Back in School - book 1/C11 Svenja loves Dean
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Back in School - book 1/C11 Svenja loves Dean
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C11 Svenja loves Dean

When Dean and Marinna were leaving and they are together standing in the hall, while Marina still feels the pain in her back.

"Are you okay?" Dean asked worriedly and Marinna quickly nodded.

"I'm going to be fine, I think I should be having a group study with my classmates and you should be careful here..."

"Don't worry Marinna, I will careful next time and don't worry about my head and it was just bleeding a little bit and I can handle this..."

"Okay Dean, just call me if there is any problem..."


When Marinna was leaving and Dean stayed because he was very tired, he goes outside the school and sit in the stairway to rest, at the meantime Svenja came and she saw his head was bleeding a little bit and she put on his head a band aid.

"I know you're just being silly that you realize how mean I am, but I told you I can be your worst enemy than ever, don't you dare pushed me like that again Deannie!, it's just that someone needs to respect me, I'm the leader and the boss around here..." Svenja implies to him.

"What do you even want??..." Dean asked and sighs.

"You know what I want, or else my little boy Patrik will punch you in the face if you don't even follow, he was like my own personal bodyguard everyday that you know I know to myself that he will going to protect me every day with also my other little boy Moritz..."

"Please just answer me; I don't even know what you want? I guess you did already and just please... embarrassed me instead, I know I can kill myself here because you are just one of the guys who want to bully anyone and just stop it...."

"Listen to me Dean, you don't need to be a dramatic boy and you think... this is a titanic now that you need to take drama and you thought this is the end but heck no! You want no more embarrassment and I should say I can give you a deal, be my temporary one week girlfriend and you will be feeling rich for this week..."

All of the students get shocked to Svenja's offer, but Dean was thinking his decisions carefully and the students are started to talk about the deal.

"I don't like the deal, Svenja... I'm sorry..." Dean said, refusing her offer.

"Okay you need to think about it carefully..." Svenja said, smiling mean to him.

"Wha-what do you mean by that??..."

Kyra throws him a slushy but Pia saw Dean was been bullied and she tried to stop it but Patrik holding her arm and she can't stop her.

"What are you doing? Please... can you just let go of my arm?!..." Pia asks and tries to let to lose his grip to her arm.

"What are you trying to do? Stop Svenja, but you can't do that right now..." Patrik said with his mean smile.

"Oh damn you! You are also Svenja's puppet, do you?!..."

He slaps her but Tom was in the middle and he tried him to stop fighting with Pia.

"Hey, you should stop fighting her, all the boys suppose to be respect them but I don't care if they need to, but just you did enough to Dean but don't do that to Pia... she was just innocent student here...." Tom convinces him and he laughs to him.

"Oh really, then you should convince her not being like that and she had a nice bad acting move here, huh!"

They both leave and while she gets more irritated with Patrick.

"Oh damn, he was so irritating at all! You know I wanted to kick his face or punch him much better..." Pia feels pissed off and trying to calm herself down.

"Yeah I know but you can't do that right now, or else that they can embarrass you..." Tom said and he smiles.

"But thanks for trying to stop the fight, thanks for that..."

"No problem, Pia..."

"I hope next time they won't even happen again, why did he did that to you?"

"I tried to stop Svenja, for what she was doing to Dean, I hate it...but thanks that you are finally here, it means a lot to me...When it comes that you are too very gentleman to me..."

"Oh well I think we should even be careful even more next time..."

When he leaves in the hall and she was been started to get in love with him. While Dean was been throw many times a slushy by mean girls, Svenja wanted to talk to him again.

"Isn't slushy was so cold after all? Nice refreshing drink at all, besides you seem so stressed atand I could say you are, you're now going to agree to my deal, you know you can be my girlfriend and don't you want that..." Svenja said and Dean turns out to be angry.

"Are you even crazy? you think we can even do that, as for temporary and then if I do that and I will just you know temporarily for weeks or couple of days, I don't think that's better, I don't also wanted to live at your mansion, probably your CEO mother was there..."

Well don't you want at least to be temporary, I'm just giving you a chance that you will imagine you had a girlfriend who is then... a daughter of the wealthiest family in Germany, you can't even believe it, I will make it as a week temporary, what do you say, Deannie?..."

"I can say... well I agree about it, but make sure you will also follow my condition about this, please don't hurt my feelings and that's all..."

"Okay fine Deannie, then that would be a better deal..."

Svenja shake hand with Dean after the deal, the class was started and Xenia was irritated after seeing the underwear everywhere in school.

"Eww... yuck and I can consider this school so weird at all and they are just stick all the other underwear in every column in our school, EWW... that was totally disgusting!..." Xenia reacted after seeing the underwear everywhere in school and Julia reacted slightly.

"I know right and it's just so crazy when Svenja think that would be a good idea, it's not so nice at all and I think all the students get entertained that as for amusement..."

"You had a point there Julia, although I hated it because Veronika never told me that... this school was so weird and she just keep drinking whisky and she never told me about her school here, she didn't even tell me, about how she get bullied here..."

