Back in School - book 1/C15 The deal or bet
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Back in School - book 1/C15 The deal or bet
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C15 The deal or bet

In Julia's room, Xenia and Christian was having sleepover there and while they are all eating popcorn together.

"Hmm... you know Julia, I'm so jealous at your room, your room was so big actually and you had this mansion, just wow!" Xenia reacted seeing her room big.

"I know that was nice and also my mom's room is bigger than mine, in her room she was having her own TV there and other expensive stuff, also at least we are going to enjoy this Friday night and hopefully we did..." Julia said

"Oh I know, I need to start practice tomorrow and you know about my team, they needed me there and I need another one more gymnast in there because I think my other gymnast Tina can't be in my team... ugh... I guess Darja can be the part of my team also Valeria..."

"Who is Darja?" Christian asks with his curiosity.

"The other gymnast also she was the part in my same team but I hate her, we are not close since then, because it's a long story why I hated her so much, it's just that my friends also hated her trait and that's all..."

"And what kind of practice you're doing now, Xenia? I mean too much of practice about... doing the club part?" she asked unsurely and Xenia giggled.

"No silly, I'm doing my dance number there and I need to make one before our performance starts so that's why I'm a little bit nervous for the upcoming event because it was next week after the exam, actually..."

"Oh after the exam, sorry but we didn't even expect that, also even Christian..."

"Come on guys, don't worry that would be fine at least Mascha and Rena are there and there will be no problem for the practice, now we need to enjoy our sleepover guys and we should play monopoly or other enjoyable games..."

"Okay sure..."

They are finally all together enjoyed their Friday night. When they are watching movies and Julia almost stared Christian for longer, but shestop staring at him when she saw that he look at her.

"Hey....I never been in the place like this but this mansion was really big and I can't believe that you lived in this place which is really fancy..." Christian said and she suddenly smiled.

"Well you can see how mansion was really big, I know to myself that my mother wants to live in the fancy place like this..."

"Next time we should stay at Xenia's place or maybe she also have that place, because I don't even want you to try to stay at my place, it's not that fancy as your place here..."

"But that's okay if is not..."

"Also guys I forget to suggest you that you should support me there when it was the main event for the intercontinental cup 2009, I'm going to fight against the other team..." Xenia said to them.

He nodded. "Sure Xenia, me and Julia will never forget that..."

"Oh good, because I really want to tell you guys that I will even never forget that event ever, it was very important I should get practice hard only my friends should practice harder and of course I'm going to do that for them..."

"I think it was very important to you Xenia that you have to win in that event, also you don't need to remind it, maybe I will see it in Announcement board, I think we are also going to get remind by that..."

"Sorry guys if I remind this to you, maybe I should remind my dad tomorrow so he can even attend to my main event and my sister too, who is always been so busy nowadays..."

"Oh I see, maybe they are coming in the main event too..."

"Absolutely Julia, and I know that I am going to be excited if I did do get a lot of practice in Sports hall and everything will be fine, anyway I really did like your place, especially to your was really very comfortable to sit in the floor and it was so cozy..."

"Thanks Xenia."

They are all stared in the TV when they are all continue to watch the movie that they liked to watch, while Julia slowly stared at Christian and he didn't even notice it.

In the next morning, Julia goes downstairs and she saw that Svenja and her friends are very drunk; she tried to wake up them.

Hey wake up! Wake up! Wake up...

Svenja was still sleeping and she was daydreaming about something weird.

"Hey, Oma! What you're doing?" Svenja said while daydreaming.

When she wakes up and she suddenly gets shocked when Julia was standing in front of her.

"Oh my goodness, you make me shocked in there! I mean that don't just stand there!" Svenja reacted and Julia feel bothered.

"Oh come on, please told to your friends that they need to leave now because our mom was going to visit us today, I was also reminding you about the exam, don't forget to study...."

"Ugh... fine Julia..."

Julia leaves Svenja still wants to sleep on the floor and couldn't do to stand up, she tries to reach her phone that was under the sofa and to grab it with her left foot, but she sleeps.

Eichelmann slowly wakes up seeing Svenja was sleeping in the floor and Kyra was sleeping in the table. She notices that it's 8 am as she looks to her watch, and tries to wake Kyra.

"We supposedly need to leave now." Eichelmann tries to wake her up but she saw how Kyra was very sleepy and saw that Julia comes back.

"I can't believe they aren't still leaving, our mom was coming here really need to leave." Julia said and get more bothered when Svenja was still sleeping. "Svenja!"

"Its fine, I will do something for them to wake up." Eichelmann replied.

Another day in school, Pia and Katja came early in the school while Katja was eating her sandwich.

"This day would be probably great, but it seems Tom was a drama queen yesterday, you know what, he didn't even know we both enjoyed our sleepover last time to our Friday night..." Katja said and Pia just sighs in annoyance.

