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Bad Young Master Traning Manual/C4 It's All Right He Was a Man
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C4 It's All Right He Was a Man

It's late at night.

As usual, Shen Yiran carried the barbeque he had just bought and passed through various dark alleys. From time to time, he could smell the rotten smell of the sewers.

Even in the bustling and bustling city, there would be dark and dirty alleys.

Shen Yiran took out the door card and swiped it, then bent down and entered the neighborhood.

The handrails of the corridor had long rusted, and the stairs had not been paved with tiles. He just casually wiped the cement, and the anti-theft door of the building was covered with small ads, trying to attract people's attention through the gaps.

The key was inserted into the keyhole, and on the wooden door behind the anti-theft door, there were still a few advertisement stickers. Seeing this, the man frowned slightly, and one of his hands was freed. He used his neat and flat fingertips to dig out the stickers.

After opening the door, it was the opposite of being clean and tidy outside the door. It had a style that belonged to him.

There was a room and a living room in the room. Two pots of cacti were placed on the balcony. It was the only life that could be seen clearly in the night.

He took off his suit jacket and put on a large number of slippers. He went straight into the kitchen, took two cans of beer from the fridge, turned on the television and started watching the news broadcast.

The soundproofing in the room was not good, so he often heard the couple quarreling upstairs.


His phone vibrated, and a message popped up.

[Landlord]: When you have time, take a look at the water bill. I've checked the electricity bill. I'll collect rent next week.

The man who was drinking on the sofa glanced at him and expressionlessly put his phone back on the table. He was trying to avoid these troublesome things.


"Cheng Zixu!" Xia Ning stared at the young man standing in front of her and gritted her teeth in disappointment. After the meeting, she rushed back home in a hurry for a letter of punishment.

Cheng Zixu did not look at Xia Ning. He stared blankly at the pattern on the curtains. He put the back of his hand behind his back and scratched his butt.

Xia Ning looked at the notice on the table and took a deep breath. She was clearly over forty years old. Although she had light makeup on, her face did not lose time. However, anger rose in her heart.

"I have raised you for eighteen years, and you have not finished your studies, yet you still dare to bully your classmates!" Looking at the boy who was almost 1.8 meters tall, there was disbelief and disappointment in his eyes.

As soon as these words came out, Cheng Zixu retracted his gaze and looked at Xia Ning. His gaze was cold, as if he had heard a joke. He sneered and asked, "Raising me?"

"Reach me?"

When these words came out, Xia Ning's face turned pale.

The coldness in Cheng Zixu's eyes went straight to Xia Ning's heart. Facing her son's questioning, the guilt in Xia Ning's heart rose again. The words that she wanted to say were stuck in her throat.

The air froze for two seconds. Finally, Xia Ning sighed. "Forget it. I will stay at home for the next two weeks. I have hired a tutor and will take the college entrance exam next month. You... "Before she could finish, Cheng Zixu interrupted her again." That b * tch again? "

The anger that had just calmed down was ignited again. Xia Ning berated, "How did you say that!? Teacher Chen is..."

Cheng Zixu nodded. "Yes, yes, yes. She came from Tsinghua and Peking University. She is already old and she still wants to teach me. When she gives a lecture, she is so fast that she wants to die. I just don't want that b * tch!"

Xia Ning, who had been interrupted twice, took a deep breath again. She endured her temper and communicated with her son. She smiled and spoke in a gentle tone. "Then, what kind of treasure do you want?"

"I don't need tutoring."

Xia Ning smiled and said. "Sure." Cheng Zixu looked at Xia Ning when he heard this.

Xia Ning counted her fingers. "As long as you obediently go to Student Song's house to apologize and write a self-reflection. And then..."

Cheng Zixu once again interrupted her and waved his hand compromising, "Please tutor me, I don't want a girl." He turned around and went upstairs.

Ah, she still didn't understand what her son was like.

After this exchange, Xia Ning lost her temper and turned on the home tutoring website on the computer.

She put on her glasses and scrolled through the pages, muttering from time to time.

"This won't do, it's too ugly..."

"Eh, this is barely enough..."

Until her gaze stopped on Shen Yiran's resume and stopped at a certain column, Xia Ning narrowed her eyes and could not help but recite, "Insulted... female classmate..."

After she finished reading, Xia Ning rolled her eyes and smiled. "It's okay, Ziche is a male."

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