Back in School - book 1/C14 Friday night
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Back in School - book 1/C14 Friday night
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C14 Friday night

Svenja tried to fight Julia but she can't even hurt her even more, she couldn't even punch her but Xenia stop the fight by pulling Julia far away from her.

"Don't you dare, fight like that to my best friend, please you are crazy and what do you think what it is? A street fight?!..." Xenia angrily said and pushed Svenja back.

"Why are you here then? You don't need to join the fight, I know all about the pathetic ballerina are going to get lose in the fight, oh I know you're too weak about it..."

"You think you can just insult be, don't worry, I'm not a crybaby this time and I think you are, because you are just damn pathetic and you are like jealous with Julia because Julia was the most smartest girl in the whole school while you are the most pathetic and idiot who can also know how to throw slushy with other students..."

Svenja suddenly gets even madder and she suddenly punches her, she pull Xenia's shirt all over with her madness.

"You shouldn't just dare compare me with Julia! Luckily you're been saved from your embarrassed or else I can make your stupid reputation to get ruined, I don't think you want that..." Svenja said angrily.

"It's either you are not really belong here and I know you don't have a true hobby but I can't be ruined in my reputation and you know my sister Veronika, she can knock you down because she was once join in the gang group and I guess you thought I can be always a crybaby..."

"Ah well, good luck to your event but it's so irritating that you are comparing me to her and I don't even care if you are friends now with Julia... I think I'm wasting my precious time and I need to leave now..."

She leaves and she was going inside the school with her entire group, then Xenia did try to calm down after Svenja leave.

"Are you okay??..." Julia asked with her concern.

"I'm not okay I can't believe your sister now was going to overreact like a child!" Xenia answered when she gets stressed.

"Please Xenia, I know you're mad at her, but I'm fine, I don't like the fight either, you're not a gymnast but a fighter!"

She awkwardly reacts to it. "I don't know if that's part of the joke now Julia, but anyway I can't believe how brave you are to face her, you supposedly punch her to her skull so we can fix her brain right away."

"I don't have time for jokes now, thanks you try to cheer me up, it feels this was even my fault, maybe I made a mistake why she was angry to me like that..."

Xenia suddenly got worried seeing her become sad. "No Julia, don't blame yourself!"

"Oh come on, what do you want me even to think...I think I can only think myselfsince we are like arguing about this situation..."

"I even think I'm so lucky that I never argue with my sister Veronika, sometimes we did argue when she was studying in this school, she was like rebel and always drinking whisky and when she comes home, I always smell whisky to her and we argue about It, I totally hate it..."

"Even me, Svenja was like that as always, maybe I don't think also I don't want to talk about it..."

"You are right Julia, when we talk about it all over maybe I'm giving you much stress, maybe let's talk about something else, so do you have already crush here??.."

Julia reacts awkwardly to her question. "Xenia, what are you talking about?!..."

"Don't react like that Julia, I'm just trying to cheer you up...I wonder if you had already, I admit I don't find my real crush here in this school but in RSG I do..."

"Ah okay even outside the school, I don't have any crush there..."

"Good, but we can still enjoy being alone like single could do, at least we are here in the school for weeks so we can just totally even enjoy our studies and everything with friends..."

"Oh I think that was really the whole point at all and I think we should get back to the class..."


Svenja and Kyra directly throw a slushy from Tom and to Pia. She gets very unfair when they are repeatedly doing it.

"Oh hey! What gives? Repeatedly throwing slushy everywhere!!..." Pia yelled and getting angry to both of them.

"I guess you're been so stress out right now, I mean you really like so stressed at all, damn you are so annoying at all... to hear all your blabber mouth and just shut your mouth, I just did that for fun..." Svenja said

"You know that wasn't the good thing that you did that, now you did to Tom and you seem so unfair right now, you are been worst than seeing my father who always abuses me and now who is in jail now!..."

"Oh really sorry about that, we really do terribly sorry for what happened, but we don't care, you don't care if I'm doing this by the way..."

"Plus, stop being drama queen." Kyra said to Pia.

"Oh come on Svenja, I don't need your attitude to be like that, don't act you're the boss here but the other fact you are not the boss of here, you suppose to be not doing this to me!..."

"I guess your being so drama queen but you can't do anything about it, what are you going to do? Lecture me about your non-sense advice, I think I was expecting you're making just a blah-blah-blah that your keep saying on me, stop being overreacting, Pia..."

"I'm not overreacting and excuse me! You think I'm the one who is overacting here; I think you are doing enough to get bully our other colleague!! damn you are always so annoying when every time that you're always been repeatedly doing that and you think the other people think that wasn't so annoying at all and of course it is!!..."

"Oh well I think you want to have a fight with me then and of course I know you get ready to get embarrassed here in this school..."

"No ready to meet your old frenemy about that..."

Pia smiled creepily when Marinna and the bodyguard came and showing her muscle to her, but Svenja didn't get afraid of her and she just giggled when she saw Marina.

