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C7 He Drugged Me


Cheng Zixu looked fiercely at the man beside him and cursed in a low voice.

Shen Yiran circled the subject. "Do you know how to solve this question?" He looked up at him with a rare patience in his eyes.

Cheng Zixu nodded perfunctorily. "Yes, I do."

Shen Yiran nodded and took out a teaching book. After reading it for a few seconds, he took out a teaching book and read it. He found a similar question that could not be changed. He pointed at the question with his index finger and said, "Write it yourself."

Cheng Zixu's face darkened. He stared at the question. He moved his left hand, which was handcuffed, and said, "I am left-handed." He thought to himself, 'When you solve it, I can write with my feet.'


The handcuffs on his left hand were uncuffed. Before Cheng Zixu could react, Shen Yiran stood up and enlarged the handcuffs. He squatted down and put his white ankles together.

Cheng Zixu, whose ankle was touched, froze. His mind was blank.

Cheng Zixu looked at the serious Shen Yiran and felt annoyed. Just when the handcuffs were about to be closed, he moved his feet and shouted, "Enough, enough. Don't lock it. I won't run!"

Shen Yiran's hand that was holding the handcuffs paused. He removed the handcuffs and placed them on the table before sitting back down.


Cheng Zixu picked up the pen in a violent manner and started writing on the table.

Shen Yiran looked down at the neatly written books and the clean calculation method. The corner of his mouth slowly rose, as if he had expected it.

"Here." Cheng Zixu put down the pen and pushed the draft paper in front of him.

Shen Yiran took the assistant and glanced at him. He said two words plainly, "I wrote it wrong."

Cheng Zixu's confidence was instantly extinguished. He slammed the table, unconvinced. "How did you write it wrong?"

He picked up the red pen and made a circle on the third step. "Like I said, it's easy to make mistakes here. I gave you the conditions, but you still made a mistake. You didn't hear me."

The deep voice lingered in Cheng Zixu's ears. Cheng Zixu seriously looked at the answer to the circle. After thinking for a moment, he picked up the pen again and carefully counted again.

Shen Yiran nodded. "Yes, this time, look at this question again..." The tip of the pen knocked on the question on the book.

The dark red study desk was filled with all kinds of tutors and textbooks. The man used a pen to draw circles on the textbook. The young man nodded from time to time, lowered his head, and turned his eyes to calculate.

"Hmm... Alright, that's it."

Shen Yiran glanced at the clock on the table and closed the book.

Cheng Zixu looked at the paper that was full of drawings and seemed to be unsatisfied. "That's it? "What about the paper?"

The man tidied the paper and stood up. "Talk tomorrow. You have time to finish writing the AB paper today. Talk about the paper tomorrow. In the afternoon, I will draw out the first set of sentences."

Cheng Zixu's face turned green. "Can you leave the last test?" Halfway through his sentence, he felt something was wrong. He stood up and looked at Shen Yiran. "Why the f * ck did I listen to you? Did you drug me?"

Shen Yiran gave him an indifferent look. "Eat."

Cheng Zixu raised his eyebrows. "You want to eat here?"

Shen Yiran nodded. Cheng Zixu's smile gradually became arrogant. "Unfortunately, I don't know how to cook..."

"I do."

Shen Yiran put the book away and walked out of the room, leaving Cheng Zixu alone with a dark expression.

Why did this man have so many things to do?


Cheng Zixu was lying on the sofa with his wide t-shirt half exposing his waist. He could vaguely see his abs. He held up his phone and said, "Move, move, move..."

Shen Yiran was cutting beef in the kitchen. He was not used to it. He put down his knife and walked to the living room to pick up the remote control. He turned the anime into the afternoon news before walking back to the kitchen.

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