Back in School - book 1/C13 Best friends
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Back in School - book 1/C13 Best friends
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C13 Best friends

At night, Svenja and her friends stayed in the mansion while they are altogether playing billiards and drinking beer.

"Wow, all of the sudden, I realize now you and Dean are been official now, at least now you won't ever get lonely because luckily your sweet prince charming is arrive and he was there, what can you say about it?..." Kyra make a fist at Svenja's chest.

"I don't know Kyra at least we are officially dating now..."

"While I made some my own scandal pretending that I did something with Tom."

Everything reacted expect Nicola who already knows it and others couldn't believe it.

"Come on, are you serious?" Svenja asks when she couldn't believe it.

"Ha, Nicola only knows that I did. But don't worry it's just that Tom's clothes was somewhere and he's going to find it."

"Alright, I didn't know if that works but I can enjoy my own company with Deannie boy."

"Really? Even Dean gets frightened at you? After you did show his disgusting underwear somewhere, like really?" Anja wondered and Svenja smirks at her.

"Come on Anja, at least now I had a prince charming and I don't care if his underwear was flying around anyway... the matters that he was dating with me right now with my greatest deal with him..."

"Oh well you make me curious Svenja, after all you did to him,all of a sudden you are officially dating with him, after showing off his underwear in the school..."

"Oh I don't care if I did, the matters about I am dating with him, because I deal with it..."

"You know Anja, it didn't matter if we embarrassed Dean in the first place, I think he already move on about it, and I think that it was just that I am going to tell you that doesn't matter as long as Svennie loves Dean..."

"Hmm...Still planning to flirt with Tom??"

Kyra reacts sarcastically. "Oh I don't know, I think maybe I'm planning to flirt him later on, I'm also having a lot of plan for him, so don't you get being so impatient and I think that I will do one by one just to give me an attention..."

"Your good at affection Kyra that made all of the boys are so distracted at you...."

"Oh I think that your too inspired about me and I think that was a good thing that you saw I'm doing it well, I'm also want to prove to you I did the best I can..."

"Sure you did, I will believe now with Svennie..."

Eichelmann came and she gives them another more beer to anyone, except Anja and Nicola.

"Oh goodness, thanks for the beer Eichelmann, I know Moritz Fiege...was always my favorite anyway just thanks for that, I like that we are always doing this for the whole night and not thinking about the annoying lectures anyway..." Svenja said with her smile.

"I know how annoyed you are when getting lectured by your mother. So I know you don't want to stay in the mansion, so you always prefer here and focus on Dean." Eichelmann said.

"Dean is my priority now, since he was my it means I'm going to enjoy every moment with him before its too late."

"I'm also interested in bet and if you are thinking you wanted to start it, I can join with you, besides we are all interested... you know about it, it's just interesting to play the flirting bet game..." Nicola said to her.

"Okay that was good if all of us are interested, especially to Svennie, who made our friendship group always so important than others, we are going to start this flirting bet this week and that would be better..."

"Alright I guess that would be right, Svenja."

They are all enjoying playing billiard together but Stephanie came and saw that Svenja was playing with her friends while drinking.

"Svenja, please just convince your friends that they need to get out of here!" Stephanie requested and also getting annoyed with Svenja's friends.

"Why Steph?" Svenja muttered with annoyance.

"You know already why I'm calling you right now! please just let your friends leave now... you are so annoying that you are always doing this all the time repeatedly... please let them leave and you need to sleep now..."

"You can't just say that to my friends besides I'm allowing them to stay here, suppose to be we are having a sleepover here... anyway you don't need to tell me about what I'm going to do, I know what I am doing..."

"Svenja, you're not... your always love making yourself drunk and you think that wasn't ridiculous at all that I saw your always been like that and you didn't been changed since you repeat in the school grade and you can do something about it..."

"Oh, what do you even want, Steph??..."

"I wanted you to help, but you're not even helping yourself and that's why I'm just so disappointed about it..."

"Oh come on now, don't just tell me what to do, because I already know what to do and don't lecture me about this... I know you can't nag about this for too long and I wanted my friends to stay here..."

"Yeah, it's like that this place is too wide and we can do whatever we want." Kyra said to Stephanie.

"Don't act like you own this place, her mother owns this property not you."

"Stephanie, are you also needed to say that too." Svenja muttered and get bothered by her.

"I only want your life to be even better not slacking off as always, your making your own life miserable."

"Come on miserable? You're such a drama queen."

"Please, don't act like that! You see you are always been like that careless to your grades and other stuff, I'm expecting you that you are going to change yourself but I realize you're still been like that... ugh..."

Stephanie walks out, when she knows that Svenja didn't even listen to her, Kyra giggled when she saw that she didn't even listen to Stephanie.

"Wow, you didn't listen now to Gwen Stefanie." Kyra sarcastically said and Svenja just shook her head in disbelief.

"I know, but her name is Stephanie, let me remind..."

"Oh, It feels to me it was like the same name..."

They were all enjoying altogether but suddenly someone came who just want to do to meet the FFL group and it was Marinna and his second older brother named Pascal.

