Back in School - book 1/C4 The mean girls
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Back in School - book 1/C4 The mean girls
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C4 The mean girls

The entire students are watching for Svenja and her friends to come and their group is very popular and everyone is cheering for them, the students pulled the commoner student named Lara and they the students pulled her and because she received a black card and Lara was begging and she kneel to them.

"Please don't let embarrassed me! And please don't!" Lara begged

"What do you think Svenja?..." Kyra asked

"I don't know it's just seems that I saw that she had something in her bag, I wanted you to get all her bags and pockets now!" Svenja commanded them.

Kyra and Anja get her bag and they saw something and they did see a lot of books in there, they saw her ID, the ID named Lara Meyer.

"Now we did find some useless thing in her bag and I think we should just throw it in the trash, you know that this is just useless of inspection..." Kyra complains, when she inspects her whole bag but she can't find anything useful there.

"Please don't steal anything and please give me my bag!" Lara begged

"Shut up!"

"You need to shut your mouth or else that you wanted yourself to make yourself embarrassed..." Svenja said

She comes closer to Lara, Lara was still frightened to her, she suddenly pulled her hair and she holds her tightly but Anja was holding the trash and throws it directly to her, Lara been cried when all of the students laughing at her, the other students did notices it.

"Oh now what is going on here?" Katja wondered seeing Lara was walking away.

"I don't even know it seems that this group of name FFL group...really, a stupid idea to bully a commoner student and I also find it so strange..." Tom said

"Ugh... don't tell me that they are started to get fame now in this school, and I will going back to class now anyway, but before that I want to know a bit details of you..."

"And anyway, what's your name??..."

"Katja and you?"


The class was started and in the middle of discussion Kyra saw a handsome man named Jan and she was started flirting him when she seat in his chair and caressing his cheeks.

"Oh hey Jan, I know you're too handsome and you didn't even tell me about it, now you are too charming and don't tell me that you can get interested with me, you know I am the same charming girl and the second wealthiest than to the Wurzelhorst family..." Kyra said with her flirty voice, try to get closer at him, but Jan push her back slowly.

"Um... don't you know that we are middle in the class, it's just get distracting that your always been like that but I don't even care if you are richest here in Bochum either..." Jan said getting irritated at her.

"Oh well don't brag about it, it's just I'm feeling it that it's like the time when we meet, we are like now Romeo and Juliet, don't you imagine..."

"I can't literally imagine that because we are not really meant to be..."

She come closer to him and she was trying to cuddle him but Jan refuse to, he did remove his arm from her.

"Please...I told you for the last time, I didn't even care how rich you are and where your family came from? And what is this all about, sorry to say this but I am not really interested at you..." Jan said with his irritation.

"Okay I would tell you that I'm Kyra, Kyra Kislewski... you probably didn't recognize me at all, maybe now you know who I'm I, the beautiful girl, but not that beautiful...I don't like telling it as compliment so but you know I don't even care if you are too always irritated to me..." Kyra said straight, when she get irritated when she can't flirt him.

"Really I think that still...didn't change my decision, because I'm still not interested at you, I don't think that I'm going to have an interest at you... you have to think about it..."

"Even I don't even have Eichelmann's appeal and still I don't care and I'm that cool, I am saying that I am beautiful from the inside, also I am a gangster so, be careful with your words...."

Jan was going to say something but Kyra suddenly closes his mouth and she was going to tell him something even more.

"Also I am going to say...a lot of more things about me, you better listen!" Kyra reminded him.

Jan keeps quiet and tried to listen to her even he was very annoyed to her, then she was going to kiss him but he suddenly go to the other seat far away from him, Nicola just laugh about what happen and saw that she did get pissed.

"He actually hasn't interest at you, now you know that Jan was really extremely annoying..." Nicola replied, after she laughs.

"Oh that's not even funny, Nicola!" Kyra said seriously.

"But it is for me, it was like that your trying to flirt to that boring guy, find another one who's handsome enough..."

"Enough insulting me, you can see that I will find a guy who is much better than him..."


Later on in the middle of discussion, Svenja was getting bored at the discussion and she saw the girl named Laura was listening to the discussion, she suddenly just throw at paper to her then laughs, Laura get mad when she saw how Svenja was rude to her.

"That was just rude!!..." Laura complaint when she heard her laughing.

"What are you going to do about it?? To cry about it?" Svenja asked her by insulting.


She just keep laughs to her but Laura went to another sit in front of the third row, after that she was still bored until she saw Dean and she was getting interest of him, when she saw his good looks.

"Uii...Uii, Uii! Svennie, what do you want to do now??'re staring to that guy now..." Kyra said

"I don't know but I remember his name, his name was Dean and this is my chance to find my own guy now..." Svenja said with her cocky smile at her.

"You don't have to show your cock to me, I am also looking around to those handsome guys and I can't find yet..."