"Come on Marina, with your muscle now, what now??..." Svenja wondered, while meeting with Marina.

"Oh... I think you forgot about what you did to Dean, about this first and you let him embarrassed for that... also because Pia said so that she wants payback and I can do that now..." Marinna said

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

They both suddenly pulls Svenja and hits her in every locker and but Kyra wanted to stop her but the bodyguard pushes her back when she couldn't do to save Svenja.

"You better out of my way, or else I will pull all your teeth out!" Kyra said and also punch the face of the bodyguard and the bodyguard made a kick to her chin that made her fall in the ground.

Until that Marinna was doing it for too long and she stopped when Dean try to stop her.

"Stop! Marinna, just stop doing that, what are you even doing? You can't even do that; she might probably have a serious injury!" Dean said worriedly.

"Well she deserved it as I know that she was just bullying someone and glad I did, now she get suffered from her arm injury, sehr gut!..." Marinna said after fighting with her.

The bodyguard stops fighting Kyra and now Kyra feels weak after she received bruises to her face and feels pissed off.

"You really feel coward by bringing your own bodyguard here, nice just nice." Kyra spits some blood in front of Marinna after the fight.

"I guess it's only the solution for you to get discipline and I know you can't mock anything Kyra but don't spit anything blood on me, it's disgusting!"

"Could you stop fighting with Svenja especially?" Dean begged to Marinna, but she doesn't seem convinced at all.

"Can you calm down Dean? Can you see that she doesn't have any injury yet?"

"I guess she doesn't have arm injury but you almost just put her in the severe injury, you know..."

She wears her brass knuckles and for her last move, she punches Svenja to her face fast.

"You are so damn crazy, Marina!!..." Svenja yelled and almost out of balance.

Pia and Katja laugh when they saw her lying on the ground and she was feeling the pain in her back, but Christian suddenly came and he let her stands.

"I didn't know someone will do this to fight against you I mean..." Christian said while he's concern for her.

"It's because Marinna get so crazy lately and I hate that, I think Pia planned that, I know I can pay her a payback either...ugh, great, just great...about Marinna bring her own bodyguard!..." Svenja complains and feels pissed off.

"You don't need to do that and you don't need to get a payback from them, you should be nice with them a little bit, you can do like talk to them and tell them what is right and wrong, that would work..."

" Oh, anyway thanks that you are so being nice to me, I wonder no one is being nice to me, I mean no one did loves me and even my family..."

"Don't say that, I think someone care and I mean your friends and others really do, I get worried and I hope you didn't get hurt very bad..."

"Don't worry I'm going to be fine... at least you're probably the handsome guy that I know who always nice to me at all..."

She was started to flirt Christian and when she was going to kiss him, but then he did refuses his kiss.

"I'm sorry but you can't even do this, I'm not really interested into that Svenja, I hope you understand that..." Christian said frankly and Svenja sarcastically smiled.

"Don't pretend you won't get interest in me, for will get attracted to me now, I can feel that, don't deny that I'm pretty enough."

He unsurely smiled. "I'm not even denying though."

"I see, but your concern enough a while ago...and now you pretend your not interested."

"I'm really being honest about it, I'm not really interested."

She sarcastically smiles afterwards. "It's just that you're cute but I think I need to go now with my friends, my other entire group was somewhere around in this school..."

She leaves and she was going with her friends, after class Pia and Katja meet Tom outside the school and they both wanted to talk to him something.

"Oh okay it's that we wanted you to invite you to come over at Friday night, I know you can come there and iwe are having fun there..." Pia said happily.

"Well okay and I know I won't like the plan about doing that to Svenja and you are just so rude..." Tom said and she suddenly reacts.

"Excuse me Tom! Are you even deaf? I told you I wanted to talk about the Friday night but I don't want to talk about it, because you obviously know I did that and I invite the girl to do that to her! Please just tell me if you are coming or not!"

"Pia's right, and then all of a sudden you need a lot of cotton buds just to understand about it..." Katja muttered.

"Please I'm not kidding here! I know about what are you talking about! But it's a big no and I'm not coming at Friday night!!..."

Tom was been pissed and he walks away, Katja gets even more irritated and she thought he would probably overacting.

"Ugh... I don't even know what happen to Tom now, maybe he was been easily to get overreacting around here..." Katja sarcastically said

"I don't even know what is his problem now, maybe he was having his own problem that he didn't even share to us, maybe he was wanted to overreact about when he was been always thrown a slushy... probably..." Pia unsurely said.

"Perhaps I think that would be the reason why he was like that..."

Pia shook her head in disbelief. "No I know it's because he was mad to my plan, I only did that once and not always every day, I think it was so unfair when Svenja was keep doing that, I ask the blonde girl to do the job, since that girl tells me that she was enemies with her..."

"I know there's nothing wrong Pia, I think he didn't only even understand why you plan it in the first place, because you didn't even tell him why...second of all I understand you did that because I know they are throwing slushy and it was annoying because they are doing it every day..."

