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C2 School day

Continuously that all the students are going in the school, but the other new student Xenia goes to the school and she was finally in Bochum.

Her dad said "Maybe this is the wonderful place..."

They goes outside in the car, she see that her dad was trying to carry her bag, but she refuses to carry her bag, and Xenia said "Dad, don't need to carry my bag, and I can carry it myself..."

She carry her bag and she didn't want to get her dad tired, and at the moment his dad looks around and smiles to her.

Her dad said "I like this place in Bochum, but I will miss our hometown..."

"Wait, I was just wondered that we came here too much early..." Xenia wondered while she was looking to her watch.

"No dear, in Russia and Germany had a different time, and don't worry that you're not late and your just in time to go in school... And good luck..." He said while he kisses her cheeks.

"Spasibo Papa (Thank you, papa).." She said while she smiled to her father before she leaves.

As before she leave, and she also hugged him and she was excited for the first day in school.

Xenia's POV :

So my dad let me study here in Bochum and it was amazing because i see everything in the place so beautiful, I am expected that all the people around here nice, and everything in here was good, this is probably same like Russia... people around are friendly, I am by the way Xenia the most popular girl that you will ever seen, because I am the best ballerina since this year recently and I was a kid.. Practicing ballet is my passion, I am also the leader of the RSG TV Wattenschied 01, I am so happy that they admire me so much... Especially to my wonderful friends Rena and Mascha, those girls are too supportive to me... And they need me again for the practice. Also I adored one of the athletic men in Gymnastics... Zhenya the guy that who always steal appeal to anyone that I could only describe that I find that he was also an athletic same as me... Now as I am in the school I wanted to promote my Gymnastic practice here and to meet new friends of course.

When I was looking to my new school now, I am expecting to meet a new friends too, I imagine this was like RSG too, to make friends but didn't care about the reputation much, because fame is important when you are in gymnastics, because of that... I am sure when they notice me; I will be become famous here in this school.

After that, I go finally to the school and I post something in the pinboard about the poster of mine, and I was expecting that someone will join in RSG and especially to my team, but I didn't expect that she I will thrown a slushy by someone and her other bad friends. I get mad and I was trying to chase them and I shouted at them and calling them.

"Hey you!! What are you even trying to do?" I yelled to the one who did throw a slushy to me

"Hey girl...take it easy... Do you think that I am just attracted because you're a little cute Russian who is suddenly studying here...Wow! How cheesy!" Svenja insulted her.

I tried to fight but that girl was to strong and I tried to leave but they push me back so I can't escape, but they all wearing varsity jacket and seeing the named FFL? I don't even know what that means I just keep confronting them and not tried to get afraid of them, maybe they are not like some sort of gangster group here.

"I will demand that you're always doing this!" I shouted at them angrily.

"What? Are you even serious about that, such a crybaby girl and you're going to tell your parents about that!! Aww... What a crybaby..." Kyra said to me, really mean tried to bully me.

"Oh really and what are you going to demand about??..." Svenja asked cockily

"You all didn't know what I also can do, but I will really demand you for that!!..."

They were all confronted me, I was trying to be tough with them and the bully girl (Svenja) get another slushy to Anja but I didn't know that this girl, who has bangs (Svenja) did pulled my blouse and I tried to get off of her grip, and they both throws a slushy in my blouse, and I really get messed up from them and that's ridiculous!

"Oh sorry, I did it again..." Svenja said, with her cocky attitude comes and as she did mean to do it.

I also started to get angry and try to fight her back but they are already leaving and I stop following them until I am seeing that my friends finally arrive.

"This is ridiculous! And look what they done to me!" I shouted mad, didn't expect that was going to happen to me.

"Wooah... Take it easy there, and i know that was really bad..." Mascha said tries to calm me.

"Masch, do something about this... Since we are been friends and been in my group, and don't just stand there!"

"Okay... And I am just thinking duh, and you know that we should talk to that girl again..."

"Ugh, I hated it! And they are even doing that!! And I didn't even know who they are!!..."

"Oh yes, they need to know what you would feel that they been do that and they did not know that you're the leader in T.V Wattenschied 01 since then... and we should call them again..." Rena said

We chase the girl and with the rest of her friends, but the girl with the bangs stopped walking (Svenja) and notice I come back now with my friends, but I notice one of them giggling and I don't even understand now what is even more hilarious than that!

