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C17 Happiness

In early morning, Dean wakes up and when he wakes up, he gets shocked when his clothes was under the bed, he wear his clothes quickly and he was going in the school while he was bringing flowers, in school Svenja and her friends already came to meet their other friends.

"Oh Svennie, I think your prince charming gladly was coming here in this school and you both had a great night with him, don't tell me you make-out session with him, oh tell me about it!..." Luna said and Svenja smiled cockily.

"I said it now he was now officially my boyfriend, at least the finally knows it and he was going to be happy..."

"Luckily you turn out to be lovebirds together...aww I never seen your so happy with him now, damn." Kyra cuddle her tightly.

"Yes like I didn't expect this from him now, at least this is the paradise I call with him, I'm sure I want to do many things with him."

"I'm sure you want to try things with him, try to sleep again with him...that will be so great!"

Dean came and he was giving flowers for her, and all of Svenja's friends are cheering for her.

"Of course, I am started to be sweet now, and flowers for you..." He said while he was giving flowers for her.

"Thank you Dean, well you're so sweet, anyway thanks for the flowers, it's time you already wanted to say it to your sister that we are been officially official, and we are this time dating for real..." Svenja said

Nicola gets curious. "Huh, Really? I didn't know you're dating with him for real! I was been shocked by that, I thought that was your only deal that you told me that your dating with him temporary like a week...you tell us that..."

"Me and Dean are dating now for real, this time we are like really a true couple and sorry about that Nicola, I didn't tell you the whole thing about I changed it, when I started dating him last night, I feel like I'm so in love with him..."

"That was good to know at least I realize you finally found your own prince charming, that was him anyway because of that, I would like to congratulate you with Dean, I'm just so happy to see you together..."

"Oh well I didn't expect you too both are starting dating together, anyway that was good news to hear, but glad you did tell us that about!" Kyra said while happy for them.

"Oh yeah thanks for saying that, besides... I'm also happy when I find out Dean was so sweet to me and I mean I didn't expect he could be sweet to me like that..."

"It's unexpected that he was going to be like that, I'm both happy for you..."

Dean was getting curious that all of her friends are getting nice to him either.

"Maybe you need some little moments there, while I'm going to get myself satisfied with some guys whose manly enough." Kyra said before she leaves with her friends.

When her other friends leave and Dean was get started to get curious when he saw that they are very nice to them.

"Um... your friends seems so nice and why are they are like that?" Dean wondered and Svenja giggled.

"It's because they are all very happy for us, I told you that they are like that and they are jealous to us, they realize we are both dating each other..."

"About that, I'm also going to tell this to my sister, I'm hoping she won't get mad at us, I mean I was hoping she won't be, I know it was great and amazing about last night and I just really enjoy it..."

"Me too Dean, I really enjoy about the night and it was really greatalso glad you make my day great, glad you made my day great yesterday and I really love it..."

"Also thank you when we sleepover last night and I enjoy our date..."

"Me too, I'm also completely enjoying it..."

She kissed him before she leave, when Christian came in the classroom and Julia unexpectedly approach him when she was also going in the classroom.

"Um... I was just getting going to the classroom..." Julia said and smiles awkwardly.

"It's fine, I'm going too, later on maybe we can have group study together, after math club, I think that would be a better idea..." Christian said

"Sure, I think that is a better idea..."

She get flattered when they both goes in the classroom, when Nicola was sitting near from Kyra, she saw how Kyra was very serious and she notice her bandage to her right arm.

"Hey Kyra, how did you get a bandage like that?" Nicola asked with her concern and Kyra sarcastically laughs about it.

"I punch the window and jump off, over at Tom's place. I can't believe you didn't even notice last night."

"Please tell me if you did something that you didn't like..."

"No Nicola, I don't like it when Tom was too boring last night..."

"What do you mean that he's too boring? Tom was talkative nowadays..."

"No not that I mean...I mean to say he was like nagging about he want me to compare to my mother and just I really hate that part, as usual..."

"Ugh...maybe you did too much, maybe he thinks you did too fast, when you try to make a move to him again, maybe you start it from scratch, you have to be nice to him again..."

"Oh what a nice idea Nicola, you want me to pretend now I'm going to be a good girl, I don't think that would be a good idea..."

Nicola giggled. "Well that was the other thing you can do for him, if you want to take another advantage and you have to be nice to him again, but this time..."

"Come on, I still want to do my own strategy...I think it's still working and don't worry I can still able to flirt him as long as I want, all of the people here still give me a respect..."

"Well it's because they were all afraid of you, because of what you always did there...I think you have to do something about it..."

"I can do it, I hate his attitude last night and I get stressed out but this time, maybe he deserves another chance and I won't even to waste opportunity like this..."

"I know you don't want to..."

Xenia came just in time in the classroom and she seats near from Julia.

