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Marinna comes in the hall to look in the pin board if there is an upcoming updates but she saw on the article that Svenja posted in blog (only printed and posted in pin board, posted by her and FFL friends) and she saw that she kissed Dean.

(Svenja's article blog,

19-08-09, Ah! Mit meinem Deannie!

Oh Letzte nacht, machen make-out session mit ihm is gut, Wir sind haben eine bezeihung heute and ich bin so froh wenn jemanden schrieb eine kommentar von mir, Oh yeah! Wir haben so spass und ich weiss dass Dean is sehr charmanter und sehr nett, nicht so schlau aber feiner, okay ich bin haben eine date mit Dean und das war toll und good, in andere nachtricht, Dean und Ich haben eine echt beziehung und keine frage! Bitte!, Danke für lesen dass und enjoy!

With my Deannie,

Oh last night, making make-out session with him is good, we are having relationship today and I am so happy if someone writes a comment for me, oh yeah! We are having so fun and I know that Dean was so very charming and nice, not so smart but fine, another news, Dean and I are having a real relationship and no questions please! Thank you for reading and enjoy!

When Marinna read the whole article from Svenja's blog that was been posted in the announcement board, she get even irritated that was been post by public, any other students are reading it.

"Ugh... this is just damn irritating; she made that public, huh..." Pia said, after reading the whole blog.

"I know right and what now if she was dating with Dean, I mean that was just a big deal that I almost forget my lines there and as being a waitress..." Katja said

"It doesn't matter now if you forget the lines, at least the good news that she won't embarrassed us by public that was a good thing so I can relax myself, the good thing is at least Dean chooses her and I mean that was the good thing..."

"Yes, too bad he was also handsome but he will picked a bad girl, that was his strategy just that he can't be throw a slushy anytime anywhere, I really hated it, also Svenja have blog and I don't know the name of the website and just type her name and you will see it..."

"Ah okay, I don't need to see her blog anyway and I'm not really quite interested..."

"Me too and I think we should need to go now, I'm not even to look at her article..."

"Hmm...I realize that he could get easily fooled by her..."

"I think Katja he is..."

"I'm not saying it was a bad idea that he could find his admirer or what, I'm saying he can't just be serious to Svenja, and you see how she was playgirl is, if I am him...maybe I will find someone else..."

"I know Katja, but we can't just do something about it, you see how he was happy with her and I think we can't just do something about it..."

"Oh I know and good luck for him too..."

While Christian was in the school, he was watching on his phone about the clip when Xenia was performing ribbon In the event of 2008, but Antonia caught him.

"Ehem! What was that for?" As Antonia coughs and asked ridiculous question to him.

"Nothing, I was watching her performance, don't think about something. I was watching her performance and that's all, I'm hoping I can also watch her dance number that would be great if I did..." Christian said

"Oh no, just tell me If you are in love with her, I'm not going to tell it public and I'm not even going to tell this to Chantal, come on now... just tell me about this..."

"Okay Antonia, I am going to tell you this why... and because that it's just that I really want to watch the video and I guess there is nothing wrong with that, huh... and I mean about that..."

"I think you're so in love with her, don't deny it because when I saw you're talking to her and you are way been so flattered to look at her, even like you're in math club and you seem your too very in love with her..."

"It's like your investigating me huh, but okay... I have a little confession to you, I wanted to admit that I'm in love with her, I know your even started to observe me if I'm in love with her and that's right I am... it was that Xenia was so cute and she was so charming to me, don't you think that would be enough to get in love with her..."

"Oh well you are really going to get in love with her, she was like so beautiful and so talented and no one can't resist her beauty. I think one of the boys here are like going to be crazy when they will going to see Xenia around in school..."

"But, what I am going to do? I can't just sit in the corner when every time that we are together in math club..."

She stared and shouldered him. "Then, you need to know each other even more, I suggest the best thing I can suggest that you should invite her to go somewhere like invite her to go in coffee shop and that would be better and talk about some interesting facts and anything that you like..."

"I guess that you are so helpful at all..."

When Christian leave and after the class Marina came to see Dean outside the school, when he meet him there and she was very disappointed at him.

"I can't just believe it, that I saw on Svenja's blog you both have make-out session in her house?! I can't believe it!" Marina yelled madly and Dean tries to calm her down.

"Oh come on now, don't be mad at her right now, I think she was just inspired to tell to her friends and in the whole school I'm his boyfriend right now, I can't believe you aren't going to support me about this and I mean you aren't even happy for me?.."

"Of course I'm if I saw you happy, you don't know that girl, I can't believe you're suddenly get in love with her even you didn't know her, that she was a bad girl and I can't believe you get easily In love with Svenja... ugh... DAMN!"

