Back in School - book 1/C20 Dance showdown
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Back in School - book 1/C20 Dance showdown
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C20 Dance showdown

After getting flattered at Tom, she wakes up realizing she was dreaming about him and she feels very weak after Svenja was kicking her, she realize that her face was bleeding even more

"Please don't do this and I think that you did that enough..." Tom begged but Patrik gets more irritated to him.

"Come on, just watch and do your own thing to behave not complaining anything you want now!"

"I can't stand watching her getting tortured by your friends!"

Katja came and she saw that there is going on outside the school and she quickly comes there and she saw that they did beat up Pia in the fight.

"Oh my goodness! What is this you called gang-fight?!!..." Katja asks them tensely and then Svenja sarcastically smiles to her.

"Sorry but she wanted to fight with me. I was going to continue to embarrass you again and Pia wanted a rumble fight with me all of the sudden when she came here and she tried to fight me, anyway I am not playing games to you..."

"I'm here because I'm just saying my own opinions here. I'm not here to be negative or something but please don't even hurt my friend even more and you did enough..."

"In my group, I don't even care if I did enough and it doesn't matter now... you're here because you are damn desperate to see your friend who just suffered from pain now. You don't need to cry about it..."

Pia was slowly stands up and even know she's feeling weak and very angry to Svenja.

"I don't care if you're saying that to Katja. Your almost been so very unfair and mean, not almost but your damn certified mean!!..."

"Oh really?! You don't need to say that. I'm actually that mean and it was an unexpected you would like me to invite to your fight and I did what you want to fight me, you didn't win the fight..."

"Oh come on Svenja! I can't believe you are making this mess every time you wanted to play games on me! Stop messing with me right now or I can mess you every time you're doing this. I wanted to do something about this!!..."

Katja comes closer to Pia when she tries to calm her down by rubbing her head down. "Please Pia, you need to go to the clinic now, I think it's time to go."

"I don't need to, Katja!"

"Oh my goodness! Are you just going to talk for a longer time and I don't think I can take that longer because you are just damn boring, I'm going to leave now..."

When she was going to leave and Pia suddenly get something in the trash bin and she throw a brick in her back, Svenja did notices it that someone throws a bring on her back, and she comes closer to Pia.

"Hey, why did you do that?" Svenja asks and become disappointed at her, Pia then confronted her even Katja was too worried for her.

"You know it's my own payback after all you did this to me, I know I can't even demand this right now to the principal and you can't even mess with me even longer!..."

"I should say now you started to waste my time here, it's so necessary that I'm just going elsewhere now and I'm going to do a hip-hip street dance if you mind, but I hated it the brick part..."

"Well Svennie, why don't you do something about it? It seems that she did that so unfair..." Kyra suggested.

"Okay Kyra. I need to do something about this and well I'm just thinking a brilliant idea for this..."

She comes closer even more to Pia and her other friends spread out and Katja was started to get curious to them.

"I and Kyra recently talk that I have to do something, we can have a fight and this is what I called Dance competition. I know to myself that I'm always good at dancing and I wanted to do this by three people to dance..." Svenja said and then Katja get curious and shocked about it.

"Okay you mean like me, Pia and Tom are going to dance?"

"Yes like that while I am going to dance with Nicola, Vivien..."

"That was so ridiculous at all! And you think that we are having competition or else what?" Pia asks and gets even more irritated to her.

"Or else you will have a punishment with me, if you win Pia and I promise I won't embarrassed you again and your great deal is also I'm never going to bother your precious Tom again..."

When she leaves and Pia get even more irritated when one of Svenja's friend giggled at her, then Katja take Pia to the medical clinic, when they stay there for a moment after putting a bandage at Pia's face and she was resting there.

"I know it was unfair again that they want again a competition, I don't think we are even good at dancing and I think they are too much unfair, are we only doing this for Tom?" Katja wondered, when she was started to think it curiously.

"No not only for Tom, another competition she wants, I will even prove to her that we can even do it, even we are not talented at dancing and some of the people win competition even they are not good at dancing, we can even win this competition and I think we only need a little confident for that..."

"I think so, we have to be ready, because maybe they can show something that we didn't know, I don't think we can't demand them all..."

"I know, it was like they are controlling the whole campus and I can't believe it!"

Katja sighs. "Oh we should do something about it, we can do something that we can improve our dancing skills and maybe we should take practice and starting from basics steps like that..."

"Yes that would be a good idea, Katja..."

Meanwhile at the coffee shop, Julia and Christian were having group study when they are both reading their math books.

"I think this was a good place, I remember the time when my sister and I are here to relax, anyway it was, I love to hangout in this place.." Christian said and he smiles.

"Good, I remember the times when I and Stephanie are sometimes going in this place but I'm mostly wanted to go in science convention, I'm going here for the group study..." Julia said

"Oh okay anyway also glad you remind me about this convention that there is science and math convention after exam, I know we can do a little teamwork there. I mean math clubbers are always doing the teamwork, but I realize that you're always been so good to me..."

