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C19 Adored me

The next day, all the math clubbers are having an activity while Xenia was doing her own practice inside the classroom, any of them notice.

"What are you even doing?" Julia asks while curious seeing Xenia was practicing her dance moves.

"I do a little practice and I was making sure that I was doing it correctly, I don't want to make a mistake, but don't worry I try to remember the steps..."

"Oh great, I think that was the start that your dance number will be awesome..."

"Oh thanks Julia, I know someone adored all my dance steps and I was just excited for the event also Edita will be proud of me when she was going to see my dance number, glad we are finally started to have practice..."

"I also love it when you are dancing with it; also besides... you don't need to take practice too much, you see it was great when your practicing your dance number..." Christian said and Xenia feels even happier.

"Oh thanks I know really someone like my dance number, glad Rena won't complain that anyway, I am so excited that you should all watch my upcoming event there..."

"Don't worry because I'm going in there..."

"Oh good Julia, of course I want to say maybe It was I'm going finally set the dance number and I'm so excited to show it to my friends there in RSG..."

"I'm also excited to see your dance number already..."

"I'm a slight nervous for my dance number but I won't be nervous for too long as long as I know you're going to be there to support me and sorry if I take practice here inside, I really want to win in the competition, or my reputation will be ruined forever..."

After the class, Rena and Mascha came in the school to meet Xenia there but they didn't unexpected they are been throw a slushy in their face.

"Oh come on! That was so damn ridiculous!!..." Mascha yelled and got angry to Svenja.

"You know what is the most ridiculous when you are always been complaining anything you need, besides I'm really going to miss you and your friend Indian lady!"

"Please for the last time I'm going to say stop calling her Indian lady or else we can prove something that we are going to win in the main event, I'm sure we can really prove it that your such a loser since from the start and accept it!..."

"Oh well we are not the real losers here, I think you can't just suddenly accuse me like this. I mean in the situation like this, you can't really accuse me like that, you can't prove anything because I realize now you can't easily prove how good you are, and you are a bunch of losers..."

"We are not a bunch of losers and we can even prove that we can do anything to win the performance, you will see that you can't call us loser if we proved we can do anything and I know you will get punch yourself in the face when you will saw that we can prove anything..." Rena said and she giggled.

"Oh come on! I think you don't need to do your own pledge just to tell me that,I don't really care if you are going to win in the event anyway and nobody does care, because you're being a pathetic gymnast, who does do clumsy things..."

"Oh excuse me, you think that I'm that clumsy with Mascha, I don't think so, I told you we aren't and we prove that already, besides you will get shocked when you realize that we are just good at anything..."

"Oh I won't girl besides I'm not really interested about to know if you are going to win or not..."

She suddenly leave while Rena and Mascha ignore her instead, but Kyra pushed them both at the locker, then Mascha ignore it but Rena wants to attack her but she stopped her.

"Don't try to do that! We have to ignore them now!" Mascha said and Rena harshly breathes.

"Come on, they are doing this if they want...they are turning unfair sometimes."

"I know but right now...we have to focus on our practice, there's no point to attack them now...you should remember that."

"Sorry Mascha, I can't that girl who's too cocky enough to do that! But I know I should care about our reputation right now."

Until Xenia came outside and they are both happy to see her.

"Oh glad that we are just here for you and I just can't wait! But glad you're finally here and we almost waited for long..." Mascha smiles and Xenia either.

"I know you waited for me, glad you are still here to wait for me, besides we are started to have practice again and you see it was just... we did many activities today in math club, now it's also nice to do activities with my friends there."

"I guess we need to start to take practice again. I'm also excited for the event anyway, besides... I wanted to tell you that I should take this as a memorable thing when they saw our dance number and I know Edita would love our dance number, absolutely..."

"You are right about that Mascha; I'm also going to be excited when my sister was going to know this about our dance number..."

"I told you I'm right and I think I am just in time to come here. I can see you're maybe ready for the practice..."

"Yes I'm ready again..."

"Okay then we need to start practice right now in the Sports hall..."

"Yes you're right about that..."

When they are going to leave, Christian was waiting for Xenia to come but Julia came and she wanted to see him.

"I know you have time after class, I wanted to have group study to someone and you told me you don't slightly understand about we discuss something in History subject and Biochemistry, we can have group study together if you have time..." Julia said

"Oh yes that would be better, of course I have time, but unfortunately I was just going to invite Xenia to go somewhere but I see she talk to the gymnast and she was going to be busy..." Christian said and she only slightly smiles.

"I know she would be busy. I think you know we can have group study in coffee shop while we are drinking coffee..."

"Oh well I guess that would be nice and later on I would tell her then that we both had group study and so that she will know it, and I guess that we need to go now in the coffee shop..."