"Oh I think that I can find my guy here and I don't know if I will bet him now, but I don't want to waste my chance but to be with him now..."

Svenja was started only staring for Dean and she almost kiss him, when she slight comes closer but he suddenly caught her.

"Oh hey, don't ever try to do that, I know that wasn't a good idea at all but I wanted to tell you, also that I really hated you for that, after of what you did, bullying other students and you aren't suppose to be special, Svenja!..." Dean complains, when he caught her in the act.

"I'm so special, I'm Svenja Wurzelhorst the daughter of the known wealthiest CEO and don't you think that I am not special, you know I am the richest girl in the whole Germany, my dear..." Svenja said with her cocky attitude.

"Oh well but you are here trying to flirt with me, but that doesn't going to work, you're like even stalking to me,it seems that your only interested with handsome boys and then soon you are like one of the girls who just suddenly In love with another one, sorry but I'm not really interested at all..."

"Oh really and how about you know that I should teach your flirting!..."

Svenja wants to flirts him and she slowly biting his lip and caressing his cheeks, but Dean can't resist sitting only and get suffered, he leave her alone.

Kyra laughs when she saw the whole thing when Dean suddenly leaves her alone and Svenja did feel to get pissed after what happened.

"I was just trying to be sweet and now I can't believe that he was going to do that to me!" Svenja said when she gets pissed off after what happened.

"Oh now I told you that all of the boys nowadays are too sensitive..." Kyra said sarcastically.

"Ugh...I know right and those boys really did avoid me and I really want to be with Dean, now you see what he did there to me, and you will see as soon as possible I can get his attention..."

"Come on Svennie, I think that you can do it...that guy is really fit to you, I mean you and him, maybe can be together after all..."

"What can we anything else that we say?? I think that she can do something about it, so that he would have his attention to her..." Nicola comments.

"Yes Nicola, that was I am trying to tell you, but don't worry about it...I think that I can do something about it, you know that he has that good looking appeal, I won't even waste my opportunity and to do this flrirt with him..."

"That's the good thing Svenja!"

"Thanks Nicola, I know that you're always supporting me on this..."

Later on in the class, Julia and Xenia are been both together, when Julia was listening to the teacher but Xenia did poked her, when she wants to tell her something.

"Oh hey, I hope that you really do can watch me performing in Gymnastics..." Xenia said with her confident smile.

"Well it was great that you are too really friendly at me and you know that I thought people here aren't friendly at nerds..." Julia wondered

"I am friendly at all and it doesn't matter at all when I am friendly to you, it's just I am expecting that you are just going to join in RSG and I guess that you're not fit to join in there, I hope we can meet together there in math club... and well if you wanted to know about me, I am just originally moved here in Germany but I am from Russia..."

"I am hoping too, anyway if you are from Russia and... why are you here in Germany?"

"For some reason I don't know, my sister Veronika does only knows about It, and she doesn't even tell me why..."

"Ah okay I hope that we can meet again in math club..."

"I am sure we are..."

"Great, I realize that you are also had interested in math but that was a good thing to know about it..."

"I think it is, but don't even forget that you also should try to watch my performance and you know that gymnastics was a sports too and I also want to give to you about my info to my team...if you want to support me but you should, it was important that I should get featured in there to my my other team would respect me..."

"Okay, I think that it was good that you did tell me about it, about the gymnastic...everything..."

She smiled after talking nicely with Xenia, later on Svenja and the entire FFL group; they started to have their own meeting, when they are all meet together.

"Okay and now that we are going to do something about this, you know about you called showmance and I wanted you to do it or you will get something special surprise..." Svenja said to them

"Really and Showmance??..." Nicola asked curiously

"I think that was just the good idea for bet flirting to other boys and I wanted you to pick a boys that you wanted to flirt and I will give you a reward also I am going to do something about it, I mean just Dean had a attention to be..."

"Oh Svenja, I guess that he would... because he will realize how good looking you are and at least that you finally knows that you are good looking and I guess that you can do your own showmance with him, while we are doing it in the competition or else I get better something idea about we can do and more rewards about it..." Kyra said

"Yes, that would be a good idea Kyra and I think that we need to do it right now..."

After they talk, Kyra, Nicola and Luna are excited to do the bet to flirt other boys, while they did throw slushy from Xenia and Julia when they are walking through outside the school, Xenia gets angry when she was been thrown a slushy again.

"Ugh...those irritating girls really didn't stop messing me!!..." Xenia yelled, when she was started to get stressed out.

"Oh actually I also got that now, when they throw slushy to us now..." Julia said

"I can't believe those girls are really so mean and I really just want to do something about it!"

"Please can you just calm down..."

"Do you think I will ever calm like in the situation like this?!..."

Xenia tries to chase them back but Julia blocks the way and she don't want to get her in any trouble.