"Please Marina, don't be angry at her!"

She sighs with her anger. "I'm saying that I wanted to make sure she won't hurt your feelings and I was making sure that she was really sincere about this, I know she love dating with you but please, just to remind you Svenja is a damn bad girl and the playgirl in school and believe me.... She will betray you soon..."

"I believe that she won't do that again and Svenja did promise me one thing that she will never hurt my feelings and that's why I love her right now, and I understand why you are mad at her because of the past happens between you and her..."

"Oh yes, I remember the flashback about this..."


From 2008 in Märkische Schule, Marinna tried to get her papers to Kyra and while all of the students are around her and she was been throw a bucket of slushy of them while Svenja enjoying watching them and when finally Kyra give the papers to her and she write it down in her notebook to cheat for the exam.

"Oh hey! You can't even cheat and please... that is mine!!..." Marinna yelled

"Oh really! thanks for the free answers and I think I don't need to take study hard in school,oh hey... I get entertained well with my fellow students around, also to my group; because you are so annoying and you will get this..." Svenja said, and she put a black card in her face.

All of the students shocked when she did give her a black card, means that she is now the next target to get bullied from Svenja's group, all of the group laughs and while Kyra and Nicola did tried to hold and gripped her arm, but Marinna tries to leave and she suddenly slaps Svenja in her face and all of the students get shocked again.

"Really! How clever you are, Marinna!" Svenja shouted and Marinna was getting angrier.

"Stop doing this! Or else I swear you can't be here and you can't pass this 9-klasse and you will see!!..."

"Stop implying something, that's irritating..."

She suddenly punches Marina in her chest, Marina has fallen in the ground, but Svenja did opened her bag and in the plastic bag she opens it and it was the cat litter that she pours to her, and while the students are laughing to her non-stops


When Marinna opens her eyes and it was the end of the flashback that she suddenly remember it in her mind. "That was the whole thing about they did! They always laugh non-stop; I hated it when I remember that..."

"I think there's a chance that Svenja will change; I mean she can't be like that all the time..." Dean said

"I hope there is and I don't even expect if she was going to change at all, it seems that wasn't going to happen at all, I realize I remember the old times when she was keep doing that to me, but now I'm so thankful I'm now in the 10-klasse. I think soon she will not going to bother me..."

"But she was maybe going to change soon and maybe she was like that because she has too many problems like that..."

"Oh don't you think, she really does have problems by doing to make my life miserable and how about she was making others life miserable, she always did that!..."

"But maybe she was going to change and trust me this time Marinna, when I was started to date with her and now she was started to be nice to me..."

She sighs disappointedly. "I don't even know Dean if Svenja was going to change at all, she never changed...I hope she did well for you, I think that was just the good thing if she was really being nice with you, I hope that she does makes you happy..."

"Sure Marinna, are you even sure that you are not even still mad at her?"

"I don't know and just... I don't know..."

Marinna walks out and she was going inside the classroom after talking to Dean, Svenja came to meet with Dean.

"Hey, what's up now, Deannie?" Svenja asked and Dean suddenly smiled at her.

"Nothing, maybe my sister saw about you posted in the pin board that you also posted it on your blog..."

"Oh I think now you're talking but you don't have to explain everything Dean, your sister didn't even forget about our past about what I did to her, that I can explain to you...but actually I wanted to say thank you for being sweet to me..."

"Oh actually I am, because I believe you are also to be nice with my sister after all, I'm sure maybe it was a good thing that we are now officially dating. I can't even believe it that fast and I'm almost got speechless about it..."

"Yes me too, terribly I know... I wanted to apologize about what I did, I'm sure we wanted to make this relationship real, I wanted to confess to you about something..."

"What is it?"

"I'm going to tell you that I'm not going to embarrassed you in front of the students and that won't even happen to you..."

"Also I wanted to tell you something either, I really wanted to confess my feelings for you and I want to admit that, I'm started to get in love with you and you maybe understand it...that's why I wanted to make this real..."

"Of course, I also wanted to admit I really love you... not only because you are so handsome and charming, also it's because I really do like you..."

She gives him a kiss before she was leaving and he was started to get in love even more.

Later on, after Julia look to the announcement board and she saw that there so nothing important but she only read about Svenja's blog.

"Well you are expecting to read some more important facts..." Katja replied, after she notices that she was looking for further announcements.

"Yes I was, just going to see if there's announcement for RSG and I'm really supporting Xenia, anyway you are good at math and statistics, you should join in math club..." Julia said.

"Sorry Julia but I can't now, you know that I also already joined in other clubs but sometimes if there's a competition for math competition and I will join there, I think you love to, huh?..."

"Of course I do, I think we can do to join competition sometime..."