She's shocked and realizes it now. "Really! Did your sister was actually studying here?"

"Yes she is, now she was concentrating her studies for her semester..."

"Oh good, you know I was hoping that my sister was still okay about yesterday and she get scolded from my mother, that's why I don't know if I can convince her but that's not because I'm afraid to get embarrassed and I don't want to get her angry to me because I obviously knows that I know that she get jealous at me..."

"But Julia, don't be so kind at her because of that you're always been like that to Svenja besides that was the problem that she keeps embarrass the other students here, including me and my friends either and I just hate the part that you don't do anything..."

"Sorry about it Xenia, I can't do anything just like you told me that you can't do anything to your sister, just like you told me that you can't do anything if she was always the loner that you know and so that don't just blame me about it..."

"I'm not blaming you Julia, don't worry I won't..."

Julia smiled afterwards. "Oh thanks and I thought that you're started blaming me..."

Xenia then wants to poke Julia when she wants to tell her something.

"Do you know how Svenja got the underwear from someone? I wonder how she could do that by stalking at someone place." Xenia wondered but Julia sighs.

"I think it's not a good idea if we find out how they got that."

"I know, I'm curious about how Svenja do you think she has to go to the room to steal someone underwear and glued around in whole school before everyone sees it?"

"Probably she got helped from her friends, and because of that I couldn't do anything to stop her."

On the other supporters of the FFL group, they take a photo of the underwear that been glued in the wall and Julian notice it with Laura.

"Oh gosh, I don't know what is going on, but maybe they were trying to embarrass someone and I can't believe they really do it when they get so much famous..." Laura said, after she was seeing the underwear everywhere.

"So, I really just want to do to be careful now..." Julian said with his fear.

"Are you even afraid of them, again??..."

"What? They did do something bad about it?"

" Once they did but I did get embarrassed on it, and also I need to get avoid to get me flirted by them, you know how much I love my girlfriend so much, and I really don't want to see them mad ever again..."

"Also don't show that you are too nervous and be strong, or else they will go to do their advantage..."

Meanwhile when they are in the middle of the class, Robin was laughing to the picture when he saw Dean's underwear everywhere in the school, but Anja came and she was there to flirts him.

"Oh hey, what do you even think about the picture? So damn hilarious I know..." Anja said after seeing him.

"I guess so and it's just funny but the other fact I can't just laugh because Dean is also my friend and I can't just easily go there and laugh at him... it's just nice to see you, Anja...." Robin said

"Oh well, I'm here too... oh well it's just because that we see that you're good looking either..." Kyra suddenly speaks up that made him shocked.

" Um... girls, it doesn't mean I'm a playboy now because you are keep doing this to me, I think I'm just both interested at you but please don't make a deal with me... because I'm only interested one of the cutest gymnast named Xenia..."

Kyra reacted and feels disappointed. "Oh! That Russian ballerina!! Lame..."

Kyra and Luna both throw him a slushy after talking with him and Robin didn't expect they are both going to do that to him.

"I don't even understand why you did that to me?! Don't you find that unfair, Christian?" Robin reacted and he asked to Christian.

"Oh I think it is Robin, now you realize how sometimes they do it unfair..." Christian said

"I realize it is, it was so too much unfair they did that to me, It was nothing wrong if I'm became truthful and I only said Xenia was very cute..."

"I also find that very truthful, I usually know she is, as usual that was many of the students are going to say when they are always saw Xenia here..."

"I think you have a point there..."

Dean is quiet and Svenja moves in another chair and sit to get closer with him.

"Hey Deannie, your been so silent and don't even tell me your just shocked about my deal, come on now... you are the man and you should start flirting with me now... I'm your girlfriend now..." Svenja said and Dean reacted and couldn't believe it.

"Huh?! Girlfriend? What are you talking about?!..."

"I'm your girlfriend right now because you did agree to our deal and that would be great I guess, and come on now, gentleman boys shouldn't be like that..."

"Yes I should tell you Patrick isn't the gentleman that I know, he punches me after all that you did this to my face and now you want this?..."

She sighs. "Don't be so like that and you're like can complain about anything, anow I know you will react by the way and you would regret about what I did there,certainly I was surprise that your surprised, huh..."

"Eventually yes, I didn't even do anything and it's just all of a sudden that you told me that we are already and I just agree the deal so, I was just shocked..."

"But you will get shocked even more, while we are in the middle of the class..."

She suddenly kissed Dean and while her other friends are just keep cheering for her.

"Wow I love the kiss part, It reminds me when she was doing that to the other student last year, this one was so hilarious..." Nicola said while giggling and Kyra giggled too.

"Yes I also find too, maybe this time Svennie was miserably finding her own love life, or even better...maybe she wants to date with someone, I don't know what is her own idea here..."

"Me too, but I was so shocked that they did kiss together here, here in this we are all got us entertained from them!..."

"Yes Nicola that's right, I know maybe this was the best kiss that I ever seen, hahaha! Next time she was going to put French kiss on it..."

"I hope not..."

