good you joined in different clubs and anyway we almost finished our group study, I think I almost completely understand enough..."

" Oh yes, and later on if I want to ask at about the other formulas for math and like that, and just I want to call you or what if I can't remember the solution of what..."

"Ah okay don't worry about it, I think that and I will just going to tell you then..."

After playing a couple of time, playing billiard, Kyra was lying on the billiard table with Nicola and while Vivian was sitting in the billiard table.

"So, what do you want to plan girls??..." Nicola asked them.

"What do you think I want to plan too? This is damn boring...and I hate it when Tom was used to avoid me all the time and maybe I should do about it, so Tom will have an attention to me..." Kyra said while pissed and Nicola giggled.

"Ugh...it's because you behave like you're going to be in rage and you don't know what you're like going to react on that, besides...I think you have to understand Tom was like a different guy that you're expecting..."

"I know Nicola, I usually know..."

"Oh, what are you even planning to do then??..."

"Maybe I can stalk all night to him, or maybe Svennie has her own plan this day but I want to have fun tomorrow and I think I will do that to Dean, who is like handsome but nothing can beat Tom's good looks..."

"Kyra I want some little advice from you, you shouldn't force Tom into your porn fantasies, so he will hate you less."

Kyra shouldered her while Nicola was keep laughing on her.

"Oh then my advice would be I can do whatever I want, so there's a reason why FFL exist, we can do whatever we want now. Even I can take off Tom's pants would do."

"Oh, then your imagining now that your making out with Tom then."

"I think Svennie has her own plan and I'm thinking that we can go over to your house, Kyra..." Vivian said but Kyra shook her head in disbelief.

"No Vivian, unless Katharina wasn't there, because she as just keep lecturing me as usual but no problem if we can sleepover there tomorrow..."

"Oh okay maybe I'm planning to have sleepover to your house tomorrow..."

"That's good and I would like to invite Svenja too, and I would never forget her, also Eichelmann..."

At night Dean was having dinner with his sister Marina.

"Oh well I think you're studying well Dean, because one of your classmates just told me about it...." Marinna said and smiles.

"Of course I'm studying hard, it's just I never forget about it even I'm having many friends in school, but you know I'm always doing my best there..." Dean said frankly

"Oh good! That's what I like to hear that about..."

While they are both eating and Marina didn't expect that Svenja came suddenly, she gets mad when she saw her.

"What are you doing here? Are you even stalking me here?" Marinna asked angrily and Svenja sarcastically giggled at her.

"Why do you need to get cranky? You know me already..."

"No I'm not damn cranky! Hey I'm here because of course I remembering you, ugh... the repeater in school of all time and I hated you so much..."

"Hey Marina, don't you say you did even know Svenja in the first place!" Dean reacted when he realizes that they both know each other.

"Of course I know her Dean, she was like always been so cocky at many time and I remember the times when she bullied me and glad she was now been a repeater in school..."

"Ah move on that's past, it seems you are now a certified drama-queen, Marinna..."

Marinna was been pissed and she pulled her shirt while Svenja laugh when she knows she insulted her.

"I know that you can insult me like that but you don't just dare do that to me, or else that you can pay harder consequences in your life! And you know what I mean..." Marinna said and afterwards she pushes her away.

"Oh well, I guess your started to be a drama queen huh, that was for the good acting you started to do, you know... doing the acting drama part and please just move on in the past because don't think I'm just stalking your little brother, to confess you slightly I'mcrazy in love with him and you know that..."

"I'm not a drama-queen and fine you can stay here... ugh..."

Marina leave in the kitchen when Svenja was finally there, she was then sit in front of her and to join to have dinner with him.

"What are you doing here? I thought you stay at your house in your mansion I mean..." Dean wondered while Svenja picked his glass of wine to drink it.

"I'm just here to see you, I hated to stay in my home right now, and I really do want to see you here..."

"I think you're totally been so crazy at me and I can't believe you know about my sister and I don't know now if I can be in love with you...."

She suddenly going to kiss him but Dean refuses it and he pushed her back.

"I'm sorry I really can't, don't you even know I tried to tell you I'm In love but I can't because I recognize that you're the one who bullied my friend Julian last time and I don't want to be a fool by that..." Dean admitted

"Then you're telling me I'm fool and yours too, because you realize I bullied your sister in the first place, and now you think I was and don't you even think that, come on, your sister was a drama queen anyway, don't just listen to her..."