"You too did the same thing for Pascal; you also steal money from him, are you too just even crazy about it?? Are you just going to steal his money just for that?!..." Marina angrily asked them.

"Come on, what do you really want to tell me? Now are you here to lecture me??..." Kyra asked cockily, after coming closer to Marina she slowly push her back.

"I'm here to tell you one thing, I'm warning you Kyra! Just stop what you're doing to my brother and to anyone else, stop stealing his money..."

"It's just happens today and what do you want now?! Just to overreact things and can you just relax! You're like worst than me, I admit you're always been overreacting and pathetic too..."

Marinna get the cue and to hit at Kyra's face, Svenja was just shock when Marinna did that to her, then Vivian instead turn the music on, when she starts to get entertain.

Nah (7x) I guess I lost my husband, out of nowhere he I'm gonna drink my money, I'm gonna pay his rent, I'm gonna brand new attitude, I'm gonna wear tonight...

Kyra clinched her fist and she straightly punch Marinna to her face, Pascal starts to get the cue but Svenja hit him in a bottle, then Marina try to punch her but Kyra hold a tight grip on her after avoid to get punch by her, pull her in the billiard table.

"Is that all you got??..." Kyra mocks after what she did, and still confident.

"Shut up Kyra, I'm not finished!" Marinna answered angrily.

Pascal dpunch her and Kyra punches him back, to his chin and hit him to his nuts repeatedly with the cue that she was holding, Marinna stands up and she hit Kyra with a glass bottle of beer to her head.

Then Kyra pulls forcefully Marina through the billiard table, while all of her friends are keep cheering when they are all watching their fights, she was then keep punching her and she kick her in her chest, lastly she carry Marina and throw her at the table.

All of the FFL group are been amazed after a fight happen, Pascal tries to carry Marina to leave in the place while they are both feeling weak.

"Oh now you are really good, I can't believe you beat them up like that!" Svenja reacted when she was very amazed about what happened.

"I told you I can do that, or else they can demand you that they need to get their money back, I don't want that to happen, anyway you are my best friend...I don't know you get hurt from her..." Kyra said and also got confident about what she did.

"I know you do care a lot about me and all of our friends, and maybe I can even still do what I want and I think Marina can't do about it, as long as you can do it..." Svenja said.

"It's easy to fight them; they are like on the easy level on the action game, like that..."

"Oh I can't believe about what you did there, also I'm so very amazed at all, I can't believe you can do it actually...I know if there's a fight and we can trust you for it, soon you can be a fighting instructor for us..." Nicola added, when she also amazed what happened after the fight.

"Ah I know you were all shocked when I just beat them two without asking any help from you and you just enjoy watching it, I think sooner I'm going to teach you to fight, like what I did there, you see I did that with my moves...."

"Oh yes, you see I'm also very impressed of your fights to them and I also want to fight like you, who is like strongest and at the same time very tough at all..."

"Thanks Nicola, I think everyone got impress to me now and that was the good part I ever heard about, also I think that you want to celebrate it or not, no?..."

"I think it was a good idea we could have a nice toast and we should celebrate it..."

"How about the mess that you did??..." Eichelmann asks wondering about the mess they had.

"I don't need to clean that Eichel, you know me....i hate cleaning a lot, so I really do hate chores and doing cleaning stuff and so on..."

"Fine Kyra, I'm asking about it, or else that my mom would go to lecture me again, but I don't really care..." Svenja said to her.

"Just don't need to hear it..."

"Thanks, maybe I recommend to myself to do it..."

Patrik nodded and also agree to her. "Yeah, also I want to continue playing billiard, but that's ruined because of that blonde girl."

Kyra was going to get the cue to give to him even know she couldn't find the billiard balls and he just moans to her.


"I can't find the rest, I'm not going to complain for the missing balls...well you have it already." Kyra sarcastically said but Svenja shouldered her.

"Come on, I have so staff in this house and they can clean this place up, I can't believe they are so slow now."

Then Stephanie was going back to the mansion and Julia notices how pissed she was.

"I can't believe Svenja was going too far, she didn't even try to help herself and also she really cares about her friends than us now!" Stephanie said while pissed.

"I told you before if we tried so many times and Svenja never listens." Julia said.

"But this is frustrating Julia, that I'ved seen her friends hangout around here everyday and she wasn't doing anything, she's also always got drunk with her friends. I can't believe she was like this immature so far."

"You have to calm yourself; I think there's nothing we can do to her..."

"Fine Julia, I guess we will go to deal with her behavior."

Stephanie tries to calm herself down and sit in the sofa with Julia.

"Stephanie, I know you tried your best." Julia said and Stephanie sighs.

"I know. Svenja was just turning more immature than ever."

In the Sports hall Edita saw that Xenia was taking her practice too much, and she started to get worried.

"Hey, you don't need to take practice too much..." Edita said while worried to her then Xenia suddenly stops practicing.

"Sorry Edita, I'm so nervous and you see I don't know if Laura Jung was going to beat me up and I don't want to get lose this time in the competition, that's why I'm practicing hard to prove to my sister that I am doing my best all the time, how about you?..."

