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C8 It Smells so Good

The man's hand, which had been holding a brush all year round, was controlling his skilled knife skills. He cut all kinds of dishes and adjusted the heat to make soup. Shen Yiran could vaguely hear the news from the host. He was immersed in his own world.

Cheng Zixu, who was in the living room, smelled a fragrance. His hand, which was playing the game, did not stop. However, he could not help but salivate as he looked in the direction of the kitchen.

After watching for a while, he retracted his gaze and continued playing the game.

Ten minutes later, Shen Yiran simply stir-fried four dishes, two meat, two vegetables, and a pot of soup. He carried the dishes to the dining table and glanced at Cheng Zixu, who was on the sofa, and said, "Wash your hands and eat."

Cheng Zixu's fingertips quickly tapped on the screen. He did not have time to eat and casually said, "You eat first."

Shen Yiran washed his hands and sat on the sofa next to Cheng Zixu. The news had already finished broadcasting. He picked up the remote control and changed it to an anime. He looked at it silently.

The sound of a game being played could be heard from the phone. The robotic female voice read the death nickname without any warmth.

Cheng Zixu's toes were even tensed up. He stared at the screen and changed into a different outfit. He did not notice Shen Yiran at all.

When the episode was over, the pointer had pointed to one point.

Shen Yiran did not wait for him anymore. He stood up and walked to the dining table and started eating quietly.

After the game ended, Cheng Zixu stood up from the sofa like a carp. He stepped on his slippers and rushed into the toilet. After washing his hands, he sat down at the dining table.

"Damn, there's still chicken drumsticks." Cheng Zixu picked up the chopsticks and Shen Yiran put down the bowls and chopsticks. He picked up a small bowl and made a bowl of soup. He placed it in front of Cheng Zixu. At first, Cheng Zixu felt flattered, but then he looked at him vigilantly. "Did you drug me?"

The corner of Shen Yiran's mouth slightly twitched, and he continued to eat.

"Hohohoho, your cooking skills are really good..." Cheng Zixu said as he chewed. He drank another mouthful of soup and nodded. "It's a little better than the take-out I have eaten before."


Shen Yiran chuckled and wiped his mouth. He watched Cheng Zixu gobble down the food.

Feeling his gaze, Cheng Zixu's hand that was holding the bowl paused, and he blinked as he looked back at him.

"What's wrong?"

Cheng Zixu still had rice in his mouth, and his cheeks were bulging. He looked a little silly and adorable.

Shen Yiran shook his head, stood up, and walked into the kitchen to tidy up the utensils.

When Shen Yiran came out again, Cheng Zixu leaned back on the chair and enjoyed touching his slightly bulging belly. He said in an intoxicated manner, "It smells good, it smells really good..."

Shen Yiran did not say a word as he cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks. Cheng Zixu leaned on the sofa and looked at the anime. He had long forgotten all about his studies. He suddenly felt his mouth go dry and waved his hand. "Help me get a can of Coke!"

The man in the kitchen took off his apron and took out a can of Coke from the fridge. He handed it to Cheng Zixu.

"Thank you."

Shen Yiran sat back on the sofa, took off his glasses, and closed his eyes to rest. Cheng Zixu's laughter could be heard from time to time, and he frowned.

The Summer Garden in the afternoon was the quietest and most comfortable time.

There were no noisy sirens, nor were there any sounds of quarreling from the neighbors. A cool breeze blew through the window from time to time, making people feel both physically and mentally happy.

If there were any conditions, Shen Yiran wanted to stay in Summer Garden for a long time.


Cheng Zixu laughed until his stomach hurt. He finally stopped and noticed Shen Yiran who was sleeping beside him. He turned the TV on quietly and walked on the carpet, looking at the man in front of him.

Shen Yiran, who was not wearing glasses, had a clear face. He had a tall nose bridge. His eyebrows were straight, and he exuded a refined aura from the inside.


Cheng Zixu sneered and made a face at Shen Yiran.

The man frowned and his eyelashes trembled. Cheng Zixu was shocked. He stood on his tiptoes and stepped back. He hit the foot of the table and staggered a few times. The cup on the table was shaking.

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