"Oh glad you did even understand about it, Katja..."

"Yes also I wanted to forget my stress, because Tom also made me stress and I thought he was going to make my day great and it was unexpected that he didn't, so I think that we should go somewhere fun..."

"Yes sounds a good idea, Pia..."

They are going to leave in the school together, Julia was finding Xenia and she went to the sports hall and caught that she's already practicing performing rope, Xenia saw her and stop practicing.

"Hey Julia, I thought you already leave me while I'm so worried for the upcoming even though." Xenia immediately come to her and hugged her.

"I thought that you already leave too...I was really worried, possibly you will get bullied by them because of me." Julia said worriedly and she shook her head in disbelief.

"What are you talking about Julia, you see nothing happens...if your sister was planning to do that, I'm not even joking about bringing Veronika here, she can deal with bad girls like her."

"You mean by beating her up."


Julia breathes with relief. "Oh sorry I thought they already did something bad for you."

"Oh come on, also if you still feel guilty about for Svenja then you don't have to...because you tried your best for being a good sister and right now she's making herself in trouble."

"Well, I was thinking the past days when we were okay and now she become worse because of me, maybe I wasn't good enough."

Xenia snuggles her to give her a comfort afterwards. "I told you that you did any best efforts for Svenja, but she's the problem here not you."

"I think so."

At the Wurzel mansion. Svenja and her other friends stayed in her house for Friday night.

"Alright Svennie, really sorry about what Marinna did to you, I know she was like so damn harsh all the time and I hate her bodyguard too!" Kyra said while also feel pissed and either Svenja.

"It's fine, because I know Pia planned that about, I get beat her up and Marinna was like so strong now only with her bodyguard, I can't believe she was also working out with gym now with Dean..."

"Oh well, how are you with Dean?"

"Oh right now, he was at my room and you know he love to stay at my room..."

Kyra suddenly smiled suddenly and slowly shouldered her.

"My goodness, I think you need to grab your own opportunity to be with him now, you can be intimate anytime girl!"

"Also Kyra, you should even guard me if I need you to knock her down; I can't believe she let me do it, until I get a lot of pain..."

"Svennie, one thing you should know...I am not always there to guard you and Patrik either, anyway I think you need to teach her a lesson so she won't do that again, or else she can do that for another time..."

"I hope, I can do that Kyra..."

"Ah okay how about that you can do rebound revenge to Pia, you told me this was all Pia's idea..." Nicola suggest to Svenja.

Svenja was thinking about it and realizes that was a good idea.

"Oh yes I would love that, to do something about it Nicola, my plan was going to be process tomorrow and don't worry about it..."

"Okay I won't and I think we need to do think about what are we going to the plan for the rebound payback, maybe?"

"Oh yes I'm on it Nicola, and so... don't worry about it..."

She was started to think her plan while they are enjoying their Friday night, Luna came late and she gives more snacks to her friends.

"Oh I'm sure you are too hungry and sorry I came late, my dad nag about me that I should can't come here, but I want to, so I force him to say I want to go just to hangout here with you, guys..." Anja said to them, after she give the snacks to them.

"That's fine Anja, but I'm glad you are here because we are having our own plan, you will see what kind of plan was that, and it was also exciting..." Svenja said

"Wow that was nice, also I'm planning on something and I want to meet my own date and I think I hate being alone..."

"You don't have to be desperate Anja, I think me and Kyra are expert on that, if you want to find a date inside the campus and we are going to play flirting bet, still even Dean was in love to me...I can still play that game...besides I can do my own rules as FFL leader..."

"Besides if you are too much desperate about it, or it's because of your hormones then you should make out with someone randomly."

Everyone laughs on Kyra and Anja just rolled her eyes couldn't believe it.

"No thanks Kyra, I'm going to do it on my own way." Anja said to Kyra.

"Yes, like we all can do our own rules here." Svenja muttered and after she drinks beer.

"That's right, I know you can do your own rules, that's right I also want to find a date, I can find a date inside this school and maybe who is too handsome...but I'm not saying it was Tom or Dean, but I like someone else..."

"It means you're doing it for the good progress Anja, I think you took my advice to take their advantage, I know boys can be always a fool at flirting and I know they got distracted to that..."

"Oh I think it is, I see you can do it yourself...."

"Thanks Svennie, I know I can do it a lot of times, and besides...I think we should even enjoy this Friday night, everytime we are in this special mansion and everything was fine..."

"Yes everything was fine, but in the school was a lot of mess..."

"Ugh...Svenja, it was always a mess inside the school, Pia and her pathetic best friend is always messing with you around..." Kyra said

"I think you are right about that..."

"Hmmm...I told you so, I think that I did help you enough for that and also maybe that we should do something about it, maybe that I can suggest you to do an online dating site while me and Svennie are having our own plan for tomorrow..."

"Thanks but maybe that was a good idea and it helps for me..."

She smiled when she saw Luna was very happy about it, and they were all eating snacks while enjoying watching TV altogether.

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