"But you lied and now she told me you bullied her many times, I don't even understand the point about doing that to her..."

"Oh entschuldigung Dean, what did you say now? now you didn't even understand my whole point and don't worry it's easy to understand, please if you reject my kiss and I would tell you probably I can be your worst enemy just like I did to your sister huh, now your like against with me then huh, your trying either to be mean with me now..."

"Ugh... Svenja, I didn't mean to say that but that's true, please let me explain, I can't be in love with the typical mean girl like you and I mean... I don't want to think I'm like mean to others and you see everyone hates you and I really hate you for that, when you bullied Julian and anyone else, including my sister..."

"Oh well if you now hated me and let's just see about that..."

Svenja did smile to her and after she leave, but Dean was going to the living room to meet his sister there who is much stressed.

"Marina, are you okay??..." Dean asked with his concern, Marina then sighs while stressed.

"Now, do you even think that I'm okay??..."

"I didn't know you know Svenja as well and don't worry she was going to change, you can see probably she was immature enough but people does change..."

"That easy?? Do you think she's already changed enough?? She was still immature and I'm not supposed to get mad at you, but I'm angry when you choose her in the first place!"

He realizes how angry she was but he felt guilty about it.

"Oh I think you don't understand that why I get in love to her, because she was really nice to me and she was going to be nice to others, I am telling you..."

"Why? Because are you even believing in her stupid non-sense promise?!, I don't even believe in that for me!, you need to know how Svenja was mean is, she really is...I can't believe you are too in love to her, I can't just believe it!!..."

"Marina, what do you want me to explain then?"

" I'm not saying here that you have to explain, I am saying that I don't like her at all!!..."

" Oh okay fine but don't worry I didn't say that I did already trust her already, I also want to be careful to her trick and this time, I am not going to get me let flirted by her and I won't let that happen..."

In the next day of school, Dean was happy that he thought it would be a nice and normal day in his school and but he saw one of the students are laughing to him and he was started to get curious, everywhere in the school he heard about the student's laugh, he goes directly to Pia and Katja ask about it.

"What are they laughing about? And why are they laughing about me??..." Dean asked and Katja pointed his underwear while she's disgusted.

"Oh well I guess all of these students are just having fun to look at your underwear and I thought it was Tom Cruise's underwear but it's just for you, they seen your underwear so wet, yuck! You didn't even take it in the laundry..."

"What? Don't even say that, of course it was just always clean..."

"Oh well, and everyone thinks that your pee in your underwear and you think that was just hideous that all students think that..." Pia said to him and that made him pissed off.

"I don't know but that was ridiculous at all and whoever thinks that! I can't believe someone will do that to me, I know Svenja was behind this!"

Dean goes directly inside the school and he saw that Kyra was showing his underwear to the students and he stick his underwear in the wall, everyone is laughing.

"Oh hey! Who did that?! You make me pay for that!!..." Dean said madly and Svenja sarcastically laughs.

"Oh yeah and you think I can, sorry about that... they thought you pee in your underwear... funny I posted it in my blog and boom! Your hilarious now, man..."

"What do you want now?! You think this is funny! But this is not very funny of you, you're making fun of me!! That's enough!!..."

He was then very mad and he pushed her in the locker room, but Patrik saw that Svenja get hurt and he punches Dean all over and the other girls did help each other to fight against Dean.

"Stop!" Dean begged when he get beat up by Patrik and Kyra.

"No way, as you did to my big girl..." Patrik said and punch him to his chin.

"Please stop!"

"Wow, now after what you did then you're going to begged now, Deannie boy." Kyra sarcastically and punches him to his nose.

Patrik and Kyra beat him up and then Vivian and Anja come and they were holding the sand paper and punch it to Dean repeatedly, until he gets even weaker, when Marinna was walking around and she also saw it either.

"Please stop what you are doing?! I know you are all insane when you all did to him!! You should even stop that!..." Marinna said and getting worried for Dean.

"Oh Marinna, sorry for that...it's just I didn't even like his behavior last night and now he tried to push me away, oh sorry if you are so worried with your little brother..." Svenja said cockily.

"You better shut up! You better stay away with him! I think you better learn what is right to do and please I request to you, you should even stop hurting Dean!!..."

"Oh really Marinna, do you even miss the times when we are all together in this school..."


Flashback: (2008)

When Marinna was going to leave and all the FFL block their way to her, suddenly she gets mad when she can't even leave.

