Bad Young Master Traning Manual/C1 Beat a Dog or be a Dog
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Bad Young Master Traning Manual/C1 Beat a Dog or be a Dog
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C1 Beat a Dog or be a Dog


The bustling streets were brightly lit. The cheap models in the windows were wearing expensive clothes. The busy pedestrians glanced at them in a hurry. They were not attached to them, nor were they moved.

The man walked out of the supermarket, holding a bag of instant noodles and cigarettes. His tall figure was particularly eye-catching in the crowd, and many men and women looked at him.

Shen Yiran pushed up his glasses. Even though he felt the gaze, his thin lips only twitched slightly, and he sneered in his heart. Who would have thought that the fierce man, who was 1.9 meters tall, was a high school teacher who "harmed female students.

Thinking of this, his hand that was holding the bag tightened, and he strode towards his home.

The water that was discharged by the air conditioner. After a while, it fell on the concrete floor in a regular pattern. There was a lot of movement in the dark alley. Wearing the uniform of a noble school, he punched and kicked at the boy on the ground.

"Let me go..."

The boy knelt on the ground and trembled. He put down his dignity and begged. His tender white face was covered with mud and his white shirt was stained with blood.

The boy in the lead bent down, his face full of ridicule: "Let you go? What are you?"

Someone behind him echoed: "He's not a thing either!"


Hearing the laughter, the man who passed by the alley stopped and looked into the alley. It seemed that there was someone there. He narrowed his eyes and walked into the depths of the alley after hearing the sound.

When the boy who was letting out the wind saw that someone had barged in, he looked at Shen Yiran who was walking towards him. The thin man took two steps back and hurriedly shouted: "F * ck, someone's coming!"

"If you are coming, then come. Are you afraid of your mother?" Cheng Zixu kicked the boy's waist on the ground. The boy lied on the ground heavily, and the surrounding boys made way for him.

The lights in the windows of the tall building shone on the boy's face. The man stared at them with his sharp eyes. After a few seconds, Shen Yiran placed the bag on the ground under the gazes of these teenagers.

Cheng Zixu crossed his arms across his chest. The exquisite school emblem glowed in the dark. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Mind your own business?"

The cold voice of a young man echoed in the alley. Cheng Zixu did not have any effect on the tall man.

Shen Yiran, who was wearing a suit and leather shoes, slowly took out a cigarette from his pocket. There was a profound meaning in his eyes that could not be seen through the lens.

"Is there a fire?" The man's magnetic voice made the boy on the ground raise his eyes. His messy bangs allowed him to see clearly.

Is he... here to save me?

Cheng Zixu was a little surprised. He smiled mischievously and took out a lighter from his pocket. "Yes."

Shen Yiran glanced at the boy on the ground and met the boy's eyes under his messy hair.

He looked away coldly and took out a cigarette from the cigarette box. He handed it to Cheng Zixu and said, "A cigarette. Can I borrow a fire?"

Cheng Zixu tilted his head, a cynical smile on his face. "Why?"

Shen Yiran raised his eyes slightly, and his dark pupils reflected the young man's appearance. He laughed lightly, picked up the cigarette, put it in his mouth, and put the cigarette box in his pocket.

He reached out his big hand and pulled the small boy over. The boy was caught off guard and staggered a few steps. Under everyone's gaze, the boy was ruthlessly pressed to the ground.

Some dirty water splashed onto his leather shoes. The boy's neck was pinched and the veins on the back of his hand bulged. The boy's face was red and his expression was a bit painful. The surrounding youths couldn't help but take two steps back.

The boy who was lying on the ground raised his head. Even though he was dizzy, he still carefully sized up the man in a suit in the distance.

Cheng Zixu raised his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth raised a little. "You have some skill."

As he spoke, he threw the lighter to Shen Yiran.

Shen Yiran let go of the lighter and the boy on the ground let out a sigh of relief. He started coughing again and again.

Shen Yiran stood up, and the boy on the ground also got up.

Shen Yiran threw the cigarette case in his pocket to Cheng Zixu. He picked up the lighter and used his hand to block the smoke. He avoided the wind and lit the cigarette. He skillfully exhaled a smoke ring and returned the lighter to Cheng Zixu.

Cheng Zixu took the lighter and the cigarette. Seeing Shen Yiran smoke, his smoking addiction was hooked up. He put the cigarette in his mouth and pressed the lighter twice, but found that there was no fire.

He waved his hand somewhat agitatedly, and the boy beside him hurriedly took out his lighter and lit it for Cheng Zixu.


The lighter started to burn. The cigarette started to burn.

Cheng Zixu took a puff of the cigarette in enjoyment, but he didn't notice Shen Yiran taking out his phone.


The white flash put the scene into his phone.

Before Cheng Zixu could react, the boy beside him panicked and was about to grab his phone. "F * ck! F * ck you!"

Shen Yiran calmly raised his phone. He held the cigarette in his mouth and stared at Cheng Zixu. His eyes were cold, and his deep male voice was as cold as an ice cellar. "Get lost now and delete the photos."

"Who would believe that? Bring it over!"

Someone shouted.

Cheng Zixu did not panic at all and spat out a mouthful of smoke. The white smoke ring floated up and gradually dissipated into the night. He bent down and picked up the branded school bag on the ground. He glanced at the boy who was lying on the ground. The boy looked at him timidly, and his body could not help but tremble.


Cheng Zixu sneered and looked away.

He threw the black bag to an empty hand boy and said loudly with a cigarette in his mouth: "Alright, I'm afraid of death, get lost."

After saying that, he walked towards Shen Yiran. The hostility on his body was especially strong.

The boys stopped moving. Shen Yiran pushed up his glasses and put down his hands. Under Cheng Zixu's gaze, his fingers moved the screen and deleted the photo. He seemed to be afraid that Cheng Zixu would not be at ease and deleted the record as well.

Cheng Zixu casually withdrew his gaze and waved his hand. "Alright, you are awesome."

After saying that, he brought everyone and left.

When he walked behind Shen Yiran, Cheng Zixu lowered his head and laughed. "But I am also a big shot."

As soon as he finished speaking, Cheng Zixu grabbed the schoolbag in the boy's hand and threw it at the man's back.

Shen Yiran frowned and turned sideways to avoid the schoolbag. He glanced at Cheng Zixu.

Cheng Zixu raised his eyebrows in surprise and shrugged indifferently. He smiled like a hooligan.

A young man's voice came from the alley. There was some admiration in his voice. "He really is a big shot."

When the crowd dispersed, Shen Yiran pressed the cigarette butt against the wall and extinguished the cigarette. He walked towards the boy and looked down at him.

The youth on the ground raised his head and tried his best to suppress his trembling body. His Adam's apple rolled up and down.

Shen Yiran said coldly, "What's your name?"

"Soong Xuan..." Soong Xuan's throat was hoarse. The wounds on his body were hurting. He gritted his teeth.

"Okay," Shen Yiran said.

Soong Xuan would never forget that night.

The man's eyes were sharp behind his glasses. He pulled his hair with his big hands.

His wet hair was pulled up and his bruised forehead had brand new marks. The corner of Soong Xuan's mouth was covered with blood, and his brain was buzzing.

The magnetic and hoarse voice echoed in his ears, and the quiet alley echoed in his ears for a long time. He did not forget it even after a few years.

"You either hit a dog, or you become a dog."

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