"Ugh!" Oh! NO! Aooo! "NO!"

On a 14-inch laptop, a foreign man and a foreign woman were unlocking their difficult positions.

It was the foreign woman who had called out the series of words that made people's hearts pound and their faces turn red.

Yi Qing'er sat upright on a chair, her almond-shaped eyes staring at the computer screen, her small face the size of a palm bewitching red. Although she was already 18 years old, this was the first time she saw such an explosive display of power … The movie.

"Ugh!" The nasal cavity was itchy as something warm was violently flowing out.

Yi Qing'er sniffed and continued staring at the tangled bodies on the computer screen.

Suddenly, Tian Tian, who was watching the movie with Yi Qing'er, exclaimed, "Ah, Qing'er, you're bleeding from your nose!"

Yi Qing'er casually wiped her hands and nodded. "Yes, it's fine."

Tian Tian scolded angrily, "Yi Qing'er, do you have to be so humiliated? You can bleed from your nose just by looking at a piece of paper?"

With that, he handed over a box of tissues.

Yi Qing'er slowly reached out and took out tissue after tissue to wipe them off, but the blood in her nose was surging and splattering everywhere. She could not stop it.

When Tian Tian saw this, she panicked. "No way, Qing'er, you're bleeding too much and you can't stop it. Quickly go to the hospital and let Auntie Ning take a look!"

In the First People's Hospital in F City, Yi Qing'er was lying flat on her bed with gauze stuffed into her nostrils, trying to comfort her sister.

"An Lai, I'm fine, the heart fire is too strong, it's normal to bleed from your nose!" "Don't worry!" Yi Qing'er pulled Tian Tian along as she consoled her.

Hearing Yi Qing'er's words, Tian Tian raised her hand and poked Yi Qing'er in the forehead as she scolded angrily, "You're such a bear! I won't show you that thing in the future. I'll be scared to death by you!"

Yi Qing'er laughed vulgarly. "Hehe!" I've never experienced such an explosive scene before. I can only try again and again. Next time, I definitely won't have a nosebleed! "

Tian Tian rolled her eyes and mockingly said, "I knew you had a coquettish appearance and a despicable backbone!"

Yi Qing'er laughed awkwardly, but did not comment on the sarcasm. Who told her to be such a person?

A moment later, a woman in a white coat entered the room.

When Yi Qing'er saw him, she hurriedly sat up and greeted him, "Auntie Ning, have the results of the inspection come out yet?"

The woman's surname was Ning and her name was Ning Chen. She was the vice principal of the hospital. If it weren't for the fact that Yi Qing'er and Tian Tian were intern nurses in this hospital, they wouldn't have known that Ning Chen looked to be in her thirties, yet she was already in her fifties!

Ning Chen walked over to the bed with a serious expression, hesitating to speak.

Yi Qing'er's heart skipped a beat when she saw this.

She weakly asked, "Auntie Ning, could it be that there's something wrong with my body?"

This time, Ning Chen finally nodded helplessly and responded, "Qing'er, the reason why you have such a nosebleed … "Acute myelogenous leukemia!"

Boom!" Yi Qing'er's chin heavily hit the ground. Leukemia? Leukemia? As a small nurse intern, Yi Qing'er still understood this word a little bit.

"Auntie Ning, am I going to die?" With a pale face, Yi Qing'er bit hard on her lips.

Leukemia will die if you can't find a suitable bone marrow transplant, that's something even fools know.

Ning Chen smiled bitterly and shook her head, "Child, don't be so pessimistic. You are still in the early stages of leukemia and your condition doesn't seem to deteriorate. As long as you improve your immunity, there will be no problem for three to five years!"

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