"Oh hey Julia, I wanted to tell you glad we are started to have an practice together, it was just so great, I'm started to have a practice also finally we started to have a practice to our dance number and glad we did, it was just nice that Mascha and I set an arrangement for the costume and I finally think I really did that well..." Xenia said to her happily and Julia feels happy for her.

"I guess you really did very well on your practice, anyway that was great If you also finally arrange your dance number and the costume too, about that I know you can do it successfully I mean to get win in there, I know you can do it..."

"Thanks Julia, your always there to support me and cheer me up for sometimes that I need other opinions for my best friend, I choose a best song choice with that..."

"What is the name of the song?"

"We speak no Americano, I know that you know that song and it's great, right?"

"Yes it is I'm hoping your dance number was going to be great..."

"Um... yeah, especially I hope that I can do my dance number very well, I think your also good at dancing too."

She shouldered Julia, but Julia shook her head and she realizes it.

"What? Are you trying to say that you're not really good at dancing? Well don't tell me that your sister was only good at dancing."

"Because she really is, Svenja was always a hip-hop dancer, so she was always best at doing her own dance number..."

"Oh...I never knew that she was good at dancing but speaking off about my dance number, I wanted to do it best, and maybe I can do it well..."

"Um.... Did your friends agree about your idea?"

"Yes they did already, anyway thanks for saying that song of my dance number was a great choice..."

"That was good, I know you really think a great idea for your dance number because I really love it, I'm so excited to see your dance...."

"You will be Julia, so I'm telling you that you have to be there, I'm so excited for me to see you that..."

Robin saw that Xenia was talking to Julia, he wave his hand to greet Xenia but she just ignore it when she saw that he wants to greet her.

"Hey...Robin really wants to be with you..." Julia muttered and Xenia reacts sarcastically.

"Oh come on, I don't really want him, not that I am being mean..."

"I think that you don't, I can't do something about it..."

In Spanish class, Svenja didn't listen to the teacher's discussion while she draw something in her notebook and she draw silly faces while bored, she suddenly shocked when Christian dropped his Spanish book in her desk.

"My goodness, you make me shocked in there and now... what do you even want? To make me shocked again?!..." Svenja reacts and finally take a deep breath.

"I think we can have a group study about studying basic Spanish conversation, it'sirritating when you are not listening to the teacher, you can't be like that always. you have dreams and that's why your studying in the school, it's not only because your making friends but you have dreams too, my dream was to be I wanted to be a teacher soon..." Christian explained and she sighs.

"Oh well you don't need to care why I'm not listening to the teacher, the discussion was so boring and I was almost going to get sleep, ugh... the discussion was even get more boring and it's better to draw something than to listen..."

"You can't always do that Svenja, I know that you have fun but I think this upcoming exam, you are not going to cheat at my answers... I wanted to ask you questions if you know already Spanish... No te preocupes..."

Christian slightly giggled which Svenja still doesn't get it and raises her brow. "Huh... is the meaning of I can't let you down?"

"No Svenja, but the meaning is don't worry, that was the simple review because of that I finally knows that you didn't study..."

"Oh I don't care and anyway don't even do that again, you shocked me about it, I was been a bit surprised but just a bit..."

"Oh sorry about it, I also want to remind you that you shouldn't cheat on someone also you have to study..."

After talking to her and he was again listen to the discussion while she was been happy talking at him and she smiled, when Christian was trying to pay attention but someone throws paper on his back, he saw Kyra was holding a crumbled paper.

"Can you throw the paper properly in the trash??..." Christian asked her nicely.

"I don't see a trash can be here somewhere, I don't even want to walk just find a trash here..." Kyra said sarcastically and he got annoyed.

"Ugh...you are usually like that with Svenja, why do you even like to cheat??..."

"Like you don't even care Christian, as I used to say you are almost going to be bald and it was not really fit for you to be like a semi-bald guy as I can say, why do you want to lecture me??..."

"That wasn't called lecture, I like to convince you that you have to throw the paper in the trash, not somewhere..."

"Well Christian, as I can heard you're talking to my friend, I like to remind you Kyra hates when people just convince her what to do, it was so funny though that she didn't even listen to that simple instruction and she was not like that..." Svenja replied, when she tries to convince Christian.

"Oh I think it was just good to tell you simple thing than lecturing and it's okay to me if she doesn't listen, I know some people have that behavior, like I had friends like that too..."

"Oh ok, maybe soon you can give us free answer, please...."

"No sorry, I'm not the student who going to give answers to anyone, I hope you understand..."

After the class, Nicola was again staring at Julian and as she follows him until they both comes outside the school, but Julian did notice that she was stalking him.

"Oh well I guess that your stalking at me, what do you even want?" Julian asked and Nicola giggled.

"I wanted to tell you something, I wanted you to agree that you can come with me right now and offer me something like we can go on a date and or...we can go to date together, ugh... don't you ever know about flirting!..."

"I know about flirting but not like this, when you are forcing me to do it, I hated it when you're like that making me and my girlfriend just to be ruined..."