"Please Xenia, just relax..." Julia reminded her, when she keeps to try her to relax.

"Julia I won't! I don't think that I will relax like that..." Xenia said when she was stressed out.

"I think that we can do something else than that, I mean that don't just do to pay them back and trust me they are going to do it again and worse they are going to embarrassed you by media..."

"Seriously Julia, they can do that??..."

"Of course I can, you know that they have their own power to their group as they called FFL Group...and also maybe that you don't know that they also having their blog, they just becoming famous so far..."

" I admit I really hate the girl who has glasses (Kyra) who has straight hair and who walks like gangster, I was describing to the girl who was wearing baggy shorts and looks her clothes was ruined...i mean her shirt, was like ripped or something but I'm not describing you..."

"I know that girl, anyway I just want you to calm down...just pretend that you don't have to get affected on there, but I think that doesn't work and maybe group study will calm you or what..."

"Later on, I think that we should go now..."

When Dean was standing outside in the school, Svenja came and when she saw Pia walks in and she throws her a slushy first and suddenly Robin get laugh at her.

"Hey, what gives?" Pia asked curiously

"Oh my goodness, I didn't expect that they will go to do for a strike like that..." Robin replied while he was still laughing at her.

"And do you even think that was just so funny, Robin!.."

When he was keep laughing at her and she suddenly kick him to his nuts, he feels a lot of pain after Pia did that to him.

"Because you have to shut up and stop laughing..." Pia replied after getting irritated at him.

Pia was leaving in the school, Svenja continue to meet with Dean, but he was just getting irritated when he finally saw her again.

"What do you even want?" Dean asked when he gets irritated of her, when he feels that he was been stalked by Svenja.

"You know what I wanted, don't be like that, and don't you want to be nice with me, after all I am just here to talk about you..." Svenja replied being flirty with him

"Please I need to leave now and you see that I'm not really interested talking at you, don't ever to that to me, it feels like your stalking at me now and please... I just had a big request for you, please just leave me alone..."

"Oh well I guess that I am going to leave you alone then and huh... too bad you didn't even know that I really like you first, and I know that I am just going to upset here right now and just don't mind about me... you can leave me here..."

Dean tried to leave her but she suddenly pull him back and suddenly kissed him, when Julian saw it and gets distracted seeing it, he get suddenly kissed by Kyra, all of their friends are enjoying watching them.

"Oh, what a showmance show by them..." Eichelmann comments after watching them.

"Oh yeah, I think it was because that they did already wants an advance showmance and I am so happy that they finally did it, and I think that I can also do a fast showmance..." Anja said

"Yeah, for me I don't need to... I am happy now with Patrik..."

"Well congratulations you too, Eichel..."

"Thanks Anja, now what are we going to do then..."

"Maybe we can do something else here, I think that we should do an activity for them, I know that we have to do it, it's just nice to do it..."

"I also find that too Luna..."

After the kiss, Julian get awkward after Kyra kissed him fast also Dean got awkward when that happened.

"I feel like I am going to get myself embarrassed..." Julian said awkwardly.

"Why, do you like her??..." Dean immediately asked

"No, I just hate it..."

Julian suddenly walks out while wiping his lips awkwardly and still remember the kiss, while he was going to the bathroom, and Dean was decided to go to the bathroom to also wipe his mouth there and decide to wash it.

Svenja did a high five with Kyra, when their bet turns out to be very successful.

"I told you I can do the bet with him; even know sometimes he's too sensitive to deal with." Svenja said with her cheerful grin.

"Come on, but look what I did...I must say the kiss was super fast and he's look surprise." Kyra said and they both shared their laughs.

"I think this is what makes you get entertained, girls." Eichelmann said to them.

"Come on Eichel, it's so nice to kiss some random guys and look I'm faster than Svenja."

She suddenly shouldered Kyra. "At least mine it tooks seconds to do that, also Eichel you should try flirt some boys there, there are fresh boys around here."

"No thanks Svenja; I really don't like to flirt to any guys right now."

"Maybe you need a little push, like try to meet other guys and that was my first advice so you will getting interested to date with them if you like, so don't forget that we can do here whatever we want!"

"Well, you can do whatever you like to play but flirting bet is not really ideal to me."

Kyra then make a fist bomb to Eichel. "I've seen that you try to date with Patrik though."

"I's just that I think maybe he's a nice guy for me."

The other supporters of them are giving them a extra slushy to do their jobs and Eichelmann also got one even she doesn't really want to do it just for fun, but no choice to do it for her friends.

When all of the FFL group are both holding slushy together and Tom was walking in the school, he didn't even expect that he was going to get thrown a slushy from Anja and Kyra.

"Hey, what gives!" Tom asked them

They are just both laugh when they saw that Tom did reacted, they were also did throw a douche ball made a thick paper at him, all of their other friends did that all over.

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