"I don't care if Tom was a certified drama queen or what, I know that was just damn irritating when he was always acting like that, I can call drama king soon..."

"Okay I guess we are should go to get our books in our locker; probably our class was almost going to get started..."

They are going in their locker room, when they both opened the locker room and they saw a full of sand and a note said I did this by S-W, Kyra slowly put an artificial cockroach in Katja's back, when Katja feels it and she was suddenly screamed.

"Ah!! Someone is crawling in my back!! Ah!! My goodness!!..." Katja screamed while get started to get scared.

She was running everywhere and she tried to hold and remove somewhere in her back and she finally get the artificial cockroach and she was screamed when she saw it, she suddenly throws in the trash and burns it with her lighter. Svenja laughs when she was watching them and Pia recognize that they did something.

"Oh hey! I know you put something in my friend's back, now you put something in my locker and I can't believe you will do this and that was really very unfair for me!!..." Pia yelled angrily but Svenja reacted sarcastically.

"Can you just take a chill for a while, you're suddenly going to get mad because you saw that you are having sand in your locker and don't worry you can take it..."

"Do you even think we are like construction workers here? We don't need sand and we don't even need that, you can give that to Aladdin probably he won't need to sleep in his flying placemat at least that he can sleep in the sand..." Katja said sarcastically but Pia put her palm on her when she's disappointed to her joke.

"Ugh... Katja, I don't need that we don't need to joke her like that, now Svenja... what do you even want?"

"You already know what Svenja want, she wants everything just to embarrass you too, you can do something about it..." Nicola said

"Yes I know I can do something about it, just like I can demand this to her mother but I don't think that would be a good idea, we can do this all along and you need to fix your attitude because we don't even like it..."

"Oh really..."

They suddenly throw a slushy to them; she gets even mad when they just laugh at her.

"Hey come on, don't put stains on my clothes now!" Katja feels pissed off and Pia too.

"That wasn't even funny, don't you see you wanted us to get insulted here and that wasn't nice at all actually, I hated it especially and you shouldn't dare do that!! Or else I will do something to get you expelled in school..."

"And I notice your little prince charming wasn't here, I guess he was a coward man after all, anyway it's just from the beginning that I can even write it in my blog about you, I wanted to post it public at Facebook, that would be better..." Svenja said to them

"You know Svenja; I don't even understand what do you even want now? Because I didn't even do anything wrong... you always make trouble here! Also what do you even want now?!..."

"Please I'm telling you, stop making stains on my clothes now!" Katja moans but Pia quickly shouldered her. "Ouch!"

"I want a better deal from you, the deal was you need to do what I say right now or else there is 24-hour anti-embarrassment will be happen including your friend, this is the limited time offer if you wouldn't do this, I will keep doing this fun for sure..."

"Fine, what kind of offer do you want?"

"Just anything I want, probably I wanted to tell you right now, this would be better, pick a guy you can flirt with..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't you even want my offer, Pia??..."

Dean came and he saw that they are both talking something about the offer.

"Svenja, please... I know you wanted them to punish but don't be like that, because of that I wanted to have a special date with you, they can do arrange our date at night and if you want you can have double date with your friend..." Dean said and Svenja agrees.

"Ah okay I guess now you are started to suggest it better, I can do that and I mean I think I want a special date and that would be the good deal if they can stay at my house to do our special date, that was the brilliant idea, Dean..."

"Oh no! Are we going to do a role of housemaids?" Katja asked herself and muttered.

"Shh!" Pia said, tried to get Katja to be quiet

" I also like that anyway, that would be nice if we had a double date and I can have a double date with Julian or I think this would be your only date with Dean..." Kyra said

"No Kyra, but this would be our only date..."

"Okay then, I hope you can enjoy your date with him, this special date with him is really great..."

After the deal was settled and all of FFL group leave but Pia was stressed when she can't even do something about it.

"Now I can't believe it Dean that you agree on that deal and really for the offer that Svenja want, you know I don't even trust her, she wants to play her own dirty tricks on me!..." Pia said while she was getting stressed and Dean was worried to her even more.

"But I care about you too, I don't want you to get miserable so I am taking a chance, so she won't do to embarrassed you for 24 hours, you heard her...FFL are not really that deaf and forgettable to their group, do you remember how famous their group is..."

"I don't even care Dean, I'm thinking what I'm going to do there tonight, and maybe I'm going to hate it at all..."

"That was the only choice I got, maybe we can't do something about it, the option are we going to do is just to follow their deal or else they are going to pay you a consequences and glad I spare your day!..."

Pia reacted. "Really Dean? Do you think I have to be thankful for that??..."

"Pia, could you relax? I don't even know if what role are we going to do? Maybe props or maid, whatever!" Katja said to Pia sarcastically.

"I don't care Katja; it seems Dean didn't really bother his problems because he was dating the leader famous around here in FFL!"

Pia leaves with Katja, while Dean was instead going inside the classroom.