"Wow! Hahahaha! You brought that Indian lady!" Kyra teased her, and she was started to laugh.

"I am not Indian lady, and let me tell you that I am Turkish and excuse me I am not that..." Rena said

They were just keeping laughing but Rena wants to attempt to fight with her but Mascha did try to stop Rena and to calm her.

"Go ahead laugh non-stop, and I should tell you that you're just jealous because you don't know that we are the ballerina here and you're just jealous that we are in the group of Gymnastic and you didn't notice that..." Rena explained frankly.

"Wow... An Indian ballerina! Hahahaha..." Kyra and Svenja response while they are laughing to her.

"Hey! Stop laughing and I am not Indian ballerina!" Rena said madly.

"Woo-hoo! And I think that you are, and what a ballerina are doing here... are you going to be another pathetic one!"

Rena was trying to make a fight with them, but Mascha and I held Rena back and they don't want to make a fight with them.

"What are you even doing?! You know they need to taste their own medicine and they need to taste my punch in their face!!!..." Rena said madly.

"Come on Rena, we are not making scandal here and remember that we are popular here..." I reminded her.

"Well good luck with that Indian Lady..." Svenja said to Rena

"Hey you girl!!! The fatty brat girl!! I will give you a lesson for this and you don't have an authority to tease all my friends like that! Soon you will taste that I will punch you in your face!"

But they all leave with the FFL group, but then Rena was ragingly mad and she was wanted to make a payback to her.

I couldn't believe that they have to be rude just like that, I didn't know that they can make their own rules but it doesn't mean that I have to struggle to deal with them very much.

"We should make a payback to her, and you see that Xenia... that girl is so very disgusting fatty girl brat!" Rena shouted.

"Hey take it easy... and don't worry us can have a payback with her..." Mascha said tries to calm her.

"I hope I can easily calm this time, Mascha..."

"And do you think Xenia that was a best idea to give them a payback?..."

"I don't know... But probably the next day we can do it... with all my other mate ballerinas..." I answered unsurely.

"Yes! Good girl!! Spasibo Xenia..." Mascha said.

All of us did hugged together and to plan if we will go to give them a payback, and maybe I want to tell them something, maybe it was officially we can pay them back tomorrow.

"Oh hey girls, maybe that we should give them a payback for tomorrow, and I decide that for my final word..." I said to them, giving them a promise.

"That's good Xenia, probably that we should...because they did that very unfair and or maybe that we can tell it to your teacher that would be better, I wanted to do that as tomorrow like you said..." Rena said

"Good Rena, don't worry about me now...because I need to see where section I was and you can't leave now..."

"Are you sure about that?..."

"I am sure that I can even go alone here in this school, but you don't have to worry about me, because if something happens and I am really sure that I am going to call you immediately and I can even call my sister for that..."

"It's better to call Veronika if you have emergency here, also us...but I think that we are coming back here later, because we are going to meet again in the Sports hall..." Mascha said

"Sure don't worry I will also not forget that..."

"Okay, just making sure dear that you won't..."

Now my friends leave in my school, I think some of the students really noticing about what I did posted earlier in the pin board and goes in there immediately to talk to them who is interested at gymnastics.

"Oh hello, it must be that you are interested in Rhythmic Sport Gymnastic (RSG), I would be happy if you are interested..." I said it with a nice smile.

"Oh excuse me, do you say gymnastics? The student (Katja) asked me about it, having no idea about what I did post.

"I mean I think that if you have a talent for gymnastics like doing it with rope, ball, club and hoop, and that's why you can join in my team, in my team... they are always great and so amazing.."

"Really sorry but I admit one thing that I'm not really good at doing gymnastics dear, but I am not also interested if you wanted me to endorse your own team..."

Like what? After she talk to me! I thought that she could be interested, maybe I need to endorse with something.

"I think you need to start from the basics so you will get interest on it, you know that Gymnastics can be fun though." I said and she thinks about it.

"Maybe your right that they have this so called basic training and still not interested, I just look for the news and announcement, also for the exciting events."

When she leaves, I thought she could be more interested if I convince her to join right away. But anyways I realize that this was my first day in school and I know that, I am expecting this school will be great!

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