Bad Young Master Traning Manual/C6 Your Mother Gave It to Me
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Bad Young Master Traning Manual/C6 Your Mother Gave It to Me
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C6 Your Mother Gave It to Me

Cheng Zixu spread his arms and leaned against the sofa. He had his legs crossed, and his legs were still shaking. He looked at the man in front of him arrogantly and arrogantly.

Shen Yiran turned the pen in his hand and crossed his legs. He was not affected at all. He looked at the man in front of him with an expressionless face.

Cheng Zixu opened his mouth first and sneered. "I didn't expect you, a fierce man, to be a teacher."

The pen on his fingertip suddenly stopped. The tip of the pen pointed at Cheng Zixu. There was a trace of coldness in the air. The man did not speak.

Cheng Zixu put down his legs and picked up a cigarette from the table. He picked up an old lighter that looked expensive and lit it up. He arrogantly put it in his mouth and took a deep breath.

After spitting out a smoke ring, the smoke ring spread in the air and became light. Cheng Zixu provoked him and said, "Why didn't you bid?"

The man looked at the clock on the wall, put down his legs, and stood up. "Class."

Shen Yiran, who was 1.9 meters tall, stood up. He looked majestic, and his eyes behind the lens were cold and emotionless.

Cheng Zixu laughed as if he had heard a joke. He laughed without restraint. "Hahahaha..." After laughing for a while, he restrained his smile and looked at Cheng Zixu. "Do you deserve it?"

This sentence was undoubtedly the trigger. Shen Yiran strode around the table. Cheng Zixu, who was on the sofa, looked at the man walking towards him. He was not confident.

The man bowed slightly. His thin lips curled into a cold smile. His big hand pressed on the young man's neck. His hand, which had been holding the pen all year round, had some calluses. His finger was at his throat, trying to figure out what was going on. Cheng Zixu's body stiffened.

Under Cheng Zixu's gaze, Shen Yiran reached out his hand and took off Cheng Zixu's cigarette. He threw it on the tray on the table. Cheng Zixu's shocked expression was reflected in the lens. Shen Yiran, who only had one eye, had a cold expression to begin with. Now, his anger had risen, and it made people shiver uncontrollably.

"You..." Cheng Zixu's Adam's apple rolled. He looked at the big hand that was holding his neck and said hesitantly.

The man raised his right eyebrow. "Me?"

A young man was still a young man. Under his pride and age, Cheng Zixu helplessly raised his hands. "Class will be held in class. Mr Shen, you have the final say."

Shen Yiran stared at Cheng Zixu for a few seconds before letting go. Cheng Zixu seemed to be calculating something as he rolled his eyes.

"Mr Shen, let's go to the study room for class." Cheng Zixu stood up and looked up at Shen Yiran. He thought, "Why is this guy so tall? F * ck.

Shen Yiran looked down at him and did not say anything. No one knew what he was thinking. Cheng Zixu felt a little guilty from being stared at. In the end, Shen Yiran agreed. "You lead the way."

He was just thinking about why his eyes were so big.

Cheng Zixu pushed open the door of the study and stood still. "Mr Shen, you go in first."

He had a kind face, but he was gritting his teeth with his back against the ground. When you go in, I will lock it for you!

Shen Yiran stood outside the door and looked at the study. He cast a sidelong glance at the study. He glanced at the fake smiling Cheng Zixu and took a step forward. Just as Cheng Zixu thought he was going to succeed, a big hand grabbed him and carried him into the study.

"Don't play any tricks." Shen Yiran closed the door.

Seeing that his plan had been seen through, Cheng Zixu broke the can and said, "You want to f * cking go against me, don't you?" He wanted to push Shen Yiran away, but before he could push him away, he fell onto the chair.

Shen Yiran saw Cheng Zixu sit on the chair. He took out something from the pocket of his suit that shocked Cheng Zixu. Handcuffs

"F * ck!" Cheng Zixu was stunned.

Shen Yiran quickly handcuffed Cheng Zixu to the chair.

"How the f * ck do you have this kind of thing?" Cheng Zixu moved his locked hands and looked at him in disbelief.

"It's from your mother." Actually, Xia Ning told him that he had a bad temper and was very eccentric. Maybe he would skip class.

He never allowed his student to skip classes, so he borrowed this from a friend who was a police officer.

"Where does my mom have this?" Cheng Zixu looked at him.

Shen Yiran ignored him and went to the main topic.

"Where have you guys been revising?"

"How would I know?"

" Then let's start from the beginning until you know. "

"Tch, let's start from the beginning" Cheng Zixu coldly harrumphed.

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