"Oh well, I'm still at my work managing all the teams here in RSG, even though it's hard for me that my husband and I are divorced now..."

"That was really harsh to know you are divorced with him and that was really bad, at least that your daughter was there, still I'm hoping that she can be a good ballerina just like the old times that you did..."

Edita smiled. "Yeah I know, hopefully..."

"I'm planning to have a sleepover with Julia at Friday night, I hope this time or in the next day, probably I can go early to go to the bookstore to buy something for her..."

"Okay anyway thanks you talked to me Edita and I'm sorry about for your husband..."

"That's okay, I'm still happy, but I'm telling you that you don't have to be nervous at all, I'm sure you can do it..."

"Thanks Edita..."

Xenia was going to the dressing room to change her outfit, while Edita was going to fix other things inside the Sports hall.

In early morning, Xenia, Mascha and Rena go in the bookstore and she wants something to buy for her friend.

"Wow, what a nice choice I mean that we are going here because you wanted to give her something, not like you can give her a lame book or something and you should even give her something even better..." Mascha suggest and Xenia agrees.

"Julia likes reading so I can give her a new one, she told me she really loves reading science and facts for example how rivers are there in Prague and you would have an idea for that and she was like reading math books, it's better I can probably give her geometry book... even if is not in a 9th grade book, she would be fine on it..."

"Oh okay I get it, that you wanted to buy her a book then, at least your friend will realize your really doing that good for her, I guess you know she would just appreciate it..."

"I'm also going to agree about what Mascha said, I think she was right, we are going to your school again, to look if they also just recognize us there...." Rana said while got bored looking at the books and waiting for Xenia to choose.

"I guess you have a point, besides I guess I can come to my school and I can give her the book directly and you know at least I have extra time before the school starts and it's so early that I came here..."

" I think you are right about that, because of that I decided we can have a shopping spree for a while with Rena, don't worry because Veronika won't knows this about besides she was so busy and hangout with her other three friends...."

They decided to go in the mall, in the school Julia came early and she was sitting in the stairway in the school, later on she saw Svenja was throwing slushy to Tom and her friends did get laugh to him.

"Hey Svenja! That's enough... you almost bullied one of the students here in school, and that's enough!" Julia shouted and Svenja laughs.

"What can you do about it?"

"Stop making them miserable and if you have problems with me because your always got jealous when mom was always proud of me and your not, you have to prove to me or to mom that your even better, don't tell me your doing this so you won't feeling jealous!"

Svenja turns to be mad to her and she also pushes Julia even though Julia wasn't scared to her.

"Julia, it's your fault I become miserable because of you!"

"It's not your making yourself miserable."

"What are you just going to do about it? Don't think you can just easily convince me like this and don't be, please don't say anything, you can't even stopped me!.."

"That was your problem, every time I tried to convince you then your been jealous to me and now your always been so angry when I was trying to tell you about the right thing to do but you're always acting so stupid!"

"Ah really, that was all you got to say to me, I don't need your lectures on me because no one really does care about me, don't pretend you care, because you aren't actually..."

"Svennie relax, Julia was just like that..." Eichelmann convinces her.

"Shut up Eichel, she was just making me irritating right now... she was a damn nerd and just do nothing to make me jealous to anything..."

Julia slaps her but she push her back and the students are started cheering and she was started to fight with Julia, but Xenia came and she stopped their fight.

"Hey please just stop fighting this instant!" Xenia convinces them, tries to go in the middle.

"You better shut up Russian ballerina!" Svenja implied to her.

"You better stop hurting her!!..."

Xenia tries to hold Svenja, she pushes her to the locker and Xenia got pain in her back after that she wants to stand up, but Robin get started to worry when he saw her there.

"Hey, Are you okay?..." Robin asks worriedly and Xenia nodded.

"I'm okay...but little bit, I can't believe Svenja can push me to the locker painfully, my hurts, don't worry about me because I will be going to be fine..."

"And now... I think that I should even take you to the classroom now..."

"No, I'm not going anywhere until I can stop the fight, because Julia was fighting with her sister right now, that wasn't even good..."

All of FFL group is watching their fights and they are all cheering for Svenja.

"Hahaha! And I think that was really the best part when you want to fight to your sister..." Kyra sarcastically said that Eichelmann feels bothered about it.

"Really? do you think that's the best part? Fighting your own sister?"

"Eichel, you should be happy...we're watching a real fight here!"

"Oh well, I think you also did that to your sister..." Nicola said to Kyra.

"As I can say of course I can also do that to my sister, because she always steals an attention that I didn't even want to, all I can say that she was like another version of Julia, I hate to talk about it, because she was so annoying at all..."

Nicola then laughs "Hahaha, the version of Julia...that's funny..."

"I know it is..."

"Ah I know her name either, her name is Katharina Kislewski, right?"

"Yes that's right..."

When they are both in the fight, Xenia was rushing to go to stop the fight and she tries to hold Svenja and she loses her grip to hold her tight, and she was keep stop them from fighting.

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