When Christian was coming to the classroom, he sees that Julia was already there, so he sit beside her but he wonder where Xenia is.

"Do you know where Xenia is?" Christian asks immediately.

"I think she's on the practice, she really wants to prepare the practice...also I'm so excited for her to win the event, I knew Xenia was doing all her best." Julia said happily.

"I know, she really deserves to win because I know she really do her best."

"I hope so; I'm so excited to watch her performance there."

"I wish that too that Xenia will win in the competition." Robin suddenly speaks up that made Julia shook and look to her back with Christian.

"Um...sure, I wish her team will win." Christian said awkwardly, as he wasn't very close with Robin.

"For sure, I know she will do all her best to let her team win...she has everything in there, not only being beautiful but at the same time being so sexy and athletic that sometimes I want to flirt with."

Julia and Christian awkwardly stared each other and they didn't know what to react.

At night, Pia and Katja goes in the Wurzelhorst mansion to prepare for the special date, they are already preparing the food, while Katja was already boiling the pasta, while they were together now in the kitchen.

"At least we aren't called the desperate housemaids here!" Katja teased herself and Pia shook her head in disbelief.

"No it's desperate housewives, not housemaids, because I know that TV show anyway..."

"I'm saying this is just ridiculous that we have to follow Svenja's deal to get us keep getting embarrassed in the whole school, do you even think that is the good idea at all?..."

"I don't even know Katja, I don't even have a choice, because she has many friends who can even embarrassed us, I know I should even tell her free anti-embarrassment forever, she was still very unfair..."

"Oh well, we don't have any other choice or else next time, she will steal your underwear and stick it everywhere in the school, and it was okay to be like desperate housemaids I mean wives or blah-blah-blah!..."

"Oh fine, I think it was maybe a good idea, but I find this mansion was so fancy..."

Katja quickly nodded and get amazed in the kitchen too. "Wow... I never knew Svenja was living in this house of mansion, I'm so jealous to her right now, because my house is only up and down, but even in the kitchen here is also fancy..."

"Yes everything it is, I'm not even jealous to have a mansion house, luckily she has...but I know that Dean suggested it so blame him, Katja..."

"But totally I can't because I know he tried to help us, I know it was useless, because we are doing another role, at least I'm not even doing the flirting disgusting session like she was doing with Kyra..."

Pia reacted in disgust. "Oh come on, I know how disgusting and terrible is, but we can't do something about it, and I mean that it's just that we have to do something to make their date too much special..."

"I also even like this place, but I hate it...maybe you have a little point in there that we are like going to be a maid in this stupid deal..."

"Yes, we can't do something about it Pia, I saw FFL website on the blog and they really have so many supporters out there around in Germany and I saw they have so many videos there and I don't even mind watching it, they are usually doing the flirting bet..."

"I know that I really don't plan to go to their site just to watch their non-sense video and maybe they uploaded the video how they posted Dean's underwear, soon with boxers..."

Katja giggled at her, after what Pia said, Pia joins her to giggle either when they find it funny.

In the garden, Svenja and Dean are on the date, and while they are waiting for the food.

"Um... nice the garden was so fancy, I really love it...." Dean said and amazed viewing the whole garden but Svenja was starting to get curious with him.

"Are you trying to make a deal with me? Or just sparing my other enemies..."

"Of course I'm having a deal with you, I know you wanted be to be your boyfriend as temporary and please I wanted to be with you for real and not for the deal that you said to me..."

"Oh Dean, I'm sure maybe you wanted to play trick with me, because I know Marinna was very overprotective for you, besides... it should be the best deal that I can get for you..."

"Um... me too, I think it was really a best idea..."

"Good and don't be so worried at all, I think this day will be going to be great..."

"Of course I'm going to enjoy this day, since you admit to me you really have feelings for me, i don't think I could even cry about it all night and I don't need to...I'm very glad you're here that's why I am happy to be with you on this date..."

When she suddenly touching his neck tie down to his chest and Dean just breathe heavenly and expecting this only would be a date.

"I'm sure you won't even dare to trick me that you're sparing Pia and Katja..." Svenja said with her evil smile, Dean shook his head in disbelief.

"I'm not sparing them, but I wanted to know you even more... and so that even we are like on the temporary date that your saying and it's better that we should know each other..."

"How can you prove to me then?"

"You will believe me that I want them to do something special for us, because I want this date to be perfect, to do that you need some like assistant or something."

She smiled widely. "I hope you won't even do the trick, or else Kyra will going to take you down and my friends, I'm warning you Dean, not only sticking your underwear around the campus is the consequences there, there is so many that I can do for you..."

"I promise this is not a trick and I'm started to get in love with you..."

"I think that's a better reason I need to know..."

"And of course I love this date and I hope you also understand the reason what I did said about this deal..."

"No problem, Dean..."

She suddenly kisses him and after that she was started to smile when she was dating with him.

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