"Oh sure, Christian..."

When he started to hold her hand she was started to get flattered to him and she was going in the coffee shop with him, while Tom was leaving in the school and suddenly Svenja hold his right hand tightly.

"Hey, before you leave. I wanted to tell you you're the one who is denying that you also adore me so much, tell me about it..." Svenja said while holding his right arm.

"I don't know what you are talking about! your trying to flirt me but I'm sorry I am not even interested at that and believe me, I don't want to do this with you, because I already know your dating with Dean and I don't want to be a consider as a cheater man like Patrik who is always the playboy guy in school..." Tom said and pull her arm away.

"Oh well don't even say that to him, at least he was being nice to everyone but anyway I wanted to ask you a question because I wanted to know if I'm so charming at all? Or it's that I'm a great kisser?"

"I don't know, Svenja..."

"Oh really Tom? I don't even care if you are not also interested at all..."

"Also anyway, what happened about you and Kyra? It seems Kyra didn't talk you about me so much, maybe you did say something from her..."

"I'm telling the truth, she really wasn't serious about in a relationship, flirting and I hated it when Kyra was keep stalking and flirting me, don't say that you also want this, Svenja!..."

"I don't care what Kyra wants from you, we are like almost the same...but we are not seriously at the times of style of flirting, I also think I also seriously like you..."

When she was slowly coming closer but Tom tries to avoid but she hold his blouse and want to make her own moment.

"What are you trying to do??..." Tom asked, when he saw that Svenja was started to flirt him.

"You know, just I want to do what I want..." Svenja answered with her flirty voice.

While she was trying to flirts him over and Pia saw that she was going to flirting him but she suddenly pushes her and slaps her.

"How dare you to mess with Tom like that?! Don't you know you're dating with someone now and now you are even doing this to him! That was unreasonable!!..." Pia gets angry and Svenja groans.

"Oh really, you know what is the most unreasonable here that you suddenly appeared like that you're the flash or something and wow it reminds me glad you buy a super speed shoes, that's nice one, Ms. Zellner!..."

"I'm not really going to laugh at your jokes this time, now stop messing with him!"

"Really Pia? Why? Because Tom was very important to you, and boo-hoo! Don't think that your too special for him and because that you're the one who wanted to treat special and come on now! Don't act like that he was your prince charming now..."

"Shut up! Not only that because of what you did all the time that you put the sand in my locker also with Katja's locker. Now your making some stupid games and enough for the games Svenja, I'm going to do this and that's it!!..."

"Oh well I won't even stop playing games with you, It was funny to play with you right now, I know how angry you are, you are so funny..."

"That's it! I hate this!! That's enough with your stupid games with me!"

Pia suddenly pushes her in the ground and until they had a fight together but Svenja punch her many times and all of the students are watching their fight.

"Oh please, just stop!" Tom said to them and getting worried for Pia.

Kyra help Svenja to fight against Pia until they did all punches her repeatedly in the face.

"Oh well, she won't give up fighting at you but she makes me no choice to do this now..." Svenja said

She was preparing sand paper over to her hand while when Pia stands and Kyra kicks her to her stomach repeatedly and while turning weak and Svenja punches with her sand paper and she do it again.

"Oh, that was the bloody fight that they wanted to see..." Anja said to them while getting entertained watching them.

Tom was trying to stop them but Kyra blocked him while he really wants to help Pia badly.

"Please stop doing this to Pia now!" Tom was trying to get his way but Kyra keeps pushing him back and smiled to him seductively.

"Oh sorry Tom but this is even better for Pia to learn her own lesson instead, while you also learn how to deal with me."

"This isn't funny Kyra, this is too much!"

Pia still tries to stand up even her face is started bleeding because she gets hit many times in the sand paper, she still want to confront them.

"Oh hey! I think I can still prove that you're weak! Is that all you got!!..." Pia yelled to them but Svenja cockily laugh at her.

"Why? You think you can still handle it??..."

"Oh yes I will prove it to you, how you belong in the disgusting trash with your mean friends!"

Svenja punch her with sandpaper to Pia for the last time, she was going to leave with her friends when she saw her lying on the ground, Tom saw that her face was bleeding.

"Hey Pia, are you okay?" Tom asked worriedly and he helps Pia to stand up.

"I'm fine; maybe Svenja and Kyra are too strong, because they are Big-fat meanie as I can say..."

"Oh I didn't expect that they are going to do this at you, sorry if I didn't do anything for you..."

"I know it was because of Patrik or Kyra, he always was there as the role of the bodyguard, don't worry Tom I understand, but you are right... FFL are strong enough because they are too many with boys either..."

"I can say either because you are right, I'm so worried and you want me to go out with you, I think that would be safe..."