"Oh well, I think this was the life! About them with Dean, the part with that...that's I like it with the kiss..." Kyra was impersonating kissing someone and Nicola pull her hair but not forcefully.

"Yes me too..."

After the kiss, all of the other students are cheering for them but Dean was just get shocked after he get kissed, Xenia gets irritated when they are cheering for Svenja and Dean.

" they are too noisy and why are they yelling about??..." Xenia asked while she was very irritated.

"I think they are cheering for my sister and she was doing something that she wants, about the flirting stuff I mean..." Julia explains and also bothered.

"Oh about that, I really hate the part when your sister never learn about it something, but it means she was really that spoiled rich kid who can do anything she want, I wonder she's not smart as you..."

" Oh also that's why my mother expect that she was suppose to be smart same as me, we can't expect that usually, I know to myself we had different talents such as that..."

"I believe you Julia, I think I'm only going to say that I really hate what your sister what always do, I think they are doing that too far..."

Julia quickly nodded when she finds that Xenia has a point.

"I think your right Xenia; they are doing this too far."

"Well I can't believe after the underwear and now they quickly want to entertain themselves, I think they are that much too desperate about themselves now."

"I don't know if they are that too much desperate."

When Tom was sitting in front of Pia, Pia was started to get in love even more and she look in front of him to talk to him.

"Hey Tom, I think that you're too cute, sorry I didn't mean to say it all of a sudden..." Pia said with her smile.

"Um...its okay and I think that was just a good compliment that you give me anyway, also I want to know if you're fine or not..." Tom said

"I'm fine, really sorry if I get mad there, I'm so stressed and I'm really want to fight Svenja like that, because she was very ridiculous at all, I'm so stressed to see her and I was so annoyed at her..."

"I know Pia that you are, but don't worry because that was completely fine to me, besides I know you really hate her a lot, so you don't have to explain anything about it..."

"Ok sure, I think you are so beautiful too..."

Pia was been very flattered when she heard a compliment from him, then while Kyra and Nicola are playing throwing paper to each other, Nicola accidentally throws the paper to Xenia and Kyra laughs about it.

"What's your problem now?" Xenia asks them while she's getting more irritated to them.

"The problem your face probably blocking, so it's not my problem pathetic girl." Kyra said.

"Don't you dare even call me that, you just need a lot of friends to mess with me but if I wasn't that nice then I already throw you a bunch of pencils then."

"Ha, from being pathetic now desperately wants to fight with me huh."

Julia notices that Xenia was angry to Kyra and she suddenly shouldered her, whne she wants to stop Xenia from arguing Kyra.

"It's better if you really ignore them, it's like the teacher can't also do something to them."

Xenia rolled her eyes sarcastically. "What? Even teachers though? Should I feel that we can't really do something about this?"

"Yes I know, probably you feel it's ridiculous but I don't want you to get involved that you get bullied from them."

"I know Julia, you're too much concern about me, but I'm so disappointed that I feel I can't really do to convince them from what they are doing, ugh..."

Later on, Kyra was going to the bathroom with Svenja, since they got bored from the lessons and they were going to smoke there, they didn't mind if there are a few students who can smells it.

"So, I'm giving you some tips girl, on how you will get him even more impress and got satisfaction from him, I think you should strip him under his bed." Kyra tease her and Svenja laughs.

"Ha, do you think making-out really makes me happy?"

"Well what then? Hearing some of this old boring-nerd Julia, nag you about studying and how she good is with math, huh...I imagine it's not important to memorize those freaking pi, fractions and something."

"Your right, but I think Dean is too innocent."

"So what Svennie? You're going to pretend that you're innocent though?"

She reacts. " way Kyra, we're not going to do that. Especially you, you're not going to play to be a good girl with Tom, huh."

Kyra thinks about but she had a good laugh and was also going to think something better with Tom.

"Oh I think your going to help me with that; about me with Tom together...I want him as temporary boyfriend or more than boyfriend..."

"Fine, I will go to help with you that."

While Dean was very quiet and he did become speechless after the kiss, Robin did notice it.

"Hmmm...Why are you been so speechless like that??..." Robin asked with his confident smile.

"I'm never kissed like that before..." Robin answered straightly.

"Oh what? About her...I can't believe it that I'm been kissed like that for the first time, I can't believe that it was the beginning, when she suddenly did that for me, I was like so flattered and can't get over through my mind..."

"Ah okay I don't even know what is the problem of the girls here...."

His eyes widen. "Why? Why did you say that?"

"Because I said to them that I like the gymnast here and they told me that she was lame and then they throw me with their slushy..."

"Oh that was the problem when you are trying to mess with girls, maybe you did refuse them to get flirt from you..."

"No, I'm not..."

"I think it is..."


"Look what I did at first, when I refuse to get flirt with her, it happens that her friends did embarrassed me with the photos and my underwear they stick it everywhere in the campus just to get me embarrassed me and make a rumor to their blog..."

"Now, I'm getting it that you are now in love with the leader of the group, I admit she was pretty..."

"Thank you, Robin..."

Dean was started to get dreamy while he was trying to pay attention to the teacher.

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