"Ah okay, what is the most important to you, Love or just embarrassed, dear..."

"I don't know if you just listen to me, then I am telling you honestly that I really have a girlfriend in the first place and also I like to say that she was going to get angry if we do this..."

Nicola suddenly kissed him and she took a photo with him while kissing him.

"Um... excuse me, why did you take our picture about that?" Julian asks worriedly and Nicola laughs about it.

"I just take a memorable picture with you, if you don't dare to come with me to shopping and I can upload our picture and post it public and that... your girlfriend will see it..."

"Please don't do that!..."

"I won't if in a one condition that you will follow, have fun with me..."

"Okay fine..."

Julian comes as he commands Nicola, she gets even happy when she was walking with him, and he didn't even expect they are both together going in the park.

"Um...What are was suppose doing here?" Julian asks wondering about the place.

"Julian, I told you having fun...to know you, now we are here in park and I think my friends won't get embarrassed you for that..." Nicola answered with her smile.

"Oh, I don't still even understand about you are so being nice to me, why are you always like that as always?..."

"Because I wanted to know you even better, It doesn't matter now... because sometimes I have to follow the rules that I need to follow, of course I know you are such a cute guy even everyone does wanted to tease you all over..."

"I know, but if you wanted to know me better, I admit I see your nice to me, actually I find that you are like nice to me, I wanted to tell you that I'm a simple guy who wants to study in school and nothing else..."

"Julian, I obviously know that, but this time... I'm happy to see you today, maybe I wonder you love to stay here alone, because sometimes I love to be alone and I was with my cats, because especially I love cats and kittens, also mostly chicks..."

"Oh I didn't know that you love animals..."

"Yes I do, also I wanted to give you something..."

Nicola opens her bag and she did give her a photo that she was holding a kitten, and Julian saw it was adorable.

"I know it was really adorable..." Julian said, after he slightly smiled at her.

"Oh also you can keep it..." Nicola said

"Ah okay no problem..."

"I can't believe it but I admit that you are too nice to me..."

Julian keeps the picture, while she was enjoying sitting in the bench with him. When Christian was supposedly leaving in the classroom, then Vivian came to meet him, because she's planning to flirt with him.

"What do you want?" Christian asks her immediately.

"You know what I want, probably a flirt to you...I'm finding a date and probably you would be interested in me then." Vivian wink at her which is he doesn't get it.

"I'm sorry but I didn't even get what your intentions with me now."

"Um...you know what already I want so...probably you should try date with me and you should come over my place, I think it will be good."

He shook his head. "Sorry but I don't like that kind of idea...also I'm not that kind of person."

Svenja was finding Vivian and seen that she's with Christian, so she laughs thinking Vivian has no taste, for flirting boys.

"Vivian seriously, you can't date with nerds now." Svenja teased her and Vivian mouthed her 'I don't care.'

"You should also try to find some Spanish books, if you're trying to make some Spanish conversation and I'm telling you that is very helpful." Christian said to Svenja.

"Oh please...I don't need some tips; I'm helping Vivian to find some decent date here."

Svenja pulls Vivian to leave and Christian scratch his head and didn't understand what they are planning to do.

Patrik comes outside the school to meet Eichelmann and to sit beside her in bench.

"What are you doing here? Are you not going to find some random guys? I think they will be lucky if they choose you, especially you." Patrik wondered and Eichelmann shook her head.

"I told you before I don't really like dating random guys inside or outside school. I would love to have a relationship but I think I really like the way you try to date me for real but I know your not that serious."

"I told you I can be serious...Kyra was playing a new game now, that now she need to act nice so Tom would give her another chance."

She sighs and feels bothered. "Patrik, I know that we're trying to work this well...but I don't think it's really working, I can feel that you want to play my feelings with someone else."

"Well I'm serious about you but to the girl that I chat online, I wasn't serious about her."

Eichelmann suddenly stood up to the bench and Patrik hold her hand when he wants her to stay.

"Can you explain this to me what your problem is?" Patrik asks and he's starting doubting her.

"I think this isn't working between us, we shouldn't dating anymore, I can't take it."

She suddenly walks out and he feels pissed off, so he suddenly kick the bench and that made Katja shocked, thought that he's going to do something bad.

"What are you looking at?!" Patrik asks angrily and Katja sarcastically raises her both hands to let him calm.

"Hey boy, you have to relax men...I didn't do anything wrong, I was so shocked of what you did there..."

"Hey anyway...I think you should try to get to know me, I need someone to talk to me."

She rolled her eyes. "Don't you have any friends to talk with right now?"

"I was pissed with Eichel right now; I think I need someone who can talk to me right now...I think you're the right person."

She gets flattered and thought that it's something that she needs to hear. "Do you think I'm the most stunning in whole school?"

"I think you're the one you should make-out with me right now."

She suddenly feels pissed. "Ugh...here we go again when your desperate thing want some date, can you rest your hormones now!"

She walks out while she feels disgust at him.

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