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C3 You Are so Good

The school bell rang, and the students filed out.

Cheng Zixu carried his schoolbag and walked out of the school gate in a carefree manner. There were many branded cars on the street outside the school gate.

After walking for a few hundred meters, he stopped next to an off-road vehicle. He bent down and looked at the sleeping man in the driver's seat through the window. "Open the door."

The man in the main driver's seat was still napping and did not move.

So, he once again reached out his hand and knocked on the window. The window rang loudly as he shouted, "Rat, open the door!"

Ning Hao woke up and blinked. He turned to look at the impatient Cheng Zixu and pressed the left window button.

The window slowly rolled down. "What did the school say?" Ning Hao smiled at him and knocked on the steering wheel.

Cheng Zixu pulled the handles of the car and said impatiently, "Let me in first."

"You go first."

"Hurry up," Cheng Zixu said. Cheng Zixu threw his bag to the front passenger seat and tried to climb in. He did not threaten Cheng Zixu, so Ning Hao had to give up and pressed the door button.

After Cheng Zixu sat in the front passenger seat, Ning Hao continued to ask: "How is it? "This has decided whether I can go to your house to freeload."

"Rubbing a hammer." Cheng Zixu looked at himself in the rearview mirror and raised his eyebrows. He fiddled with his hair and did not care about the punishment at all. He was not affected at all.

"Then how did he get discovered?"

As soon as he said this, Cheng Zixu's hand that was fiddling with his hair stopped. The corner of his mouth that was raised was straight and his face was cold. "I met an old man who was meddling in other people's business last night."

Yesterday's memories surged like a tide, and Cheng Zixu curled his lips in disdain.

"What's wrong?" Ning Hao looked over curiously. It was rare to see Cheng Zixu like this.

"He took a picture of me smoking. He said I was leaving, so he deleted the picture."

Ning Hao nodded. He stuck his head out of the window and glanced at the car seat. He sat back down and turned the steering wheel. "Did he report me?"

Cheng Zixu shook his head and looked at Ning Hao. "Guess who said that?" He looked like he could never guess.

Ning Hao asked tentatively, "Yang Wen?"

Cheng Zixu shook his head meaningfully.

"Chen Yuzhou?"

Cheng Zixu shook his head again. He did not want to keep them in suspense anymore. He took out his phone from his schoolbag, swiped it twice, and held it in front of Ning Hao.

Ning Hao looked at the screen of his phone and subconsciously narrowed his eyes. He looked at it for a long time before asking, "Soong Xuan?"

Cheng Zixu said in a mocking tone, "Yes, I was sued by him."

Being sued by a Soong Xuan made Cheng Zixu even more unhappy in his heart. He kicked the board.

"Do you want to take it back?" Ning Hao suggested.

Cheng Zixu took a deep breath. "Wait until I get rid of him. Otherwise, I won't be able to finish my job and will have to stay in this place for another year."

Ning Hao frowned and looked at Cheng Zixu. "You were punished again?"

"Stay and check."

"Young Master Cheng, you're really good."

"As expected of me."

The off-road vehicle moved faster and faster, and from time to time, smoke rings would float out of the window.

The car went around the city center and crossed a few roads. It went straight into the villa area. The security guard looked at it and nodded. The car entered the Summer Garden and was a similar villa with different models.

Summer Garden, the most luxurious villa district in S City, belonged to Cheng Real Estate.

The big iron door was wide open. Ning Hao parked the car. He looked at the number 520 on the door plate of Summer Garden, then looked at Cheng Zixu. "Your surname is Cheng, why is it called Summer Garden?"

Cheng Zixu yawned. "Because my dad gave this place to my mom." As he spoke, he walked out of the car with his bag. He stood on the stairs and waved at Ning Hao. "Bye bye."

As expected of the real estate company. They gave gifts directly to a piece of land. Was it because the money was too much, or was it because they loved it too much?

Ning Hao smiled helplessly. Looking at Cheng Zixu in front of the door, he suddenly had the illusion of sending his girlfriend home. He shook his head and started the car to leave Summer Garden.

After the car left, Cheng Zixu turned around and pushed open the door. He shouted at the empty house, "I'm back!"

No one responded.

Cheng Zixu seemed to be used to it. He ran to the floor and threw his bag on the bed. He turned on his phone and ordered a delivery. He sat in front of the computer desk and turned on the computer.

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