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C2 My Beautiful Sextuplets

Amy sat in one of the most luxurious club until it was night when the club always gets busy, she has two bottle of drinks before her and she was seriously drowning herself in her sorrow. For the past three years of the marriage, she had been entirely faithful to that bastard, she wouldn't even give any any other man a chance to flirt with her talkless of cheating on him, she trusted him so badly yet he broke her heart like it was nothing.

The more she drinks was the more she hoped that she forgets her sorrow but the drink seems not to be helping as the naked image of Joan and Callan kept playing in her head.

She stood angrily all of a sudden and looked around at the people dancing in the club, she thought of picking one random gigolo that she could have a night stand with. Afterall, she was now divorced and single again.

She saw a tall man entering a room and she ran quickly towards there immediately, before the door could close, she had walked in.

She leaned on the man at once and used her left hand to shut the door behind them, in a quick sussession, her mouth was devouring the man's lips, took a while before the man's lips responded.

The moment grew into an intimate session that she pulled off her cloth so quickly, she helped the man pull off his shirt and in a jiffy, she was under the man on the bed, moaning out loud as he thrusted deep inside of her.

It was an enjoyable and exhausting moment for the duo as it lasted for half an hour, when they both finally came to satisfaction, they fell to the bed and slept.

Amy woke a few hours later and saw the man sleeping in the dark room. The light of the room was yet to be switched on when she barged in and started kissing the man few hours ago.

"This gigolo is so good," Amy mumbled and brought out a few dollar notes from her purse then placed it on the man's palm. Although he was sleeping, she wouldn't cheat him by leaving without paying.

She then walked away from the room carefully, not wanting to awake the man.

Amy left NorthHill and took a train to a small city where she intends to live a simple life. Living in her city, NorthHill will only cause her more trauma. Callan may be impossible to avoid as he was a very powerful man and since she had dared to divorce him, he might want to frustrate her so it was better for her to come over here and start a new life.

Amy became very suspicious of herself few weeks later when she started having morning sickness. Whenever she wants to think that it may be sign of pregnancy, she will remind herself that she was with Callan for three years and never conceived. She was barren and as Callan said, that was her fate. Although she wished to have a child and wished to have that motherly feeling but it seems she wasn't blessed with that.

She received the greatest shock of her life when she visited the hospital and it was said to her that she was three weeks pregnant. How could that be possible? She was overjoyed and over the months, her belly was growing bigger than normal and it was getting her worried that she even wondered if she was actually pregnant with a child cause why would her stomach be protuding larger than normal.

Nine months later, Amy delivered at the hospital. It was a stressful one, she knew that she was releasing some things one after the other but even her was doubting if those were babies.

She shut her eyes and prayed that what came out of her will be a child, she opened her eyes a few seconds later and saw two doctors and four femals nurses crowding the entire room, each of them with a new born baby, they all had smile on their faces.

She blinked and asked, she didn't know maybe her question was foolish but she managed to ask," sorry, are these my babies?"

"Yes," everyone answered with happiness in the room. Amy didn't beleive her ear and thought that she may be dreaming. How is it possible for a barren like her to have all these babies?

Then she counted them, " one, two, three, four five..." she paused the counting and rubbed her face, "six"

"Six babies?" She asked.

"Yes, congratulatulations," everyone in the room started congratulating her. Tears of joy rushed down her cheek, her two palms landed on her soft cheek slowly.

She was so happy and she thanked her God for blessing her these much. She derived strength from the good news and sat upright, "let me have them?" She said happily and the baby was given to her one after the other. She was so happy to see the cute babies, she blessed them and kissed them all in the forehead.

Just few months back, she experienced the worst day of her life but today, she was experiencing the best day of her life.

Six years later, Amy sat on a long wooden stool and called, "Elijah," "Moses," "Elisha!"

Three cute boys ran towards her very quickly, they all had a bright smile on their faces and although their clothes were not the expensive ones, they looked outstandingly handsome, coupled with the fact that the three boys looked identical.

"Come here," Amy gestured for them to come closer and they stood around her, she ruffled their hair happily and said," call your sisters here."

"Angel!" Elijah called.

"Queen," Elisha shouted.

"Debby," Moses called.

Three adorable girls soon appeared, they had a long hair and their hairstyle was all the same, they were slim and looked too gorgeous to behold coupled with the fact that they were identical.

Over the years, Amy had trained her children as much as she could and she spent quality time with them, they joke most times and times when there is a need to rebuke them for doing something wrong, she does it. The love between her and the six kids was extraordinary strong.

There was no one to tell her well-done for going through the stress of raising up six kids for six years, it was such a great task.

Amy left the stool and sat on the grassy ground while the children sat around her in circles, "we would be leaving for NorthHill tomorrow."

"Why mum?" Elijah asked immediately Amy finished speaking.

"The schools here are not of high standard, although the environment is peaceful but I want you to all to enjoy a better education and live in the civilized world," Amy said.

"Mum, didn't you say we can't go to NorthHill cause some wicked people are there?" Moses questioned.

The children had once asked Amy why they were staying in the village and she had told them then that she actually used to live in NorthHill but came to hide here cause of some wicked people who are trying to hurt her.

"Won't those wicked people hurt you, mum?" Angel asked with her tiny and angelic voice.

Amy smiled, "I have six of you around me and you think anyone can hurt me?"

Elijah rolled his sleeve and showed his muscle then said," That's right, see my muscle, whoever tries to hurt mum will get a punch in the face."

"Yes, let's go to NorthHill, we will not let anyone bully mum," Elisha stood and threw his two hands in the air," I'm so powerful, whoever wants to hurt mum must go through me first."

"Yes, didn't mum say she named us Elijah, Elisha and Moses cause she beleived we are powerful boys? Mum, don't worry, we will be right beside you always. Those wicked people dared not to hurt you." Moses added.

The three girls watched and just nodded, although they are of the same age as the boys, they aren't as physically strong as the boys and they feel secured around them. Infact, in the city, no one dares to hurt the three girls cause they know how protective their brothers are.

"Yes, I trust Elijah, Moses and Elisha, they won't let any one of us get hurt," Queen said. Debby was the quiet one and was just confident that they could go back to NorthHill and no one will be able to hurt them.

Amy was happy at her little children display of power.

"Mum, we will get to see dad too, right?" Elisha asked.

The children set their attention even more on Amy. Amy had once told them that their father was in NorthHill but even her, can not recognize him plus it's been six years and NorthHill was a big city, she doubts if she can ever meet their father again, expecially seeing that he was just a gigolo.

But she didn't want the children to feel hopless about meeting their father so she answered, "yes."

The children jumped up for Joy and began to rejoice, they were now more willing to go to NorthHill the following day, hoping that they would get to meet their dad that they had been longing to meet all their life.

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