"That would be a good idea that sometime we are going to go together for the competition, I think that would be awesome..."

"Thanks Julia..."

In the meantime, Eichelmann and Nicola are also reading the announcement board and Nicola laugh after they read the blog and they are going together near from the locker afterwards.

"U-huh, I thinkyour status with Patrik isn't working, me and Julian are almost on the progress now, I treat him like a friend with a times that I flirted him, also he get feel awkward but he won't if he was going to get in love with me..." Nicola said and Eichelmann sighs.

"I and Patrik are never going to work our relationship besides he only wants to play bet with me...Which is I don't like."

"Well probably you need to try to play along with him too, that's what I'm doing with Julian right now.

She shook her head and disagrees. "I want him to be serious with me."

"I can see that Patrik does."

"But while he was flirting with any other girls and while we are serious dating...I don't think I would like that kind of idea now."

Nicola shouldered her. "You should give him a chance then, just like that I'm giving Julian a chance to like me for a reason. Just don't feel bad about it...you let it try then not to be serious first with him."

"I don't think you understand me."

"I am... you need to take my advice for that...you should try it."

"No, maybe I prefer what I really want and for a serious date not like what Patrik was doing now."

"Sure then you will see what I am going to do something for Julian now..."

"Okay I wish you can do better for him."

"Don't worry about it; I know what to know..."

Nicola leaves with her confident smile, and then Dean was going outside the school when he was seeing that Svenja was sitting to her car while drinking a can of beer. She smiled seeing him again.

"Oh glad you came here Deannie, what is it do you want?" She asks and suddenly covers her mouth and smiles seductively. "Oh obviously I know what you want now Dean, you want some satisfaction now."

"I think I want to ask you on a date and to get to know you better." Dean said and he smiles afterwards.

"Oh...if that's what you want...then where do you want to take me?"

"In the Hoffelhaus, I know you will love the place there....especially when we could have great conversations there with good coffee, and then we can eat breadsticks."

"Oh come on Dean, I want even better than that. you know we need some drink and then we could dance on the floor like there's no tomorrow, don't you know that I'm a good dancer!"

He suddenly becomes amazed at her. "Really? You're good at dancing?"

"Yes, I can dance some mostly hiphop and many of my supporters really got impress because of my dancing skills, especially Kyra...she always support on what I'm always doing."

"Oh...okay but I think its better first if we can go to coffee shop but next time, I try to take you to the bar so I hope I won't disappoint you then."

She smirks and got impressed to him. "Fine, then you should recommend me to the best coffee shops then."

Then she was going inside of her car and Dean joins her. Then Christian went to the Sports hall to see Xenia there, but he suddenly got distracted and feels that he's frozen when he look to his eyes, but he was shocked when Mascha pops out and he tries to breathily calm.

"Oh sorry, I thought you were trying to observe Xenia's move but you should tell me if we need to improve something, of course we need some other criticism from an audience like you...about what can we improve." Mascha said to him and he smiles awkwardly.

"I don't think there's something wrong with her performance. I really like it though..."

"Ah okay, luckily that Xenia was very creative thinking those dance moves."

Mascha then was going to the dressing room and Xenia came also smiled when he sees him.

"I'm so glad that your watching my practice already...I only have to think another dance move if it is really nice, I think it does." Xenia said.

"Umm...are you going to be busy practicing then?" Christian asks and she starts getting curious.

"Why? Are you going to asks me for going out? Or did Julia wants me to invite her to go over her place?"

"No, but I was asking if your very nervous for the event?"

He finally breathe with relief even Xenia was thinking about what he was trying to say, she got curious a bit.

"Umm...are you nervous for me?"

He quickly shook his head. "No...but I think I want to motivate you today, so that's why I came here, to get you avoid from being nervous."

"Aww Christian, why are you gonna be so sweet!"

She shouldered him and that's what makes him flattered but he avoids getting blush on her so he just smiles and awkwardly scratching his back.

"I want to tell you that you're the most talented gymnast that you will ever be, you have to always said that your always be the winner and you will always win."

"Oh I think Christian that would motivate me, thank you for that...but where's Julia?"

"She went to the library for now, she wants to borrow some books and she will be back here any minute."

"Oh...I think next time I wish we could go out somewhere if this event was over, I really have to focus to my practice because my opponent was really great, so they are all expecting that I have to be better than my enemy."

"Probably you should enjoy it too, because if I were there I would do that."

She suddenly hugged him and he didn't expect it so he was almost blushing but Rena came when she finally wearing in a gymnast outfit.

"I think Xenia we should start now, or else some other gymnast there are gonna complain about our performance now." Rena said and Xenia nodded.

"Of course, we started right away."

Then Xenia was going with Rena to start their practice, while Christian was only staring at her again.

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