"Really, me too and I could say that the same thing that you're always good to me..."

She was been started to smile after they talked, and she started to get in love with her, they both drink coffee together.

"Oh well all I can say, I notice we are always like few in the math club, I don't even know why people aren't interested in math club?" Christian asks and also wonders about it.

"I think because the others are athlete just like Xenia, but she is a math club member, other here is athlete like Viktoria, who just join in Sports club, but others maybe aren't so interested at all..." Julia answered while still thinking about it.

"Okay, I wanted to suggest Laura, she suppose to ask others if it's interested but maybe especially no one, I know that no one really interested, I notice many of the rest join in drama and Sports club..."

"Yes, I also notice that too..."

"Oh I know that Xenia was today in the practice, I'm glad she also think about her dance number, but I wonder when she always described her sister, what do you think what would be her sister look like?"

"Maybe a slight taller girl also same as Xenia's hair would do...but I have no idea what she looks like..."

"Oh also I don't have any idea, because I remember when she always mentioned her as always a good senior gymnast, why they are called senior gymnast?"

"I don't know Christian, maybe it's better next time we should ask it about to Xenia, because she have a lot of ideas when it comes to gymnastics..."

They both giggled together after they did enjoy their conversation. While at night Tom and Pia meet together in Katja's house while Katja was doing her practice at her home.

"Oh well I didn't expect your both coming here in my house but glad that you both did and at least that I don't need to visit you both, and now that I think that I can have my very own dance moves, and this what I called ocean waves..." Katja was very excited to show her dance moves.

She was started to dance with her arm and her feet moves backward and forward, while her both arm doing the waves.

Pia feels bothered and annoyed to her dance moves. "I think you're not even doing the right thing and Enschuldigung Katja. I think you should focus in the competition and not doing inventing your own dance moves, ugh... come on now, I don't want to lose in the dance competition..."

"I think don't you know I dance very hard to make my own dance moves, now your complaining about this now?!..."

"It's so irritating, really Katja? You think people might get entertained because of your dancing-bird wave!"

"Oh come on, that wasn't called birdy dance wave and it was suppose to be ocean wave with tsunami walk!!..."

"Please stop it girls, we are here to do a practice and right now there's no time to argue. We need to start our practice...." Tom said to them.

They are going start their practice while all of the FFL group are staying at the Wurzelhorst mansion, they were staying at the guestroom, Stephanie came inside there and saw them playing billiard and still they didn't study.

"Oh please, how many times I would tell you this, Svenja!" Stephanie asked angrily and Svenja feels annoyed hearing her.

"Are you even going to ask that Stephanie, stop that!"

"That's the problem as usual you didn't even listen to me. You are always listening to your friends and I don't know if I can able to convince you to do the right thing but you have to study..."

"I admit you're like my mother, who just wants to lecture me then you are like the one who is feeling professional. Don't ever act like you are the expert here and why don't you leave instead and shut your mouth!"

Stephanie suddenly slaps her when she saw that Svenja laughs at her when she was almost going to leave.

"If you are going to disrespect me Svenja, it's a shame that you don't see I care about you!" Stephanie reminded her.

Stephanie leaves while all of FFL friends are just laugh about what happened.

"Hmm...Maybe your cousin was really stressed out and it was really non-sense if she wants to give you a lecture about it..." Nicola said and slightly giggled.

"Oh I know, I just hate it when Stephanie was wanted to nag me about what I need to do..." Svenja said, while she was holding her cue.

"I'm going to say that's why it's nice when you don't have siblings or cousin to nag you about."

"I think we shouldn't even talk about it, maybe I'm so excited for the competition that I set for Pia and her pathetic friends..."

"Maybe they are ready to lose Svenja, what are the consequences??..." Kyra asks and cockily smiled.

"We will talk about it tomorrow, if they lose maybe we can all give them consequences and I want to enjoy this rest of the night. You should all stay here in this mansion..."

"That was good Svennie, for a while I won't stay in my junk room..."

"So Kyra, how about your status with Tom? Still the same...are you not jealous with Pia??"

She sarcastically grinned at her. "Seriously Svenja, how can I be jealous? I just want to do the old thing with him, the time I can always flirting him through but I think it was started that he keeps avoiding me..."

"Well we both like him in the first place. I can say first he was really good looking for me, as you can see he has good looks, very handsome, slight tall, just simple as that, maybe we can do something about it..."

"Don't worry I'm not sad, I can do anything else for him, maybe we should start playing flirting again tomorrow or maybe I will going to meet him in school..."

"That's really a good start, I'm doing my good progress on Dean, today he wasn't at the school either and we didn't meet today...he told me he spent his time with his brother and his nephew...they had vacation together..."

Nicola reacts. "Wow, I never knew that Marinna is already a mother."

