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C9 My Legs Are Lame

The man slowly opened his eyes, because he didn't wear glasses and only saw a blurry face that subconsciously narrowed his eyes.

Cheng Zixu stumbled and supported himself on the sofa beside him. He said guiltily, "I just went to the toilet..." After he said that, he could not help swallowing his saliva.

Shen Yiran's heart was not affected at all. He picked up the glasses on the table and put them on. After putting them on, his dignity and distance increased rapidly. He faintly saw the long legs in shorts and the ankles that he knocked on.

"Legs." The man kindly reminded him.

Cheng Zixu was stunned. "Huh?" After asking, he lowered his head and looked at his ankle. He did not know when it had become red and swollen.

Shen Yiran stood up and walked upstairs. "Class will start in half an hour."

Cheng Zixu put on his slippers and followed him upstairs. When he reached the third step, he suddenly stopped. He looked up at the man's tall back and frowned. Why should he listen to him?

Then, he took two steps back and shouted as if he had made up his mind. "Teacher, I'm limping."

Shen Yiran:... ""

Cheng Zixu sat on the floor and rubbed his ankle. He pretended to be smart and shouted in pain, "Ouch... It really hurts..."

The man upstairs turned around and looked down at Cheng Zixu.

Shen Yiran's expression did not change. The sunlight outside the window made the lens flash. The frame of the glasses shone with silver light. His deep black eyes looked at Cheng Zixu.

Cheng Zixu closed his eyes and frowned. His expression was painful. "Aiyaya... It really hurts... Teacher..."

Shen Yiran lifted his foot and walked towards Cheng Zixu step by step.

The black leather shoes stopped in front of Cheng Zixu. Shen Yiran stretched out his hand. Cheng Zixu was stunned and hesitantly reached out his hand.

With a pull of his big hand, the tall and thin young man was forcefully pulled up. Shen Yiran pulled Cheng Zixu's arm and walked upstairs. Without turning his head, he said, "A cripple is not a crippled hand. As long as the person is not dead, learn from death."

Cheng Zixu jumped up the stairs with one leg. He stared at the man's back and could not say anything.

Just like that, he looked at him. That sentence echoed in his mind. He even had some doubts. What kind of person was he? Cheng Zixu thought.


"Ah, I really can't do it anymore. It's too difficult..."

Cheng Zixu's grief came from the study. As he looked at the English words, Cheng Zixu felt a sharp pain in his head. He did not remember a single word.

Shen Yiran tilted his head and looked at the English words. He then looked at Cheng Zixu, who was lying on the chair. "Isn't it very simple?"

Cheng Zixu met Shen Yiran's puzzled eyes. He picked up the practice question beside him and said with a pleading tone, "Let's do the practice. It's noon..."

Before he finished speaking, Shen Yiran interrupted him coldly, "Recite. You don't have to write the test paper in the morning. You don't have to memorize it tonight. Just memorize it until the meeting." He didn't give Cheng Zixu a chance to say anything good.

Cheng Zixu's temper rose. He threw the exercise book on the table and said, "I'm not memorizing anymore!" After saying that, he stood up and limped out of the study.

After walking out of the study, Cheng Zixu suddenly thought, "What am I supposed to act for?" He jumped twice, and like a high jumper, he directly rushed into his room.

Shen Yiran, who was in the study, remained silent. After tidying up his practice and textbooks, he took out his notebook and lowered his head to write something. After that, he tore off the paper and put it in the English book.

After tidying up his textbook, he left the study and walked out of Summer Garden with his bag.

Cheng Zixu, who was in the room, did not notice him at all. He was playing games with his headphones.

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