"Okay, what do you want?!!..." Marinna asked them angrily.

"Oh well, you know what I want, I am not finish yet... you have to get yourself clean..." Kyra said

They all throw them a slushy and all of the students laugh at her, when Marinna throw her shoes at Svenja's back, they stop walking out, after all of the students notices it.

"I will tell you if you won't stop, I will prove you you will get expelled in this school!" Marinna implied to her.

"Really, by throwing me your shoes...Now you make my clothes dirty and you have to pay it back..." Svenja sai.

"You can do it yourself!"

"No, you have to taste your own lesson, that's what I meant..."

Svenja get her shoe and comes closer to Marinna, Nicola tries to stop her about what she was planning to.

"Don't you think it's too much, Svenja?" Nicola asked wondering about what she was doing.

"No, allow me to do it..." Svenja replied, removing Nicola's grip from her shoulders.

Marina tries to attack Svenja, but Anja, Kyra and Vivian was keep holding her hands tightly, she finally put her shoe to her lips and tries to let her taste it, the students keeps laughing to Marina.


Back to the reality when Marina remember it again, but she get angry when she saw Svenja's friends hurt Dean.

"I remember those days, don't you even dare do that either to Dean, its okay you have to flirt him Svenja, and I'm allowing you to do it!!!..." Marina yelled and Svenja clap sarcastically and giggled to her.

"Ah glad with a madness permission to say..."

"But just remember, if you dare play his feelings or to bully him...that was enough to get you tortured Svenja! I will even do it!!..."

"Oh yes and I even you are too much coward to do it..."

Marinna slaps her and all of the students seeing it, Svenja gets irritated when she was been slap again from her and she push her harder on the locker and Marinna felt pain on her back.

"Good to see the new face of Marinna Cyprian..." Svenja said, insulting Marina's angry expression.

When Svenja and her other friends leave and Dean helped Marina to stand up, also they are going to leave.

At the mean time, Xenia saw a lot of students who are all in the hall but leaving but she saw Katja saw the incident but she goes there to talk to her.

"What happened??..." Xenia asked while getting curious.

"There's a fight, maybe because it was just all of the people was looking to it and I saw Svenja beat the Blondie girl (Marinna) who just fall out in the locker when she was been pushed there..." Katja explains to her.

"Okay thank you that you explain to me enough, I finally understand and I can't believe incident would happen like that..."

Katja sighs and she feels that her school days weren't even getting better.

"I really wish that I can enjoy staying here for too long, I don't want myself to get beat up just like that."

"Oh okay that was so strange that happens to that Blondie girl, maybe everyone is worried about her, I also just wondered if you are interested in RSG..."

"No not really, I'm telling you I'm not completely interested..."

"Even becoming an athlete??..."

"No even athlete you say, I'm not interested but maybe you can suggest that to others, maybe they are going to be interested, and also I know you are ready for the competition huh..."

"Of course and I will fight my enemy who is the champion of intercontinental cup 2008 in Wattenschied, Laura Jung..."

"I think you can beat that girl by yourself by your own talent..."

"Thanks and that would gain my confident even more..."

She smiled to Katja before leaving to meet Julia inside the classroom. Eichelmann was walking the the hallway and find it very ridiculous that Dean's underwear was all over the place, she saw that Kyra was taking a picture to it and to have a good laugh about it.

"Kyra, seriously." Eichelmann sighs and feels bothered about it.

"What? I like this even more when Dean was showing his underwear around, this is what I liked about, and this would be his memorable moment." Kyra saved the picture to her gallery that contains many nude pics of other boys in school.

"I don't think I like what you all did..."

"Come on Eichel, Svenja wants this to be good...now it's finally done and you can't do something about it, I wish I can steal Tom's underwear and put it here, if I do that then I have no chance for him."

"Well as usual, you both really want to mess someone if you're not satisfied about it."

Then she shouldered Eichelmann. "So, how about you and Patrik? Don't tell me that you were too have something now, from getting to know then instant dating, but without these both you can do makeout stuff like ahh..."

She demonstrate to Eichelmann to moan on something when she pretends that she's making out, that made her disgusted at all and shouldered her.

"Kyra, that's too disgusting that you demonstrate that!"

"Seriously, it's kinda fun when you do that...I want to know if Svenja was planning to do that with Dean."

Kyra leave while she was planning to hunt some boys to flirt with.

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