Svenja laughs about it and hit her back. "No not Marinna, her cousin was!"

"Ah so Dean was really proud to be an uncle, huh..."

"I don't know Kyra, he never told me if he was so proud or at all, but tomorrow is the day I will see him and I'm definitely going to miss him a lot..."

Kyra laughs and hit Svenja's back. "It's only one day you didn't meet and you missed him already?! Damn...I'm also already feeling it with Tom though!"

"Huh, I didn't always mind Tom but I get bothered with his was like damn he's too freaking handsome and so he's distracting me sometimes."

"Well he is good looking enough, I can feel that he's manly enough than Julian."

Nicola reacts unexpectedly. "Hey, don't say that! I know Julian wasn't manly enough Kyra, but he can be decently looking guy...unlike some boring nerds."

Vivian thumbs her finger thumb down and agrees to her. "Yeah, if you think about Kyra, decent guys can be better than boring nerds."

"Fine than choosing a boring and look like a plywood body looking nerds too like Julia." Kyra said to them and everyone laughs to her joke.

Then Stephanie went back to the mansion inside the living room, Julia caught how pissed off she was after what happened.

"What happened, Steffi?" Julia asks her and Stephanie sighs.

"Your sister was getting annoying even more and really doesn't care about school anymore. I tried to help her to study but she doesn't want to, tell me...did she try to beat up with someone again?"

She disappointedly nodded. "Well I heard one of my classmates know that she did, but I can't do anything to stop her..."

"Come on Julia, we have to do something...I think Svenja was gone too far, I don't like she's beating up other people and can do anything she wants, I wish that I can do anything to help her to change herself and become even better."

"It's hard Stephanie, don't push it hard...I think I can feel it, also there is a time that she's blaming me for it."

She seats in the sofa and realizes it. "Ugh...I think you have a point in there."

Then Julia sit in the sofa and tries to read the book but suddenly get blush, when she remember what she did with Christian in the coffee shop, Stephanie was started noticing it.

"Wow Julia, I never knew now that your getting involve with love now." Stephanie teases and shouldered her, but Julia denies it.

"This is nothing, I'm happy to have one only guy friend in school that I feel safe with him, especially against with this group called FFL."


"You know that Svenja made that group since then, that's why she feels like she's too powerful."

"Okay then this guy friend you're talking about was good looking enough?"

Julia moans. "Stephanie, what are you thinking then!"

"I can imagine if you were become together and I would be so happy...also it's not bad if your going to tell me that you're in love already."

"I'm not; also not because of him...I'm happy for Xenia that she made all of her effort to perform for the upcoming event, she practice really hard."

"I don't know who she is but I wish her good luck."

In the next day, Pia and Katja meet immediately in the school and it seems that Pia was very nervous and Katja tries to calm her.

"You know it's just the dance, you have to remember that we will do our best there and stay calm." Katja said and Pia sighs.

"I don't know if this is going to be well, I really wish that they shouldn't embarrass us, but remember if you forget the steps just look at us or Tom but don't let Svenja sees that, I'm just giving you some tips, because I'm worrying about you."

"Don't worry about me, I will be long as they won't beat us up like what Svenja did to you, I'm so defenseless when that happen."

They directly go outside the school and they are all ready to meet Svenja.

"Oh you are all ready to meet me, but that was good, because I am hoping that you will dance better and I can do the same thing, or it's just that get ready to lose all of you..." Svenja said to them

"I'm not going to lose this time and if I win then don't bother us!" Pia said.

"Fine, if I win then I can have my own punishment for you and now get ready for the result for the dance showdown... Nicola will announce the winner this time..."

"Oh well its better that the other student will announce it, because I don't even want to trust her, I obviously know you wanted to play games with me again, you wanted us make us fool here..."

"Nope, I'm not making a trick here, so I will prevent doing that if you prove me you can win in this competition..."

"Fine! I'm making sure you are doing it for fair, not unfair!"

They are going to get ready for the dance showdown and one of the students are watching their performance, but Katja get even more nervous when she saw that Vivien and Nicola are good at dancing.

"Oh my goodness! They are good..." Katja said while starting to get nervous but Tom messages her shoulders try to calm her down.

"Oh come on don't be, I know we can do this and we are going to do this..."

"Okay I will think they are just too easy to beat..."

They are next going to perform the dance competition with them, suddenly the crowd of students doesn't like their dance and they been suddenly throws a slushy when after they stopped performing.

"Ugh!! And what is going on? Why those people are keeping throwing us a slushy and did we do wrong??!..." Katja wondered and Tom shook his head.

"I don't even know, and also maybe those FFL group are really good at dancing..."

"Wow so you are against now with us?"

"No Katja, of course not...I will never going to do that, you have to remember that we are all friends there..."

"Hey I said stop people!!..." Pia yelled over to the students.

The students didn't like their dance and they all throws them a slushy and they didn't know that they are also the FFL supporters.

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