"No Tom, don't even worry about me...because I'm fine, I wanted to find Katja and I will be going to be better..."

"Ah okay, I'm just making sure you are okay now, I can give you this..."

Tom gives her a tissue to wipe her face and she was flattered when Tom did wipe her face to clean.

"Oh thanks Tom, you see it's like I am better already..." Pia said, with her smile.

"No problem, because I always love to help..." Tom said after he smiles back.

"Oh thank you Tom, I never knew you are going to be very charming to me, but I think you are already charming to me."

On the reality, Kyra and Svenja was keep kicking her while Anja hit Pia with her thick plywood that she was carrying, Tom tries to stop him but Patrik was keep holding his grip as the FFL group requested.

"What are you doing to me??..." Tom asks and gets angry to him.

"I'm doing my job and you don't have to bother about what anything else I want to do..." Patrik answered

"Oh come on, please just let me go now, or I will also demand you about this!"

Patrik laughs cockily. "Oh really? Do you think you can demand me? By what??..."

"I can demand you that you are letting your friends beating up Pia and I know I can tell it directly!!..."

"Do you think the principal can help you with that but I don't think so, you know that don't do such useless and I think you can't even do to help them and the teachers can't do about it..."

"Ugh....this is ridiculous!"

"You are mostly ridiculous Tom, you want some another rumor again from your lover..."

He shook his head in disagree. "Kyra is not my lover!"

"Then, why did you let her kiss in the first place??..."

"She just forced me to do it; you don't care if I did, please just stop harming Pia already!"

All of the FFL friends and supporters are cheering for Svenja and Kyra when they are both keep beating Pia, Nicola was happy when she was feel to get enjoyed watching it.

"This is definitely what I'm talking about, I really like the way when they blow their fist together and now this is another entertaining fight that I can ever seen..." Nicola said, while she was amused seeing that fighting scene.

"Oh really also I'm just recording this, It was a good idea that we should collect fighting scene like that, because I admit this is better than real action movies like Hollywood, this is better!..." Anja said, while she was recording it with her camera.

"I'm sure this would be a better fight and they should post it on blog, I'm sure it was going to be on big trend, you see I can even do it with a blog and also entertaining..."

"Yes you are right, don't worry Vivian also recording the other one, in case someone was trying to destroy your camera and we can get Vivian's camera instead to upload the blog..."

"That's good actually, I think I would want to keep watching this and let's see if she was going to be wounded and beaten up by girls, I know Pia was very weak..."

"That's right also she was really that pathetic..."

"Oh well it's let's see, if this was going to be entertaining and I think it is..."

Luna was still recording the whole thing with Vivien, while Nicola was enjoying watching the fight along with her friends. While Tom was trying to move his way to save Pia but Patrik punch him in the face.

"You better stay here or else I will do the same thing to her if you're going to force me to!" Patrik said and gets angry on him.

"Please stop doing this now! You should stop doing this now!"

He was seeing that Eichelmann was only watching it but he also grabbed her arm to talk to him which that makes Patrik even more irritated.

"Hey you have to make this stop now! this is madness, this is worse than bullying that your all doing, and probably she can call the police if she needed to or I have to do it if that won't stop." Tom said and Eichelmann sighs.

"Come on, don't force me to stop them...I can't do anything to stop it...I'm not in control in this!"

"But you have to think what they are doing and I can't believe you ignore what they are doing instead of making it right, if were their friends and you know what have to do."

"Tom, enough with your stupid lectures to Eichel, she won't listen to you anymore!" Patrik said to him.

"I don't want to fight with you all but can you please stop doing this to Pia now!"

Then Svenja laughs with Kyra seeing Pia was bleeds to her whole face because of the sandpaper they are using to punch it with her.

"You should know that this would be the warning for other people who was trying to provoke us, we can do whatever we want here, you like it or not!" Kyra said to the students who are also watching her.

Svenja then shouldered her. "Do you think it will be enough to get her knock-out?"

"I don't think it will be enough for her, I'm not even satisfied with that."

"You're not telling me that we should have to kill her, right?"

"No silly, this is our part of the entertainment...this will be posted to our blog! You will see I'm not done with Pia and we should punish her back then!" Kyra let Pia stands up, so Svenja punches her back with sandpaper and one of their supporters are cheering for them.

"I thought that would be enough, huh..." Eichelmann muttered, while only watching them.

Then Svenja was holding Pia when it was Kyra's turn to punch her back using the sandpaper again, but Nicola got shocked after she punches it and there's blood on it, and then Svenja dropped Pia on the ground, like a rag doll.

"I told you that would be entertaining, right?" Kyra fist bomb at Svenja, when they both got entertained from what they did.

"I think your right; we're like in the street fight or something."

"Even better Svennie, we should show them what we can really do."

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